Laugh Til It Hurts

It’s time for Mama Kat’s and her Writer’s Workshop again.  This week I chose prompt #3.) Describe the last thing that made you laugh really hard.  This wasn’t the last thing that made me laugh really hard because I laugh a lot and one of the last things was an email my cousin sent me that I forwarded to a lot of you so as not to repeat myself I’ll tell you another time. 

To preface this you must first understand that I come from a family that loves to joke.  We all love a good prank and we joke each other all the time.  My son in law swears my daughters and I have our own language because he thinks all he hears is gibberish and laughter when we are all together.  Of my siblings, none likes to pull your leg like my oldest brother.  He will gladly shoot you a line of bull a mile long and laugh gleefully while he watches you try to choke it down.  He happily tells everyone he meets how we were so poor growing up that he and my other brother (they are only a year apart) had to share a pair of shoes going to school so that they either only could go every other day or go barefoot and he is very convincing in his “story telling”.

My brother when he was still sharing shoes with my other brother. hahaha

I think you mostly remember that last weekend I was in Nashville with my cousin (and daughter and son in law) and we went to Loveless Café for breakfast on Sunday.  While we were eating breakfast we were talking about different family members and my cousin looks at me and asks “So, where is your sister in law a princess from?”  I was very confused at first and thought she might be making a joke until I looked up at her face and realized she was dead serious.  I had no idea was she was talking about so I just looked at her blankly and said “I’m sorry…what did you say?”  and she repeated asking where my sister in law was a princess from.  I asked her which sister in law she was talking about and she said “You know… your brother G’s wife!” 

My daughter and I looked at each other and both busted out laughing.  I asked her where in the world she got such an idea and she said “Well, your brother told me, of course!”  I said “First off, don’t you know my brother well enough to know he was shooting you a line of BS? And second, she might  be an “Italian American Princess” Or WASP or whatever they might call them or maybe my brother might treat her like she’s a princess, but I can guarantee you she ain’t no princess!”

She looked at me just as innocently and said “Are you sure?”  I assured her that G was indeed pulling a fast one on her and then she said “Well, maybe his first wife was a princess?”  I laughed even harder.  No, I guaranteed her that she wasn’t a princess either and neither was my other brother’s wife!  Then she said “Oh my God!  I’ve been telling everyone that my cousin is married to a princess!” 

Before he met his princess. Look at that smirk!

I asked her how long she’d been telling people that and she said for years… since she had gone to a conference in New Orleans and my brother and picked her up at her hotel and taken her back to his house to eat.  Granted his house is very large and maybe she may have questioned how he could afford such a large house and maybe he decided to have some fun with her.  I asked her if his wife was around when he told her that and she said no and I said, yeah, she would have eventually made him tell you the truth but I guess she didn’t know he was exaggerating her bloodlines!  Then she insisted I call my brother because she just knew that I was misinformed.

I called and he didn’t answer but he did call back when we were on our way to the hotel.  I told him I had a story that was going to make his day and he really didn’t remember telling her that (he tells so much crap he can’t remember who he tells what) but didn’t deny it.  He just couldn’t remember it.  He did admit it sounded like something he would do.  Then he said “Well, tell her that B is MY little princess!”  I told him that I had already told her that he treated her like one!  He did get a good laugh out of it.  He thought it was even funnier that she had been telling everyone else for years that his wife was royalty.  Maybe I should have just told her my brother is sometimes a royal pain?  Just kidding.  I love him dearly.

My brother with his royal family 🙂

Yesterday was his birthday so when I called him when he answered the phone I said “Well, I just called to tell Prince G to have a wonderful birthday!”  It’s gonna take a long time for this one to wear off!  I can see I’m gonna get a lot of mileage teasing both my cousin and my brother out of this one!  Yall can just call me Princess Peg… or maybe just Lady Peg since it’s through marriage!


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16 Responses to Laugh Til It Hurts

  1. SuziCate says:

    Too funny…he sure knows how to tell a good one and keep it going!

  2. Ron says:


    Or rather….Lady Peg!!!

    What a good-looking family your brother and his Princess wife has. The girls are stunning!

    Hope you’re having a swell day, dear friend!


  3. Mariposa says:

    Ha! How funny… Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. My cousin in Oklahoma is still sure I was married to a Vietnamese man named “Long Dong Huey”. I’m not sure how he got that information. Oh wait. Maybe it was from me.

  5. Your brother sounds a lot like my father-in-law. I’ve known him long enough that I immediately begin to roll my eyes as soon as he starts a story.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

  6. Teresa says:

    What a character your brother must be. It’s amazing how long his royal story lasted. You have such a lovely family.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks for coming by. Yeah, my brother tells tall tales all the time. We of course are used to it. Other relatives that may not be around him all the time are a little more gullible!

  7. terrepruitt says:

    That IS super funny.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Lady Peg, What a wonderful story and I do see you getting a lot of mileage from this one 🙂

    You never know she just may be royalty and he is just trying to keep it quiet to keep the paparazzi away, but yet he started it..Right?

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