Eclipsed by the Moon

Monday night I did stay up to watch the eclipse.  #3 had come over to do laundry and didn’t leave until after midnight for which I am grateful otherwise I’d have probably fallen asleep.  But I had to stay up long enough for her to get home, which takes about an hour so by the time she was getting home, the eclipse was starting. 

I had actually called her to remind her that it was starting and she had just pulled into her parking lot.  It was so cold and I already had on my pajamas so I threw on my robe and was still freezing.  I’d go out and look up and take a picture with my cell phone because I can’t figure out yet how to turn the flash on the camera on yet.  My pictures really did not come out very well but I will include a couple anyway. 

The beginning full moon

It was hard to get really clear pictures because it was cloudy too but you can see it.



Tuesday morning a friend on face book had posted a video by William Castleman where he did a time lapsed composite of the lunar eclipse.  Here is the link to it.

This is the explanation that was with the video:

Why did the Moon turn red?

It’s not the color of the Sun. What you are seeing is the color of every sunrise and sunset on Earth’s skies. As the Earth casts its shadows and the Sun’s light hits all around Earth’s limb, the atmosphere glows red. That’s red glow—which you can’t see in a normal day—illuminates the surface of the Moon, engulfed into Earth’s shadow.

According to NASA, “the exact color depends on what’s floating around in Earth’s atmosphere. Following a volcanic eruption, for instance, dust and ash can turn global sunsets vivid red. The moon would glow vivid red, too. Lots of clouds, on the other hand, extinguish sunsets, leading to darker, dimmer eclipses.”

So no, the Moon didn’t became as blood because the Apocalypse, there weren’t any human sacrifices, and dogs and cats are not living together. Yet.

 I actually enjoyed staying up and witnessing something that hasn’t happened in 372 years even if I didn’t get good pics.  I could have waited and just looked at other people’s stuff but that isn’t quite the same as the thrill I got out of seeing it first hand.  Cold exhausted thrill but a thrill nonetheless.

I also borrowed some pics from a facebook friend by the name of Amanda Leigh Causey and she got some great pictures through a telescope.  Here are her awesome pictures.  Enjoy!

Photo by Amanda Causey

courtesy of Amanda Causey

Courtesy of Amanda Causey


Courtesy of Amanda Causey

You can also see her pictures at her blog here.


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10 Responses to Eclipsed by the Moon

  1. Ron says:

    “Cold exhausted thrill but a thrill nonetheless.”

    I bet it was! Oh, how wonderful!

    Gorgeous shots, Peg!

    Have a super day, dear friend!


  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks for using my pictures! Yours look good as well!

  3. Amazing thing to witness! Once in a lifetime, Peg! Nice shots really!

  4. NikNik says:

    I had actually woken up about 3 that night but we had complete cloud cover so I could not see anything 😦 so thanks for the pics!

  5. LisaF says:

    Amanda’s captures are amazing, but I Love your first moon shot with the light flares.

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