Welcome All? Not Hardly!

On Saturday afternoon a 27 year old woman named Hannah Nicole Freeman was arrested for DUI in Coweta County. Georgia (south of Atlanta) after allegedly hitting an 11 year old boy as he was walking on the sidewalk with his father. According to police reports she was driving a Honda Accord westbound on Welcome to Arnco Road around 3:30 p.m. when she failed to maintain her lane, crossed the centerline and ran off the opposite side of the road, where the boy and his father were walking, knocking him 30 feet where he landed under a parked tractor trailer. Poor kid was just walking along the street with his father, minding his own business when she “allegedly” plowed into them. The boy remains in critical condition fighting for his life.

What I find most disturbing about this whole story is that this is her THIRD offense in less than four months. She was arrested the first time September 27, 2010 when she was involved in an accident on her way, wait for it…..to drug rehab! Apparently she either never made it there or it didn’t take because she was arrested a SECOND time on October 8th for the same offense. BARELY A WEEK LATER!

Can anyone explain to me why this woman still has her license and continues to drive? The news reported that she still had her license because her court date had been postponed until February. Can’t they still take her license? It would seem to me that on the second arrest, they would have kept her license since it was barely a week after the first offense and she apparently had not learned her lesson. Had they taken her license either of those times, perhaps she would not have been behind the wheel of that car on Saturday afternoon when she plowed into this boy as he walked along the sidewalk with his father.


According to 11Alive.com: The child is in critical but stable condition at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. According to his family, Tracy Blakenship Gaydoul has broken bones in his jaw, collar, and eye socket. Repairing his shattered legs, which have multiple broken bones, will take at least three surgeries.

According to The Times-Herald Ms. Freeman remains at the Coweta County Jail without bond, charged with driving under the influence of drugs, failure to maintain lane and causing serious injury by motor vehicle, according to a jail spokesperson.

In the Sept. 27, incident, Freeman is accused of striking another vehicle in a parking lot at 931 Lower Fayetteville Road, the Treatment Center of Newnan — a drug treatment rehabilitation facility. According to the incident report, Freeman arrived to receive a treatment but was denied medication because she appeared to be under the influence at the time.

Freeman told police that she then got in her car to leave and backed out of a parking space and struck a parked vehicle. She admitted to taking Paxil, an anti-depressant, and said she’d recently taken Klonopin, an anti-anxiety medication, but couldn’t say specifically when it was administered, according to the report. She was also confused about what day of the week it was, the report said. She was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs after failing a field sobriety test, according to the incident report.

On Oct. 9, 2010, a Newnan police officer witnessed Freeman driving erratically on Greenville Street, according to a police report. Freeman crossed the center line in her Jeep Liberty. As she approached a red light at Spence Avenue, she partially crossed into the turn lane before coming to a complete stop, the report stated. She then slowly rolled forward, striking the rear of the vehicle directly in front of her.

When the police officer asked for identification, Freeman told him she’d recently been arrested for DUI and produced a copy of the traffic citation. She refused a field sobriety test and a blood test at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, according to the report. At the hospital, Freeman said that she’d taken 3-4 Soma, which are muscle relaxers. Later, however, she told police that she was unsure how many Soma she had taken, the report stated.

Do people think that since they are ingesting alcohol that they aren’t “under the influence”? Do they not realize that being on certain medications makes them just as unable to operate machinery as drinking alcohol does? Do they not realize when a medicine bottle says NOT to operate heavy machinery that they mean CARS too? They aren’t talking about backhoe equipment here. A vehicle is a machine too. Come on people! Pay attention and stop driving under the influence. Okay…. Stepping back down off my soapbox now.


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16 Responses to Welcome All? Not Hardly!

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Taking this type of person’s license away will not keep them from driving. There are people who have gotten their license taken away and they still drive, they still get in accidents, and they still kill people. If this were the type of person that would actually stop driving if their license was taken away they would be the type of person that would not drive while doing drugs.

  2. Unreal. Simply unreal. I don’t understand it. I hope this last stint in jail will give her the wake-up call she needs and the authorities as well.
    Terre has a very good point!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Unfortunately she does. Some people… the only way they will stop is if they STAY incarcerated. Hubby has a guy that works for him that has gotten like 4 DUI’s and has no lilcense and he continues to drive!!!

  3. Ron says:

    OMG, this is ludicrous! This woman needs to have her license revoked indefinitely.

    “Do people think that since they are ingesting alcohol that they aren’t “under the influence”? Do they not realize that being on certain medications makes them just as unable to operate machinery as drinking alcohol does?”

    Exactly, Peg!

    Good forbide this woman kills someone. She will have to live with that for the rest of her life.

    Great soapbox Peg, and one that needs to be spoken.

    Hope you’re having a fab Friday, dear friend!


  4. I think it’s reprehensible that a system would allow this woman to be behind the wheel of a car at all. It’s a matter of time till she kills someone and/or herself. Alcohol and drug addiction are terrible illnesses. They need to be addressed. But for the common good, these people should not be allowed to drive. Period.

  5. Spot says:

    First, my heart goes out to that poor child and his family. That’s the way it happens, innocent people are going about their daily lives when some jerk comes out of nowhere, drunk or stoned, and snatches that life away. It’s so unfair. We need a system that takes a harder stance against these kind of actions and a society that says “no” to this type of behavior.


  6. suzicate says:

    so sad how much harm happens when people “slip through the system” or the fails to do it’s job. Unfortunately, these things happen everywhere and we only hear about a small percentage of them.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I am with you on this one Peg, they should be able to take a persons license under these conditions, DUI and the tragedy it causes has to be brought under control and as long as we allow folks like this to operate a vehicle under the influence of whatever thay ingested today, we will continue to suffer the effects of their stupidity.

    Thank You for posting this one, and keep that soapbox out for me 🙂

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