Threat of Snow

Getting prepared for our girls coming home today, on Friday I went to the grocery store fairly early. It was busy but not overly so for a Friday. Then when hubby came home, we went out to dinner and he informed me that we had to go by the grocery story to pick up ribs to cook for lunch today. No problem. While we were there hubby told me that we needed to make sure we had what we needed because he did not want to leave the house yesterday. He just wanted to cook and in his words (he’s so sweet) spend time with his “beautiful wife”. I asked him where he was hiding her but he didn’t think that was funny.

 Anyway, the stores were a little more crowded with the threat of snow today looming but not overly so. We went home and he actually started cooking some on Friday night. He got up early Saturday and set to his task of preparing today feast. Around 10 o’clock he informed me that we had forgotten to get anything for the “kids” to drink! He and I usually only drink water and sweet tea and the girls do enjoy coke and diet coke and we also didn’t have beer for them. I know I call them kids but they are adults so, I offered (not thinking about the snow threat) to go to the store for hubby since he was cooking, least I could do, huh?

We have a Starbucks inside our Kroger grocery store so if I go to the store in the morning I usually get a coffee to drink while I’m shopping. I should have realized how bad it was going to be when I stopped to get my coffee and people were trying to check out with their groceries in Starbucks without even buying coffee! Still I soldiered on. I got through the first couple of aisles and the when I went to turn the corner at the endcap closest to the registers I noticed the lines. The lines of people to check out were all the way across the store, back to the pharmacy!

I saw people piling their carts with milk and bread as I loaded up the cokes and beer. I had one woman glance in my cart and say “Well, I had to come to the grocery store for necessities (as she nodded to her milk and bread)”. I retorted “So did I (nodding to my beer and cokes) my kids are coming home!” I guess maybe I should have added that the kids were grown but it was too fun looking at the shock on her face.

I guess there were plenty of other people with the same idea I had since the beer shelves were almost as bare as the bread and milk! But I got what I needed and headed for the check out. What a nightmare! It ended up taking me almost two hours there and it was mostly at the checkout. EVERY single lane had at least 10 people in line and every lane but one was open. I told hubby he didn’t have to so readily agree with me next time when I volunteer to go to the store! Here are a couple of pictures of the chaos at Kroger!


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14 Responses to Threat of Snow

  1. terrepruitt says:

    I always go to the store and forget stuff. I wouldn’t do well in a snow area.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Since we rarely get snow when they say we are people go crazy. In this instance it wasn’t just a threat. I think w have about 4 or 5 inches. But now it’s freezing rain on top of that! Not good conditions…

      • terrepruitt says:

        Yeah, I can understand that. It makes sense that people are stocking up. Much better than trying to be on the roads.

        But I ALWAYS forget stuff. It is bad. Or I think I have an ingredient and I don’t. Ok, I will admit I am getting better because I did ALWAYS forget so I try to check stock and my shopping list over and over before a trip to the store.

        Stay safe (and warm)!

      • pegbur7 says:

        The problem now is people AREN’T staying off the roads…. they all think they can drive in snow like they can in dry weather… Ay yi yi!

  2. Ron says:

    OMG, I experienced the same thing last night, when I went to Super Fresh after work because we too are getting a LOAD of snow tomorrow.

    The lines were HORRENDOUS!

    ” I retorted “So did I (nodding to my beer and cokes) my kids are coming home!”


    Which reminds me, I forgot to stop by the store to get more WINE!!!

    Stay warm and cozy, my friend!

    Have a great time with the girls!


  3. They have been talking about bad weather conditions in your area all weekend on CNN. I’m so glad Alex isn’t there with the ice on the highway! I’m glad you got your stuff and got back home and trust the girls got in fine. Stay home Peg!

    • pegbur7 says:

      They did and #2 and #3 left and went back to their respective homes but #1 and SIL are stranded with us! Not that I am complaining! I am rather enjoying the company.

  4. Wow! Looks like the lines at one of our outlet malls!

  5. Dirtman says:

    Where’s a WaWa/7-11 when ya need it?

    • pegbur7 says:

      We don’t have either of those here but even the convenience stores have been crazy. We can’t get anywhere right now because now there’s ice covering the snow.

  6. Oh man! Over 800 calls today to our emergency service due to all the disrupted travel to Atlanta airport. Ya’ll really did get it good!!

    It totally missed us! Hope it melts soon and you don’t have ice falling all over breaking stuff. Hang in there and enjoy.

    I bet you are glad you went to the store.


    • pegbur7 says:

      The roads are absolutely horrendous. I think all of the interstates are shut down at some point or another. Tractor trailers are piled up all over the place and can’t move. It’s crazy. I’m trying to keep hubby from trying to go to work. We can’t even get out of our neighborhood!

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