Out of Dock

I mentioned the other day how Hubby was having a hard time finding his favorite pants. We’ve been ordering them through JC Penney’s Big & Tall catalogue and then suddenly they are out of stock on them. They couldn’t even tell us why. It wasn’t the style, it was his size.

I even went online to the Docker’s website and they didn’t even list them on the website even though we have several pairs in that size in our possession. I emailed Dockers through their web-site and actually heard back from two different people.

I was pleasantly surprised that they responded so quickly. I explained to the first person what was going on and what we needed and never heard back from her. The second I heard from acted like she didn’t know the first one had contacted me by the wording of her email so I basically sent her the same response explaining exactly what we needed and how we couldn’t find it.

 Then I get another reponse from her asking me what style number and size we were looking for, which I had included in the first email. Not even bothering to mention to look at the first email (which is what smart aleck me really wanted to respond with but I figured I better not piss her off since she might have what we needed. I patiently (again) explained exactly what we needed only to get a response back that the style we wanted was discontinued. She gave me a similar style to look at so I responded that it would be fine.

 She emailed me back and asked me what size… REALLY? I think I had told them already like 4 times but again I told her the size only to have her respond that though the carry many styles (per her words) in Hubby’s size (I haven’t seen them and she didn’t provide style numbers available) the particular style he wanted was not available through their website, however, they do have several stores online that carry their pants that carry Hubby’s size.

I’m sorry…. That makes NO sense to me… You don’t carry his size/style in your own website (and YOU are the ones that provide to the other stores) but the other stores DO carry his size? Does it not make sense that since they provide to all the other stores that carry their product that they themselves would have ALL sizes? Maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t get it. AND on top of that…. The “regular” sizes on the other website is cheaper than the Docker’s website. ***shaking head*** I just don’t get it.


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10 Responses to Out of Dock

  1. Alaina says:

    Ha, that sounds a little bit frustrating…

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • pegbur7 says:

      VERY frustrating. He doesn’t like change so if I can’t find them anymore I’m gonna have a bear on my hands! LOL

      Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday too!

  2. I think they need more eggnog. Lol.

    Gee! Hope you can find some answers!! It would be embarrasing if your hubby went pantless (and cold).

  3. Peggy, it’s one of those “you can’t get there from here” scenarios! LOL!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! xoxoxo

  4. Jimmy says:

    So even though the manufacturer is out of “Dock” they can send you to the other guys who actually have them 🙂

    Looks like Dwight just may not have to go pantsless after all

    Merry Christmas Peg

  5. terrepruitt says:

    Makes sense to me. If the pant is discontinued that means the manufacture could no longer have any because they have already liquidated their stock. So they have none. All gone. No more. But the stores/sites they sold to could possibly still have it in stock.

    Hopefully you can get them from the other sites before they are gone.

    It is so frustrating when you find something you like and use it for years only to have it discontinued. Good luck!

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