How to Piss Off a Patient Man

Where or where did my Wally World go wrong? Let me count the ways. I know I need to just stay away from that place because it drives me er, but, sometimes I just HAVE to. And this time it was hubby they were driving crazy! He’s a pretty patient guy. I mean, he puts up with ME, right? So if you manage to piss him off, you have really accomplished something. I mean, he gives everybody the benefit of the doubt and usually can’t understand why I get upset with them.

So, it all started like this: We got up yesterday morning and he took our dining room microwave (yes, I know we are weird but we have two – one in the kitchen and one in the dining room) to the Microwave Repair Center nearby (whose books I used to do, years ago) to get it fixed if it wasn’t too expensive since it wasn’t heating anymore. We had already decided if it was more than it was worth we’d just get a new one. Turns out they had the parts there and got it fixed in a fairly quick amount of time and it cost us $14. Yeah, I’d say that was a good deal.

He called me on his way back home to see if I wanted to go out to eat lunch before he had to go to work so of course I readily agreed. He had said he was going to try to get to work by 1:30 or 2 and it was 11:30 so we decided to go to IHOP because they are usually VERY quick and our waitress that we always ask at breakfast is flawless and always on top of things. We knew we’d be in and out in no time flat… WRONG.

We usually go in at breakfast and the waitress knows what we want and orders it as we come in the door. I always drink coffee for breakfast and hubby always ordered iced tea so she always greets us with our beverages in hand and asks if we want our “usual”. Since it was lunch time I was going to order iced tea too but she greeted us with a glass of tea for hubby and a carafe of coffee for me so I didn’t have the heart to change it. But she forgot to bring me a cup! Then she brought the cup but forgot the creamer. Not at all like her normal efficient self.

Turns out they had just gotten a new computer system about two hours earlier and none of them had been trained and they were all going crazy trying to figure it out so they were way behind and all discombobulated. By the time we got out of there our usual 30 minute meal took WAY over an hour and then it took almost 20 minutes for him to pay because they had a line of people out the door waiting to pay because the poor cashier couldn’t figure the new system out!

We finally get through and hubby reminds me he wants me to make “white trash” for him to take to work the next day because he has some visitors coming in from their home office in Florida and he wanted to treat them. I don’t know if you guys have ever had “white trash” but it is sinful I tell you! Hubby is addicted to it and he had his boss just as addicted. It takes a lot of ingredients and costs quite a bit to make one batch but one batch makes literally about 7 gallons of the stuff! I haven’t yet figured out a way to cut down the size of a batch because it takes like 5 or 6 different boxes of cereal.

White trash covering my table

White trash UP CLOSE


We were going to go to Kroger as usual but the last two times I’ve made it and gotten the ingredients from Kroger they haven’t had the Wheat Chex and they changed their brand of white almond bark so the packages are smaller. Also, for some reason, at Wally World you can buy the brand name cereals for it cheaper than you can buy the store brand at Kroger. Plus, I needed to buy my vitamins, which Kroger no longer carries, so we headed off to Wally World.

First off the bat, hubby had needed to buy a new insert for his daily planner and Wally World didn’t carry it so he wasn’t happy about that plus I had made him walk in the non food side when he just wanted to run in and get the stuff he needed on the food side but the vitamins are near the pharmacy part which is the other side of the store. After he already had to go in what he considered “the wrong side” of the store and then not being able to find his daily planner, he wasn’t in a great mood anyway. I left him looking at CD’s so I could go get all my ten gazillion boxes of cereal to make the white trash for him. By the time I had gotten all my ingredients and met back up with him it was about 20 minutes later and he was fuming.

At first I thought he was mad because I had taken too long and he needed to get to work. Then as we are searching for the shortest line (which incidentally always ends up taking the longest) he tells me why he was so mad. Apparently he had gone to look at CD’s because he wants to get this particular one by Lady Antebellum. It’s not a brand new CD because one of the cuts off of it was up for song of the year last year. While he’s browsing through the stack he notices that they have two of the same CD he wants to buy but one is priced $10 and one is priced $13. Exact same CD. He takes it to the lady working in that department (who is pricing other CD’s) and asks her why one is priced $10 and one is priced $13 and she jerks the one priced $10 out of his hand and tells him it was a mistake. That it should have been priced $13. He then points out to her that the one priced $13 is marked as a “new release” while the one marked $10 is not marked “new release” and maybe that was the difference and maybe they are both supposed to be NON “new releases” since one of the songs on the CD was nominated for song of the year LAST year. She informed him that it was still considered a new release to them and if he wanted to purchase the $13 CD he was welcome to. He told her he would like to purchase the $10 one for $10 since it was mismarked for $10 and she apparently was the one that mismarked it since she was marking them. She just looked at him and said “Nope” and walked away!

He.was.livid. As nice a guy as he is, I think he was ready to tell her where she could shove that CD. He said no way in you know where were they getting his money for that CD or any other!

It’s terrible but he was so pissed off that I was starting to find it rather amusing because he always thinks I am overreacting when I get so pissed at them. And the more amusing I found it I think the more he got pissed off. Then we get stuck in the line of all lines. They had none of those divider thingees to separate your purchases from the person in front of you so I made sure that I left a BIG separation between our stuff and the lady in front of us. I mean it was a good 8 or 10 inches of NOTHING…. Just space and I even made jokes about the lady in front of us paying for our stuff and I’ll be darned if she didn’t start ringing our stuff up with the other lady. We both (the other lady and myself) just looked at each other like “Can you believe this?”

Then when we get up there hubby asks her about the dividers and she said “We ain’t got none.” Well, duh! Where are they? And she said “They keep getting stolen.” Who the heck steals those things and WHY???? What the heck would you do with them? Why would you need them? They have literally about 50 check outs and they did not have ONE SINGLE divider in the whole store! Not ONE! I even asked her if they all got stolen at once because you’d think they would replace them!

All the check outs were backed up and hubby asked her if they were this busy all day and she was like “We’re not busy.” And hubby had just witnessed a couple in the express self check out who only had a roasted chicken trying to check out and when they finally got up to the counter the machine messed up so the customer service woman walked over, turned on the red light and just walked off and left them standing there! They put their chicken on the conveyor belt and walked out! I think hubby talked about their stupidity all the way home. Needless to say, he didn’t get to work as early as he had planned. I’m just saying… how bad do you have to be to piss off the most patient guy on earth?


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14 Responses to How to Piss Off a Patient Man

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Customer Service is kind of a thing of the past . . . well, at least in the huge stores that carry everything. I find that stores that are smaller and more specialized have better customer service. The old adage you get what you pay for right? We all tolerate the lack of customer service because the items we are purchasing cost less.

    I used to shop at Target, but now they carry groceries and less of what I need so it is not worth it.

    I hope your hubby was able to shake it off by the time he got to work and was able to have a good day!

  2. suzicate says:

    Better not let Mama know you’re making white trash…she’ll be pounding on the door for it!!! Yes, you and the hubby need to stay away from Wally World it’s not good for your blood pressure. But he’s right I wouldn’t have bought that CD there either! And really, who the heck steals planner inserts?!

  3. I used to be jealous because all you guys have a Walmart and I don’t think we do. Now, I’m not so jealous. White trash is cereal? Please tell me more. I want some.

  4. Ron says:

    Oh Peg, I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! White Trash!

    However, I never heard it called that before, it’s hilarious! I purchase something like this from Chex. It comes in bags, which I like to spread on a pan, and then heat it up!

    Yummy! It tastes great with a glass of red wine too!

    OMG….I would have been LIVID just like hubby was if I had encounter that woman in the music store. Sorry, but if an item is mismarked, then the store is obligated to give it to the customer at THAT price. That’s just a common rule in retail.

    Have an awesome Friday, dear friend!


  5. Carol says:

    I’m with terrepruitt – customer service is something our society has forgotten about. People are now so “entitled” they don’t feel they need to be pleasant. Or considerate.

  6. jenny says:

    My mom used to make something similar to white trash but without the M&M’s and white chocolate. It sounds yummy and send me the recipe too. As for Wally World….customer service? Even if you do get lucky and find someone to help you, then ” it’s not their dept.” When I worked retail and the price was marked wrong…the customer got it at the lowest price. I hate going there and we should all boycott!! They have also gotten very sorry with the selections compared to what they used to have.

    • pegbur7 says:

      If it wasn’t for the fact that they carry both my vitamins and calcium that I take and everywhere else has one or the other (meaning I have to go to two different stores) AND that I had to make the white trash, I would not have gone. They drive me just a little bonkers. LOL (Hubby might disagree with the little part).

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