Steaking Our Claim for Freedom

Continuing our Sunday in Philly, we really packed a lot in I think.  We got to see Rocky and hailed a cab so Hubby could do his Triple D Philly Cheese comparison.  He had seen the back story I think on Dkner;s, Drive-ins and Dives about how Pat’s King of Steaks opened in like the thirties and had the original “Philly Cheese Steak” and then in the sixties Geno’s opened across the street and they have been battling it out ever since I guess.  They have both held the title of Best Philly Cheesesteak multiple times.  Hubby has the wonderful idea that we are going to get both and compare so we have the cab drop us off at Pat’s first. 

Sign explaining Pat's origins

First keep in mind that neither of these places has indoor seating.  Or if they do, we didn’t find it. They both have these signs posted telling you how to order to move the line along.  They both have a few outdoor tables.  So, hubby gets in line at Pat’s and I go around the building to find us a table.  I thought I was being smart and finding a table against the building so that it would be warmer.  HAHAHA… Apparently there IS no warm place in Philly in December.  I think if we had gotten married in Philly it definitely would not have been outdoors.  Good thing we got married in New Orleans, huh?

Hubby standing outside Pat's


This buidling was across the street. Love the portraits of all the old male stars painted on the wall

Back to the cold… it was so cold that I think my ears fell off a couple of times and my nose was running so much I could hardly catch it to put it back on!  Hubby came around the building with the sandwich and I actually wanted to just hold it against my body for the warmth.  I was so cold I think my taste buds froze.  I was shaking so hard my steak kept falling off the bread!  Hubby had told them to make it the way Guy Fieri ate his and I have to tell you, I wasn’t a big fan.  I’ve never had a cheesesteak with ketchup and mustard before and I think there was more onions on it than meat!  I did however like the way their meat was more chopped and cooked rather than sliced.  And it had cheese wiz on it instead of like cheddar or provolone or something.  I wasn’t expecting that either.

Pat's as seen from Geno's

Geno's as seen from Pat's

We hadn’t eaten breakfast so I was quite hungry and ate my part too fast so that by the time we walked across to Geno’s I was too full to eat it.  Hubby decided we would take it back to the hotel and eat it later, so he put it in his pocket and carried it around for a couple of hours before we actually got to sample it.  Maybe since it was no longer hot it might have made a big difference but it was sliced, not chopped and seemed quite a bit tougher but it had a lot more meat than onion.  But to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with either of them.  Sadly I guess what I always considered a “Philly Cheesesteak” really isn’t and I like them better than the ones I got in Philly.

We left there and caught a cab down to the Liberty Bell.  It was only like a 5 minute cab ride which was a little disappointing because I didn’t get enough time to warm up!  We did get to ride through was used to be the Italian market area which was kind of cool because there were lots of butcher shops which I have never really seen in person before.  It was a really neat area with lots and lots of shops. We will have to go back in maybe the Spring when it’s not so cold and will be easier to walk around.

Carriages and protestor

We we got down to the Liberty Bell they had lots and lots of horse drawn carriages lined up outside the area and lots of protestors lined up right beside them.  It made me a little uncomfortable.  I was sure a riot was going to break out or something.  The protestors were protesting what they felt was inhumane treatment to the horses and the carriage drivers were standing literally within arm’s reach of the protestors still trying to get people to ride the carriages.  And when we got inside the area where the bell is housed, there was one of the guards arguing with another guard about the treatment of the horses.  I’m not sure which one was winning the argument but I thought it was a little strange.

This was right inside the entrance and I thought it ws amusing

I think this sign was talking about me!

I vaguely remember coming to see the Liberty Bell once before but I was very young and barely remember it but it seems much bigger before (maybe because I was smaller? DUH!).  It was interesting to read the history of it and see the pictures of famous people who have come to see it like Nelson Mandela and Chief Little Bear of the Blackfoot Tribe and the Dalai Lama.  I guess that’s fitting that they would come see the symbol of freedom known the world over.

Chief Little Bear

Dalai Lama

The Liberty Bell

From there we walked back to the hotel but stopped on the way to get my ill fated cup of coffee that I think made me sick and we also stopped by and saw Ron at his work before we walked back to the hotel.  Had to get my goodbye hug from him!  Again, it was so great meeting him.  Wished we could have stayed longer and hung out with him more.

When we got back to the hotel they were cleaning our room so we went and spent about an hour sitting in the bar of the hotel before we got to eat out Geno’s.  Hey, maybe that was what made me sick since it had been in his pocket for hours?  Naw…. It that was the case, hubby would have been sick too.  I took lots of pics inside the area of the Liberty Bell.  Consider this your history lesson for the day!

Hubby enjoying his freedom


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9 Responses to Steaking Our Claim for Freedom

  1. dwight says:

    What a day that was! Had a great time,but was it cold! Yes.I was disappointed with the Philly cheessteaks. Sad to say the best food we had the whole time was a the Reading Street Market! It was the cheapest too! Seeing the Liberty Bell was really cool! All the history and stories were well worth the visit! Dwight

  2. Alaina says:

    I’ve always wanted to go see the Liberty Bell and visit Constitution Hall. Thanks for the pictures and stories behind everything!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Pretty impressive history lesson, The Liberty Bell is one I have never seen as of yet and it is funny that Dwight mentioned the cheapest food you found as being the best as it seems to always work out that way for us too 🙂

  4. terrepruitt says:

    Okay, consider yourself warned: Italian food in Italy DOES NOT taste like Italian food here.

    But for me, one reason I like to go on cruises is that I know I will have food I can eat. I am not a very adventurous eater so I like to know that there is food around that I can eat.

    I am Greek and I have never liked “Greek” food until I went to Greece.

    Americans put tomatoes in EVERYTHING. (Eyes rolling.)

    I would like to see the Liberty Bell. Exciting.

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