Dry Dockered

I have a bone to pick. I’m not quite sure who or how I can get my “problem” addressed. Hubby is a creature of habit. Once he finds something he likes especially clothes) he tends to stick with it indefinitely.

Any of you who know him or who have read my blog for a while know he is not a small man. He is a long tall drink of water which makes buying clothes “off the rack” entertaining to say the least.

At one point he used to have his shirts custom made. The mall he worked at had a custom shirt shop and since the owners ate at his restaurant all the time they pretty much made his shirts for what we could buy them in the store. And just going to any store was not an option. He (at the moment) wears a 17 inch collar and he wears long sleeve button down dress shirts (usually in solid colors) and his sleeve length is 38. He can get away with a 37 but prefers a 38. Yeah… he’s got some long arms.

His pants weren’t quite as much of a problem as he’d buy them unhemmed. He’d just have to make sure they were long enough to have enough left to hem since his inseam is 36 inches. When we first got married he wore a 36 x 36 pants which actually was a little easier to find.

Several years back, I don’t even remember how many now… I think it’s probably been close to 10 years, he found out about Docker’s pants. We found out we could order them from the JC Penney Big & Tall catalog and get them in just a couple of days. He prefers the “classic fit” pleated front ones. He has them I think in every color they make.

That is his “go to” work outfit. He wears a long sleeve button down shirt with a tie and Docker’s pleated front pants…. EVERY day. He has done this for YEARS and YEARS. We go to Penney’s a couple of times a year when his pants start showing some wear and tear and order like a half dozen pair and he’s good for another six months or so. Unfortunately the last three times we have gone to Penney’s to order him new pants (we’ve been going like every month) they have been “out of stock”. Thankfully he had a stash in the top of his closet so he wasn’t getting too concerned. Well, the stash is gone and they are still “out of stock”.

I finally went to the Docker’s website and apparently they no longer make them in that size. WTH??? Why would you randomly stop making a certain size? I KNOW what size they are because it’s printed on the tag.

When you go to their website and try to find the size it’s just not an option. The TALL sizes stop at the waist size of 38 – but you can order a 38 x 38! Well, I need a 42 x 36. The BIG waist size doesn’t even start until 46 but inseam only goes to 34. The REGULAR size goes to 42 waist but stops at 34 inseam! How frustrating is that??? I KNOW they used to make them because we have a gazillion pair in various states of disrepair and they are ALL size 42 x 36. Do they think all BIG people are short or that all TALL people are SKINNY? Can you not be kind of in the middle?

At first I was upset with Penney’s but then realize it’s not their fault that it’s out of stock if Docker’s isn’t making them. I have “contacted” Docker’s about the problem but haven’t heard back from them yet. I hate to even think about the thought that we are going to have to start all over in finding him a pair of pants he actually likes. If anyone has any insight into how we can find him what he needs (without spending an arm AND a leg) please let us know!


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10 Responses to Dry Dockered

  1. jenny says:

    Poor Dwight!!!It’s like all overweight people are short…I have that problem…can never find pants long enough!!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of numbers, but I can see exactly why you’re frustrated. Oy!

  3. Jimmy says:

    I hate it when things like this happens, I thought it was just me but it seems no matter what I go shopping for they don’t make anymore.

    Starting by contacting Dockers is what I would do also.

    • pegbur7 says:

      That happens to me too. Usually it’s food… like my favorite creamers for my coffee they quit making or when I find something I really like for breakfast they quit making. Or our favorite restaurants… I’ll find my favorite dish and then they take it off the menu! ARRRGGGGHHHHHH……

  4. Ron says:

    OMG, I have the EXACT same problem because I’m so small! Most companies NEVER make pants small enough for a grown man. There use to be a clothing company I could always depend upon that made slim/short pants, but they have since stopped making them.

    So, do you know what I do now? I have to buy BOYS pants because they’re the only ones that fit me correctly.

    Also (and don’t tell anyone this), but I also buy BOYS large size underwear because they fit me better than a man’s.

    Tee, hee!

    Hope you had a great Monday, dear friend!


  5. What?!? Why would they do such a thing? Obviously, they were getting business from you guys at least! Gee… what to do, what to do.

    I’m thinking Scottish skirts are really in these days. 🙂 Do they make khaki plaid?

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