Fight to the Finish

This week for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop I chose prompt #5.) A fist fight.

Now I myself have never been in a fistfight in my life (that I can remember) other than when I was a really little kid and my brothers used to push me into my older sister all the time until she’d get tired of it and beat the crap out of me and that was pretty much one sided. Her fighting me with her fists while I cowered in the corner and cried. Not much of a fight to watch but my brothers seemed to enjoy it. I guess boys will be boys.

My sister however, was in several fights. I guess beating me up all the time just got her primed and in shape for when the real thing actually happened. As I recall this instance it was actually an incidence that occurred over a two day time-frame. I think I was in 6th or 7th grade and my sister would have been in 10th or 11th grade. Must have been 11th because my brother was one of the bus drivers and he drove the bus his senior year of high school (yeah, go figure that one out… what idiot school system would allow a high school student to actually drive a bus?) and she is one year younger than him so that would make her 11th grade and me the 7th grade.

There was a girl who lived down the street from us that was a very good friend to our family and she was I think a year older than me. There was another girl from the neighboring town who was known for being a hard ass and as tomboy as they come. Remember me telling the story of standing up to the mean girls for who turned out to be my best friend Sam? And how they backed down when I confronted them? Yeah, well, unfortunately for my sister, it didn’t have the same end results for her. This tomboy used to pick on our neighbor all the time and threaten to beat her up.

My sister had sent word to this tomboy that she had better leave our friend alone or else! She had told her to “meet her” outside where we changed buses in the evenings. All the middle school students (from several smaller towns) would ride one bus from the middle school and the same thing for the high school and elementary school and then the three buses would meet at this designated area every morning and evening to collect or disperse all the school kids for the designated towns and take them home. That way you wouldn’t have three different buses taking the same route to all three towns, instead, one bus would take all three school’s kids in that same area home. So, if you had a kid in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school, for the second half of the ride home, they’d all be on the same bus and be deposited home at the same time.

The middle school bus (carrying me, the neighbor and the tomboy) got there first so the tomboy was already off the bus and waiting when the high school bus pulled in. She waited by the door so that when my sister (who definitely was not dressed for a fight since she was wearing a dress and was expecting them to talk it out like civilized people) stepped off the bus, the mean girl grabbed her and whaled into her like there was no tomorrow. My sister had very long straight hair and I can tell you she was very tender headed because the only way I ever got one up on her when she was beating the snot out of me all those times was to just grab handfuls of hair and pull as hard as I could. Then and only then would she let go of me.

The tomboy also had long straight hair but, expecting the fight, she had hers pulled up in a ponytail and had on pants. As soon as she grabbed my sister’s hair it was all over but the crying. The middle school bus driver was a relative of this girl and he had positioned his bus so that my brother couldn’t get around the front of the bus once the fight started, he had to run all the way around the bus and this other driver ended up holding my sister while the other girl hit her. Needless to say by the time my brother got around the bus to pull the girl off my sister, it was pretty much over. My poor sister looked like she’d been through the mill. Black eye, busted lip, the whole nine yards.

When my dad got home from work, my sister was expecting sympathy, considering that they had pretty much ambushed her because she wasn’t ready and the other bus driver held her while this girl beat her. She was expecting my dad, I think, to go and kick this other bus driver’s butt. That wasn’t exactly what happened. I remember him asking what had happened and my sister crying her eyes out while she tearfully told of how they set her up and my dad looked at her calmly and asked if she kicked the other girls butt. My sister told him she didn’t get a chance to because she wasn’t “ready”. My dad matter of factly explained “Ok, well, tomorrow you go back and you beat that girl’s ass or when you come home, I’m gonna beat yours. Understand?”

Apparently she understood… She went back the next morning wearing pants with her hair pulled back and my brother made sure they didn’t block him out and he was the first bus there and my sister did give her the chance first by saying “You ready?” and as soon as the other girl nodded she lit into her like a duck on a Junebug. Poor girl hardly knew what hit her. Yes, this time she (the tomboy) walked away with BOTH eyes blackened, a busted nose and lip. My sister barely got a scratch from that one.

Needless to say they were both suspended from school for a while but my dad wasn’t even mad about it. He was proud that she had gone back and done exactly like he told her to do. He didn’t have to worry about her taking care of herself after that. She was more afraid of the possibility of him beating her butt than of anything else. She wasn’t stopping until she knew she had won.


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8 Responses to Fight to the Finish

  1. suzicate says:

    I remember the horror of watching her get beat up that first day! I aso remember her putting her hair up in like nine rubber bands the second day. Also, remember mom going after the bus driver and going to the school board over it. Imagine how much those people in the county used to get away with that now they’d be put away because of it.

  2. Alaina says:

    I have never ever been in a fist fight either…nor do I ever want to be. The only kind of punching I like to do is kick boxing with Billy Blanks…

  3. justmom420zaks says:

    Rock out!
    That’s just how things are supposed to go. Not anymore though. The lawyers would be on this like white on rice.
    Which set of parents can sue which set first?

  4. Jimmy says:

    I remember the Seniors being the school bus drivers 🙂 I also remember things being taken care of in this manner, your Dad was not wrong in my opinion, it’s too bad that things are not as simple as they were when we were younger, most things worked out just fine.

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