Committing Myself

No, I didn’t call the men in the little white jackets though maybe I should! It’s just that I finally decided what my resolution was going to be this year! Yeah, I know it’s already after the 1st but inadvertently I haven’t broken it yet even though I just started it today. By that I mean that even though I hadn’t decided yesterday what it was going to be, I had already done it so I haven’t broken it even though I didn’t know I was going to do it. Have I thoroughly confused you yet? Good, cause I’ve already confused myself.

I was reading Angelia’s post over at Living, Loving, Laughing  the other day and saw where she made the commitment to post every day of 2011 and thought “Wow… that’s a good idea!” I came close last year without even intending to. Considering that I didn’t even start blogging until January 10th of last year and I ended up (according to WordPress) writing 346 new posts last year! Not too shabby considering my late start.

I know this is going to be a challenge and is going to take all the encouragement I can get and some advance planning at times. I plan to go to Virginia to see my folks at least a couple of times and they have NO internet access there so I will have to write ahead of time and schedule to post while I am there. And we plan to try to take a cruise in December so I’ll have to allow for that too. But with all your help and encouragement I’m hoping I can do it.

I am somewhat of a commitmentphobe when it comes to something like this because I’m always afraid of not being able to live up to my end of the bargain. I don’t like saying I’m going to do something and then not doing it. Like when I had to back out of the 3 day walk this year it really bothered me and it took me several weeks to get over it once I cancelled because I had made that commitment. So, I usually don’t make them for precisely that reason. I don’t want to let myself down but I especially don’t want to let someone else down. Integrity means a lot to me. My parents instilled in me to be a “man of your word”… okay… woman, but you know what I mean. My father always said don’t say something unless you mean it and that your word should be as good as your bond. I take that seriously. When I say I’ll do something I really really try to follow through with it.

WordPress is sponsoring both a postaday and a postaweek in case you don’t want to make that every day commitment. They offer tips and daily suggestions for your post that you can use or not. If you’d like to “play along” you can go to this website: to see who else has signed up. Or if you’ve already decided, you can go here: for instructions on how to sign up. Please feel free to email me or leave comments for encouragement or to fuss at me if I appear to be slacking off! I can take it!

Thanks again for reading my blog and being there for your moral support.


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19 Responses to Committing Myself

  1. I think you, above ANYONE else, can do this. You know I am behind you 100%!

    I hope we can encourage each other. I have only posted seven days in a row, maybe once. Yikes!

    Also, the tag is postaday2011, I just noticed yours was missing the year.

    Happy blogging!! We can do this!

  2. Alaina says:

    Wow, I’m not sure I can do it…I come close, but like you said, sometimes life does get in the way. I bet you can do it though! Go for it!

  3. Ron says:

    “I came close last year without even intending to. Considering that I didn’t even start blogging until January 10th of last year and I ended up (according to WordPress) writing 346 new posts last year! Not too shabby considering my late start.”

    Woot! Woot! I think that’s amazing, Peg! You’re where I’m at, and I started my blog over three years ago!

    So, I KNOW you can do this!

    Go, Peg, Go!

    Have a wonderful Monday, dear friend!


  4. Jimmy says:

    You can do it Peg I have faith, I could attempt but my problem is all of my posts were just written before I hit the publish button with the exception of very few, I guess I really don’t plan ahead what you read is what I thought about that day 🙂

    I have faith you can pull it off though.

  5. Have fun and don’t stress! I did it from Feb of 08- Feb of 09. I didn’t even think about it until I was almost at the end and thought, why not go for the goal?
    That is probably why, almost 3 years after the start, I have over 1000 posts under my belt. 🙂

  6. suzicate says:

    Of course you can do it and you will!

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Ha! I thought that you did post everyday. I bet the days you missed were before I started reading. I try to keep up, but it is a lot and I am just doing the reading. I really can’t imagine posting every day. But maybe I could if I kept them short. I also could do it if I was doing it for the purpose of writing. You writers have “writing” as your motivation. 🙂

    So as I told Angelia . . . . even if you don’t see me every day keep in mind I am cheering for you.

    I am still trying to catch up. You will probably end up getting comments from me on some of your old posts. 🙂

    Good luck. Go, go, go Peg!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I missed a few here and there. The first couple of times I went to VA I think I hadn’t figured out how to schedule ahead of time and I don’t get internet at my parents so I know I missed some there. Thanks for the support. I like getting comments on older posts too because sometimes I forget what I right about (that sometimers kicking in) and it refreshes my feeble memory!

  8. terrepruitt says:

    Oh wait, I forgot to ask: Cruise? Where?

    • pegbur7 says:

      We haven’t decided yet. Hubby wanted to do a big party next year to celebrate our 30th and renew our vows and I suggested instead of throwing a big party just taking a cruise and renewing them out to sea! I have a former coworker who is a travel agent that focuses mainly on cruises looking out for us!

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