Oh, The Places You’ll See

Something that hubby and I often talk about is we want to do in our retirement.  One of the things we’d like to do is travel.  Travel abroad.  Not just around the United States.  Of course I’d like to some day be able to say that I have visited every state.  I have been to a lot of them but not every one.  That would I guess be one of the first goals.

The second would to travel outside the states.  I led a very sheltered life growing up and never went much of anywhere than the state of Virginia.  By the time I had graduated high school I had barely been anywhere other than North Carolina to visit my sister and to St. Louis, Missouri to visit my brother and all the states in between Missouri and Virginia.   In the years since then I have traveled to a lot of states but only been outside the United States three times.   

Once when we went to AZ for my brother in laws wedding, we went across the border to Naco, Mexico and to Cancun for a trip my husband won with his company.  Then about 5 years ago we took a cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica.  I enjoyed that immensely and we are even thinking seriously about taking another cruise next winter to celebrate our 30th anniversary and renew our vows.

If money were not an option I would love to travel extensively and here are several countries I’d love to visit.  First and foremost I’d love to go to Japan for obvious reasons.  It’s my husband’s birthplace and he hasn’t seen his mother in almost 25 years.  From the pictures I have seen, it is a gorgeous country and I’d love to know more about my husbands heritage.

Another country I’d love to visit is Australia.  I love the idea of a “walkabout” even though I’d have no idea about how to go about one!  Again, from pictures I’ve seen, it’s a beautiful country and I’d love to visit it.  And they speak English (sort of, lol) so I wouldn’t have to worry about learning a new language! 

There are so many other countries I’d love to visit that it’s hard to just pick one more but if I had to I think it would have to either be Spain, Italy or Africa.  I know they are all very diverse but I am fascinated by them all.  Spain and Italy both seem so romantic to me and I’d love to go on a Safari in Africa.  Not to kill any animals but to see them in their wild habitats.  I have long been fascinated by big cats and the thought of being able to see a lion or tiger or leopard out in the wild thrills me beyond words.

Yeah, I think I’d like to travel.  I might be a lady of leisure at the moment but I’m a poor lady of leisure and I’m pretty sure that kind of travel would take way more moolah than we have saved so I’d have to win the lottery or something to do what I’d really like.  I guess in the meantime I’ll just have to dream of it.  Maybe I can learn to teleport?  I’m sure it would be much cheaper than air fare and hotel bills.  Of course if I told too many people about it the cost of housing me in the nearest mental facility might rival the travel costs!  I guess in the meantime I’ll just have to daydream.


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19 Responses to Oh, The Places You’ll See

  1. Ron says:

    Oh Peg, I feel exactly the same way!

    If I suddenly won the lottery, after I paid off my charge card, I would take a year and travel. Traveling to me is not only enjoyable, but also educational. To visist various countries around the world and experience how they live, is so fascinating!

    Italy and Spain are also on my lists.

    Until then, we can ‘teleport’ HA!

    Have a super Sunday, dear friend!


  2. My daughter prefers Asia to Europe. My son prefers Europe. I love Europe, and really don’t know if I would enjoy Asia. Africa has always appealed to me too, though. India would be fascinating as well. I’ve been to a lot of states in the US. But now, I really don’t enjoy travel nearly as much. The cramped long flights just take too much out of me. Next trip to Europe, I want to spend a couple of days in NY to break up the trip.

  3. Carol says:

    I would love to travel too. I’d love to go to Western Europe and spend time just driving around the countryside, visiting little villages. And Great Britain, the countrysides of England, Ireland and Scotland. And everywhere else. So all I need is money, and I cannot think of anyone that would be willing to fund my diversions. Darn!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m in the same boat! I told my husband “If I were a lady of leisure I could travel all the time! Oh, wait… I AM a lady of leisure. I guess I need to be a RICH lady of leisure!”

  4. Oh, Peg, I SO know how you feel! Granted, I’ve been extremely lucky and have gotten to travel quite a bit in my young life, but that’s because flying to Europe from where I am is SO much cheaper than flying there from the US… Italy is beautiful, extremely so, and I highly recommend seeing Venice before it sinks into the ocean and we lose it forever :(.

    I’d also love to go to Japan! I bet your husband is as eager as you are to get there… If only travel weren’t so expensive!!! If you learn how to teleport, will you let me in on the secret? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? 😛

  5. Jimmy says:

    I’m with you here Peg, I so love to travel and would like to visit each of the states at least once, Scotland is one I would love to see also just for the simple fact that my direct line came from there, or one of my direct lines anyway 🙂

  6. Oh, I know what you mean! I became a travel agent for that very reason – to travel, and to travel cheap. BUT. Times changed and it’s not so “free” or “cheap” anymore, even for a travel agent.

    I would love to see Japan too. Jason was stationed there for several years in the Marines. Italy is second, and Costa Rica is third.

    Jason and I already decided we are going to buy an RV when we retire and just travel. 🙂

    P.S. This was a postaday2011 prompt, did you know that?

  7. Kate says:

    Cheers to 2011 bringing you good health, laughter, peace, love and more happiness than your heart can hold!

  8. terrepruitt says:

    I think I told you before, when I met my husband he told me he hated to fly to I put my dream of going to Europe to bed. But then one day he said he would go. I think I caused a tornado in the house with the speed in which I ran to the computer to start researching. We went on (almost) the same cruise twice, two years in a row, we loved it so much. Europe is awesome. Such history it just blows my mind.

    Sometimes it is just a matter of saving. Put as much away as you can and then before you know it you will have enough to go. There are always deals. If you were on twitter you would see them all the time.

    • pegbur7 says:

      No, I don’t Twitter. I wouldn’t even know where to start! Hubby and I loved our cruise we went on and I’d love to take another. I’d love to do the one to Alaska but that will have to wait until it’s just me and him. We can’t afford to take 8 people on that kind of cruise….

      • terrepruitt says:

        Oh my. You are going to take 8 people? I get it – I think. You are going to take the family and renew your vows at the same time? So the med is out because that one would be a lot with that large of a group. No matter what or where you will have a blast!

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