Feeling Charitable

Wednesday was a day I felt very proud of my family.  I mean, I always feel proud of my family but that day I felt exceptionally proud. 

Since Dwight had his accident we had been fighting with the insurance companies about getting his vehicle fixed.  Since it wasn’t his fault but the other driver wasn’t charged either, the other insurance company refused to pay for the repairs.  Our insurance company said they would pay for it but we’d have to pay the deductible and wait until they got their money back from the other insurance company to get our deductible back.  We had been thinking about trading it in when he had the accident because it had over 200,000 miles on it but after the accident that pretty much threw those plans out the window since we knew it would drastically reduce the value even though it was only fairly minor body damage.

After talking about it we decided that the only decent thing to do was donate it.  We took what they insurance gave us for repairs minus the deductible and used that toward getting him a temporary vehicle and I called Car Angel.  They came and got her yesterday.  I was kinda sad to see the old girl go.  We’ve had her a long time and she’s been pretty good for us so we will miss her.  It was kinda bittersweet watching them pull off with her.

Driving away with the van. We will miss her!

Then the other thing that made me proud… I had donated my hair to Locks of Love aabout a year and a half ago and at the time I tried to get our youngest to donate hers too.  Her response was “No thanks.  I think I’ll keep my hair myself.”  So I didn’t bother her anymore about it.  She does have a gorgeous head of hair.  Long, dark and just the right amount of wave to it.  She’s always been afraid of getting her hair cut short and hasn’t really CUT it since she was like in the 8th or 9th grade and since she graduated a year and a half ago that’s a LONG time since she’s had a major hair cut.  She has always looked kind of young for her age and she said she was afraid if she cut her hair short she’d look like a little boy.  And her boyfriend was giving her a pretty hard time about cutting her hair because he likes it long (it seems most guys do like long hair…why is that?).

#3 in July

Monday evening she called me and asked me when we were coming back from Philly and I told her we were leaving today (Thursday) and we’d be back on Monday or Tuesday, what did she need?  She said “Well, I think I’ve decided I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love now and just wanted you there for moral support.”  That made my day.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been prouder of her.  To me that is a very selfless act.  And the fact that she made that decision on her own without me bugging her about it again just warmed my heart.  Made me realize how much she has matured in the last year or so. No longer the self absorbed teenager she used to be but a mature young woman doing something very selfless for someone else.  I guess we must have done something right in raising them!

Isn't her hair gorgeous?

I called Tuesday to see if Alexis, her favorite Stylist at Davis Clay Salon was going to be there on Wednesday and to see if she had any open appointments.  Thankfully she had ONE open appointment.  Normally when #3 has her hair cut she won’t say anything while we are there but as soon as we leave she used to throw a fit and say how much she hated it and was never going back.  Alexis is the only stylist I have known her to go to that she has not complained about later.  I was so glad she was available.

The night before.

She got out there a little after noon and we got ready and went to lunch and poor baby was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers!  I kept trying to take “before” pictures but was having a hard time because I couldn’t get her to sit still long enough.  Every time I’d snap a picture she’d move and I’d end up having to erase it because it was too blurry.  Well, Alexis did a wonderful job and #3 LOVED her new haircut and as much hair as they cut off (I think she cut about a foot initially) there should be some appreciative kids getting some nice wigs.  I think it’s at least 14 or 15 inches shorter than it was to begin and on top of that, since she donated her hair, they didn’t charge for her haircut! BONUS!!  We made sure Alexis got a nice tip though. 

Consulting with Alexis on the BIG cut.

Here is my photo montage of #3’s journey from long haired teenager to short haired mature young woman.  I actually think she looks older now.  Now maybe she actually looks old enough to be serving alcohol instead of her guests asking if she’s old enough to work.   Yes, I am a proud Mama.

Getting ready for the sectioning to make the first snip.

Sectioned off for the cut


ponytails ready for donation

Working it

TA DAH! Isn't she just adorable?

And with her baby - Hellboy!


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16 Responses to Feeling Charitable

  1. SuziCate says:

    Yes, she is adorable!

  2. Ron says:

    Brava to your daughter for doing that!

    “That made my day. I don’t know if I’ve ever been prouder of her. To me that is a very selfless act.”

    You said it, Peg…a selfless act indeed.

    The husband of a longtime blogging friend of mine donates his hair to Locks of Love, also. He’s got the most beautiful long, waving hair. I think he donates once a year. What a guy!

    Btw, your daughter’s haircut looks AWESOME! She’s so pretty!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend!


  3. My daughter and granddaughter have donated their hair too. Such a lovely generous thing to do! Your beautiful daughter would still be gorgeous even with a shaved head, but that haircut is adorable on her.

  4. K says:

    I love the new do! and I am thrilled she gave her hair to locks of love!

  5. LisaF says:

    Locks of Love is a wonderful organization. Kudos to #3 for being brave enough to help out someone less fortunate. Her new “do” is adorable. She looks like a little pixie! Army Wife donated her hair earlier this year and has the same haircut.

  6. jenny says:

    Awsome haircut!!! She is beautiful and you have the right to be a proud mama!!
    Brag on…

  7. Jimmy says:

    I am proud to know you Peg, you and your family are so unselfish and yes your daughter is beautiful with the short hair 🙂

  8. terrepruitt says:

    Yay you guys!

    I have always wanted to do that (donate my hair) but is has never been long enough. Your daughter is so awesome to do that. I am sure she just made someone very happy. What a tremendous gift!!!!

    She does have beautiful hair and her short cut is really cute! How does she like the gift of TIME she gave herself? (Short hair is so much faster to deal with.)

    • pegbur7 says:

      I think she’s very happy with it all around. She was more worried about A. Her looking like a boy and B. her boyfriend would not like it. Neither was a problem!

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