Digging Out

So today we finally ventured out further than the dentist.  This ice on top of snow storm has crippled our little southern town.  Georgia is definitely never prepared for snow.  And roads like neighborhood roads are always the last to get any attention so we actually took the liberty on Tuesday of shoveling our street.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We shoveled out street because #1 and her hubby were getting stir crazy after being house bound with us for 3 days.  SIL didn’t really HAVE to be back at work but #1 was supposed to be back Tuesday morning which didn’t happen.

By the time we got the top half of the street shoveled (above our driveway) it was afternoon.  And by the time we got her car loaded and checked the road conditions (good thing because Interstate 20 had shut down) literally the entire bottom half of the street had thawed and had no ice on it.  Seriously, how does that happen?  There was still ice on the top half but none on the bottom half.  They only made it as far as Kennesaw (normally about an hour’s drive) before deciding they better hunker down for one more night.

Hubby, #1 and SIL starting the dig out, BTW - that's all ice covering it


Hubby & SIL hard at work

Our driveway with #1 loading up to leave

W Chapel on Tuesday

Wednesday morning we were awakened by a phone call from hubby’s boss telling him that one of his assistants couldn’t get to work and even though hubby is officially n vacation that he had to go in to get it covered.  Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper.  Since hubby is self admittedly a much worse driver than I am, we decided that I would try to drive him to work…. Yeah, I hear yall laughing! 

Let’s just say that I think I may have used some not so nice language to refer to his boss and I think I may have repeatedly told hubby that this was easily on the list of one of the top five stupidest things we have done as a couple.  EASILY!  Getting out of our driveway and to the top of the street wasn’t too bad thanks to our shovel sessions the day before but once out on the main road it was an entirely different story.  It was obvious that no snow plow had touched those roads at all.  Considering that I have a small car and not some big honking truck with 40 inch wheels I took it very slow. 

West Chapel on Wednesday


W Chapel again on Wednesday

Yeager Road on Wednesday

This is right before you turn into subdivision on left across from the house you can see on the right

For any of you who know the area, Chapel Hill Road was very icy.  It’s a very steep hill going down to Highway 166 and it was covered in ice and slicker than a slug on a wet skating rink.  I think I drove the entire hill with the car in 1st gear and holding my breath.  After we’d gotten about a mile on 166 I noticed that we had a line of about 7 or 8 honking trucks and SUV’s behind me but they were going to have to wait because I was taking my time and there was no where to pull off or over.  When I came to the 1st bridge, I think my car literally slid all the way across the bridge.  To say I was terrified is not exaggerating in the least.

Thankfully before we got to the end of the road another of his assistants called and said they were there and it wasn’t necessary for us to come in.  THANK GOD… My nerves were SHOT.  Hubby asked if I wanted to go out to breakfast and I said “Not just no, but, HELL no! We are going home.”  Then he wanted to know if while we were out did I want to go to the store?  What part of no did he NOT understand?  I repeated that no, we were going HOME.   We made about a ten mile trip (I think) and it took us well over a hour!  I was never so glad to see our house.  And then I was afraid I was going to slide into the garage since that side of the house rarely sees sun and was completely ice covered.  We did not leave the house again the rest of the day.

Yeager at West Chapel on Thursday

W Chapel Hill on Thursday


Then yesterday I had to go to the dentist.  Hubby drove me because I thought I was going to have to have the tooth that was left under the crown that fell off for the third time cut out but they ended up not doing that yesterday.  The roads were still a mess.  You could tell when we got to the very end of the main road that someone had plowed it but only like the last ½ mile.  Other parts were pretty treacherous.  Some sections had ice still completely across the road.  Hubby left me there and went to the store and then came back to get me but they still hadn’t melted much by then.

Unfortunately, what had melted during the day yesterday refroze last night so that this morning there were still huge sections of the road that were still completely ice covered.  We had to venture out today because hubby had a eye appointment at 10 this morning.  We decided since we’d already be at the mall that we’d eat an early lunch and then go to a movie afterwards.  By the time we got through with the appointment and picked out his glasses, etc., we had about a 45 minute window before the movie started.  We figured we could either eat lunch at the food court or do to the Three Dollar Café which recently opened in the mall.  We opted for the Café.

We asked the hostess if she thought we’d have enough time to order and eat and still make the movie on time and she said “Sure!”  And at first things appeared very promising.  The cute little server came up right away and took our drink order and by the time she brought our tea back we gave her our order and they had our food to us within 10 minutes of our arrival.  Smooth sailing…. Until we sailed into the land of, for lack of a better word, stupidity. 

We had both eaten half or less of our food and we still had a good 15 minutes before the start time of the movie which by the time they show the previews, etc. we figured we still had at least 20 or 25 minutes since the movies are just upstairs from the café.   And that is precisely when our server decided to become a missing person.  I am assuming she must have been in the kitchen warming herself because that was the first thing she had told us when we sat down…that she had been warming herself in the kitchen all morning because she was cold.  We waited and waited and waited.  No server.  There were only 4 tables including ours with patrons.  There were at least 9 employees that we had seen and at this point there were THREE of them all standing at the hostess stand less than 20 feet from our table completely ignoring the fact that we were leaning out of our booth (almost falling out into the floor) looking for our server. 

All we wanted was 2 boxes, our check and 2 to go cups.  We waited for what seemed an eternity with the minutes clicking away and I finally had to get up and physically walk around to the other side of the restaurant to find out server.  I then told her that we needed our check, 2 to go boxes and 2 teas, to go.  She followed me back to our table (instead of going and getting the requested items) and then goes “Don’t you want to box up your food?”  I said “Yes, that was why I asked for 2 to go boxes and 2 to go teas.”  Then she goes “Did you want them now?”  Well, yes, brainiac… that was why I got up out of my seat to go find you! I again told her “Yes, 2 boxes to go so we can take our food with us, along with the teas and our check please”.  We had already told her from the get go that we had a movie to go to but I guess she had forgotten.  Thank goodness we had bought our tickets before we went to eat.  I missed the very beginning but I guess on the upside, we didn’t have to sit through all the advertisements they now throw at you in the movies.

All in all it was still a good day.  It was good to just get out of the house after having been pretty much housebound all week long.


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8 Responses to Digging Out

  1. Ron says:

    Yikes! Peg, I can’t believe all the snow you’ve been getting this winter. I think you’ve actually gotten more than us here in the north. That first photo of the icy road looks like an ice skating rink!

    My brother is manager/cook of a restaurant in Florida, and he too has been called in during his vacation to cover. Glad to hear hubby didn’t have to go in afterall!

    Also glad to hear you didn’t have to have your tooth extracted – yahooooooooo!

    Hubby asked if I wanted to go out to breakfast and I said “Not just no, but, HELL no! We are going home.”

    HAHAHAAHHAHA! Yup, that’s exactly what I would have said too, HELL no!

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear you guys had a good day. And you’re right, missing the very beginning of a movie is an upside because of the 30 mins. of advertisements they always torture you with. Sheesh, the advertisements are sometimes longer than the movie – HA!

    Hope you’re having a great Saturday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Driving in that snow has been nerve wracking to say the least.

      No surgery YET… but only because after taking another xray he found out that the root is curved (or hooked at the end as he put it) and he can’t do it. He said I’ll have to have the oral surgeon do it because it will probably break off and he’ll have to send me there anyway! He said he’s only seen another like mine once or maybe twice in his entire career. I do have to be weird, don’t I?

  2. I’m not a fan of snow! And I hate ice even more. That’s scary stuff.

  3. Carol says:

    I really hate it when the road shines at me, white shines that is. You do not want me as your passenger in that weather!

  4. Jenny says:

    Well…where’s the snowman? When it started snowing here around 12:00 am on Mon. morning, I called my friend up the street to come down and get in the hot tub. We had a blast..not sure what the neighbors thought when they saw us in bathing suits..they went inside.lol Who says we’re to old for adventure??? Anyway, I’m glad you are both safe and hope #1 got home okay.

    • pegbur7 says:

      No snowman… couldn’t get through that crunchy ice! I went out FRIDAY and literally picked up the chunks of ice off the lawn chairs and threw them in the yard and halfway through my hands were frozen!

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