Cheery Hannakwanzmas!

Most of you know that I don’t really celebrate holidays.  But that doesn’t mean that most of you all don’t either.  I realize most people do celebrate some holiday or festival (or is it Festivus ala Seinfeld?) at this time of year.  So I thought I’d take the time to wish each and every one of you a Happy or Merry whatever you may celebrate.  Whether it be Christmas, or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or Festivus.  I hope you all have a wonderful family and love filled holiday.

 To put you in whatever mood or mode you choose I have included a small explanation of each celebration (thanks to Wikipedia) and a song to go with each thanks to the miracle of YouTube!  Enjoy!

Christmas -is a holiday observed generally on December 25to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. The date is not known to be the actual birthday of Jesus, and may have initially been chosen to correspond with either the day exactly nine months after some early Christians believed Jesus had been conceived, the date of the Roman winter solstice, or one of various ancient winter festivals. Christmas is central to the Christmas and holiday season, and in Christianity marks the beginning of the larger season of Christmastide, which lasts twelve days.

Although nominally a Christian holiday, Christmas is also celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians worldwide, and many of its popular celebratory customs have pre-Christian or secular themes and origins. Popular modern customs of the holiday include gift-giving, music, an exchange of greeting cards, church celebrations, a special meal, and the display of various decorations; including Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and holly. In addition, several figures, known as Saint Nicholas and certain mythological figures such as Father Christmas and Santa Claus among other names, are associated with bringing gifts to children during the Christmas season.

Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses. The economic impact of Christmas is a factor that has grown steadily over the past few centuries in many regions of the world.

Bing Crosby  White Christmas

Hannukah also known as the Festival of Lights is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a unique candelabrum, the nine-branched Menorah or Hanukiah, one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. The typical Menorah consists of 8 branches with an additional raised branch. The extra light is called a shamash (Hebrew: שמש, “attendant” or “sexton”) and is given a distinct location, usually above or below the rest. The purpose of the shamash is to have a light available for use, as using the Hanukkah lights themselves is forbidden

 Adam Sandler’s Hannukah

Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration held in the United States honoring universal African-American heritage and culture, observed from December 26 to January 1 each year. It features activities such as lighting a candle holder with seven candles and culminates in a feast and gift giving. It was created by Maulana Karenga and was first celebrated in 1966 – 1967.

 William Scott;s  Kwanzaa song


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14 Responses to Cheery Hannakwanzmas!

  1. Ron says:

    Just wanted to pop by real quick to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday!!!!

    Thank you for your friendship, Peg!

    X to you and the family!

  2. Jimmy says:

    And a “Cheery Hannakwanzmas” to you too my Dear Friend.

    Well is Dwight gonna be pantsless or not ? 🙂

  3. jenny says:

    How about “HAPPY NEW YEAR” we would to see you both and hope next year is the best ever!!!!

  4. I loved this post, Peg. I hope you enjoy the holiday season even if you don’t celebrate anything *Hugs*

  5. Hope you had a merry, happy, bright Hannakwanzmas!

  6. suzicate says:

    Now you didn’t mention movestifus…the Christmas day movie ritual! Hope you guys had a great one! Love you!

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Two Families, two Christmases. Lots of driving. But we were able to avoid traffic!

    Retail sales was up 5.5 % this year from last year. And I had heard earlier . . . before Christmas that this was the biggest spending year in a few years . . . but I couldn’t confirm that now that the Holidays are actually over.

    Thanks for the info. We are already five days into the New Year!

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