Feeling No Pain

Yesterday I wrote about people operating machinery (namely automobiles) under the influence, whether it be alcohol or drugs (illegal or medicinal).  After my experience yesterday I am even more adamant in my stand of why I think people should NOT try to drive under  the influence.

Yesterday I finally had my oral surgery.  Without boring you with too much detail, they had to cut into my gum to remove a tooth and the doctor prescribed me pain killers in case it got to be too much.  I had gotten up really early (or earlier than my normal time) since I had to be there by 8:30.  I had gotten my prescriptions filled the day before so I wouldn’t have to go and do it after the surgery.  The doctor had warned me to eat before I took the medication.

I couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before just in case they had to “put me out” during the surgery but being the stubborn person I am I was insistent that they use local anesthetic only.  When we got home my whole jaw and chin were still numb so it was kind of hard to eat anything.  I tried to eat a little soup that hubby had made me the night before.  Then I decided I’d go ahead and take the medicine before the anesthesia wore off.  I had crawled back into bed and was watching television and didn’t bother to turn the light on, I just grabbed the bottles (he gave me one for pain and one for nausea to take with the pain pill) and took one of each. 

I don’t even remember hubby leaving for work!  I was OUT…. I mean like a light!  I don’t remember much other than I felt loopier than a roller coaster.  I must be a real light weight with pain medication because it obviously doesn’t take much.  I remember thinking before I passed out that I was almost embarrassed to be such a lightweight that I couldn’t even stay awake for half an hour after taking the medicine.  The next thing I really remember it was like 4 hours later.  FOUR HOURS!!!!  Not only am I a cheap drunk but apparently I’d be a cheap druggie too!

Then later, before I went to bed I figured I’d actually take the time to read the label!  Looks like I was supposed to only take ½ of each pill instead of a whole one!  Oops… my bad.  But I ask you, why would anyone not make the medication ½ the strength so you would take a whole one instead of you having to cut them in half and take a ½ of one.  It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.  But, at least now I know to only take ½ AND from now one… READ THE LABELS!  And if you ever want to knock me out…it won’t take much.

And to get back to my original thought, I don’t see how anyone could operate machinery while taking painkillers.  Heck!  I could barely walk after 4 hours, much less try to drive.  I couldn’t walk a straight line, much less drive one.  I am even more convinced than I was before that people taking painkillers do not need to be driving.  I don’t think I could even form a coherent sentence. Actually I know I couldn’t.  If anyone had called me, I think they would have sworn that I was drunk off my A**… I had all the classic symptoms: slurred speech, inability to walk a straight line, inability to say the alphabet forward, much less backwards, and clumsiness (even more than usual).

Please take my word for it. IF you are taking medication that alters your thinking abilities and reflexes in the least, please do not attempt to drive.  On second thought, don’t attempt to walk.  You could hurt yourself.  Oh, and read your labels carefully BEFORE you take any medication.


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8 Responses to Feeling No Pain

  1. Ron says:

    “Looks like I was supposed to only take ½ of each pill instead of a whole one! Oops… ”

    OMG, you’re right….why don’t they just make them with HALF the strength?!?!

    I’m soooo glad to hear your surgery went well, Peg. Not at ALL like MY experience, hu? – HA!

    You take care, dear friend! And thank you for the reminder to READ labels BEFORE taking any medication.


  2. I have a bad back and take pain meds for it at least two or three times a year. There is no way I can drive taking pain meds. I don’t even walk somewhere while I’m taking them.

    True story. My dog Honey is old and takes pain meds. My dog Harry is young and has anxiety issues when we travel. Alex gave Honey her pain med (which looks exactly the same as Harry’s anxiety meds) and we didn’t figure it out for days. Honey nearly went into a coma and I was ready to have her put down when she finally came around after 24 hours. It took another few days to figure out what had happened. So, yeah, Peg, always read the label before popping a pill into your mouth! I hope you feel a lot better today.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Like you I could never understand why instructions are given to cut a pill in half, you know there are different doses and strengths for all meds so why are you prescribed a double dose, isn’t that asking for problems.

    Yes we have to use our common sense when taking medications, read the labels and if it has any effect on your motor skills then don’t you think driving may be a problem.

    Some things are too simple I suppose.

    Get to feeling better my Friend 🙂

  4. terrepruitt says:

    Maybe the pills are made to be taken whole, but the doctor knows YOU would only need 1/2?

    I am glad that you got your surgery done (well, this one, anyway). How are you doing? No more falling off crowns now, right?

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