Smile for a While

I decided to go with the topic posted today on Postaday2011. It said to share something that makes me smile. This could be a VERY long post. Only because there are lots of things that make me smile and I love to smile!

First thing that comes to mind is the people I love. My family and friends never fail to bring a smile to my face. Even more so if they share a good joke or funny anecdote. Or if they trip and fall! As long as they don’t hurt themselves I’ll smile for a good long time afterwards!

I also love an unexpected phone call or email from someone. That never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Especially if it’s a friend I haven’t heard from in a while, all I have to do is pick up the phone and see their name/number or picture on my caller ID and I start to smile before I even say hello.

Getting an actual card or letter in the mail (actual snail mail) really brings a smile to my face and I will even smile for days afterward sometimes. Or if I am going through a stack of papers and happen upon a card or letter that I might have received even a long while ago, it will bring a smile to my face thinking about how I felt when I got that card. I know I am the worlds worst at actually sending snail mail and I am going to try to do better. I am going to try to start sending cards and letters to people just because! Just because I love them, miss them, want to bring a smile to their face. Isn’t that a great idea?

Let’s start a movement! Let’s go buy some cards and start maybe once a week or once a month just mail one to someone you love and/or miss! We will simultaneously boost the economy and make someone’s day. We will put money in the coffers of the greeting card business and maybe keep the postal service in business while we’re making people happy. You don’t even have to go to the expense of buying a card. Just sit down and write a bona fide letter to someone and tell them how much they mean to you. I just made myself smile thinking about that! See how easy I am?

 Something else that really makes me smile is people leaving comments on my blog or Facebook page. I really don’t know who all reads my blog so if people actually leave me a comment then I know that they read it. It sometimes takes me by surprise when I’m talking to someone and they say “Oh, yeah. I read about that on your blog!” WTH? I didn’t even realize they knew I had a blog, much less read it! But those moments do make me smile. It makes me feel good to know that someone else actually takes the time to read what I say and that they take the time to leave me a comment to let me know they read it! Doesn’t matter if they agree with me or not. What matters is that they cared enough about what I said to read it. To know that I’m not just “talking to myself” when I write makes me smile.

Watching my furry family makes me smile. Watching them play or even the funny positions they get in when they sleep always brings a smile to my face. Watching my not so furry family (maybe sometimes they might be a little furry too) with the ones they love makes me smile too. Watching my girls grow into responsible young women and knowing that I had a part in making that happen really makes me smile. I mean, how can you look at your offspring and know that came from you and NOT smile? That is what life is all about! Knowing that all my babies are going to be home this weekend? I can hardly wait.

How could you look at this and NOT smile?

Definitely brings a smile to my face.

Going to sleep every night and waking up every morning next to the most important person in the world to me makes me smile. And knowing that he feels the same way? I can’t wipe the smile off my face!

 What makes YOU smile?


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15 Responses to Smile for a While

  1. I did the smile prompt too! I love that one. You definitely have a lot to keep you smiling. Love the balloon hat pics on the girls. 🙂
    And of course you and your sweet hubby.

    I think the card/letter idea is a good one. I actually wrote out TONS of thank-you cards, some I just thanked for coming. It was great and made me feel connected. It seemed more personal than email. I should do that more often.

    Keep smiling!

    • pegbur7 says:

      You too have a lot to smile about. New hubby, new daughters! The fact that the new year found you all HOME…. We will encourage each other to keep more in touch with people!

  2. suzicate says:

    All lovely things to smile about! Great idea about the cards. I have a friend who sends them for EVERY occasion and many times a year for no reason at all except to let others know she is thinking of them.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I think it’s wonderful that people do that. Mama is really good about that too. So, we were raised right! It’s just a matter of actually DOING it!

  3. NikNik says:

    I like sending cards too! Love the pictures; we do have a lot to smile about don’t we?!?

  4. terrepruitt says:

    I smile at all the things you smile at except when people fall and the kids. I don’t have kids and THAT makes ME smile.

    I used to send cards all the time. Now I am not so good at it. I have 6 (yes SIX) thank you cards sitting right next to me that I wrote on Dec. 31st. I even went to the postoffice today and I didn’t mail them. What is up with that? (Eyes rolling.)

    Oh, you know what else makes ME smile? Your blog. Most of the time, makes me smile. Also thinking about you, your sister, and Angelia makes me smile (uh-oh, my brain just had a flash that I was typing really fast and put an “n” in her name somewhere. Hope not!). Anyway, you three ALWAYS make me smile because I feel like we are distant friends. REAL friends. 🙂

  5. shoutabyss says:

    To answer your question, “Not too much.” But yeah, that’s a smile-worthy photo. And the photo below it, too.

    Since I’m smile-impaired I hope you can have one on me.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I will. Why are you smile impaired, if you don’t mind me asking?

      Addendum: DUH, never mind~ You can still smile… at things like people falling down the stairs…especially if you’ve given them a little shove? LOL

  6. Ron says:

    I soooo agree with you, Peg!

    “Getting an actual card or letter in the mail (actual snail mail) really brings a smile to my face and I will even smile for days afterward sometimes.”

    I will often keep cards for months; looking at them every so often, and SMILE!

    And of course…meeting you and hubby in person gave me a HUGE smile!

    (((( Peg + Hubby))))

    Wishing you a day smiles, dear friend!


  7. Jimmy says:

    Getting a card in the mail is a big thing and yes it makes me smile, you can’t go wrong just being around your friends and family because without them there would be nothing to smile about.

    Comments from my blogging buddies bring a smile everytime I see one 🙂

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