Wordless and Incognito

Who is that masked man?


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South of the Mason/Dixon Line
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8 Responses to Wordless and Incognito

  1. Hopefully he it’s Big D making a snowman. I want to see some snow peeps out of that mess. Or maybe a 7 foot snow angel. HA!


  2. What a great photo! Your husband is very cute!

  3. Ron says:

    Is it the Lone Ranger?


    GRRRRRRREAT photo, Peg!

    It snowed last night (heavy), so I may be looking like this later, when I walk to the grocery store!

    Stay warm, dear friend!

    Have a wild Wednesday!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Yeah, we already had the wild ride. Tried to take him to work although he’s officially on vacation. Didn’t make it too far. Got about 5 miles and gave up. VERY slippery out there!

  4. NikNik says:

    This picture makes me giggle! Daddy looks silly, but warm!

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