Red Sky at Morning

I am a great believer in the adage that everything happens for a reason. I may not always agree with what happens or understand what the reasoning is at the time it happens but eventually it’s usually revealed.

I mentioned a while back that hubby had an accident. He was not at fault but I guess technically the other person wasn’t either. IF anyone was to blame I would say it would be the city/town where it occurred or the owner of the shopping center where it occurred.

What happened was that the parking lot behind where hubby works is fairly large but unfortunately doesn’t have stop sign or even visable stop signs painted on the ground within the actual parking lot. So even though it’s common sense that people traveling through the parts/lanes where the cars park would have to stop before entering the main thoroughfare of the parking lot, there are no signs directing people to stop. So even though hubby had the right of way, the lady who didn’t stop, did not have a stop sign directing her to do so. I don’t know who would be responsible for that but since it was private property the police did not issue a citation to either party even though they verbally said the other driver was at fault. Therefore her insurance company is refusing to pay even though our insurance company is insisting they are responsible.

Bottom line is that right now, our insurance company is having to pay for the damages to our vehicle and contest it with the other driver’s insurance company so we are responsible for the $500 deductible. I had told hubby we needed to get another car anyway since this one has over 200,000 miles on it. But I wasn’t prepared for us to have another car payment just yet. So we decided to see if we could find something fairly cheap but also reliable just to get him back and forth to work for the next year or so until we were in better shape to handle another car payment. After a couple of weeks of half hearted searching we stumbled upon what we thought was the best deal for us to get by not having a car payment for a while.

Problem is it needed a little bit of work so after some finagling with the dealership we got them to agree to the repairs at a reasonable price (half what they wanted and this was also after talking them down to half what they wanted for the car) and left it for them to fix it. The van had still been running after the accident but then just decided to stop altogether and I told hubby I really can’t see putting any more money into getting it running with that many miles on it. I think we will just donate it or something. So, with the van indisposed and the “new” used car in the shop, that meant I had to take hubby back and forth to work since he can’t drive my car because it’s a manual transmission.

I don’t normally mind (other than we are putting twice the miles on my car to make two round trips a day taking him and picking him up) and they were supposed to call us from the dealership as soon as his car was ready. That weekend he had an atrocious schedule. He closed on Friday night and opened on Saturday which meant not leaving until like midnight, truck the next morning which meant we had to be AT the restaurant before 6 AM and then opening the next morning. The only thing that really pissed me off was that on Tuesday AFTER this atrocious weekend schedule, we called the dealership only to find out the car had been ready on Friday and they “forgot” to call us. Yeah, I was REALLY pissed.

Then I started thinking about what possible good came from them forgetting to call us and me having to take hubby back and forth to work at all hours of the day and nights. Let’s see. We got to spend a LOT more time together, forced in confined space, to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Since I got confused on Saturday on what time he was supposed to get off, I showed up like almost 2 hours earlier than he planned to take off and his assistant just happened to come in early so we got an early evening off together to go out to eat and enjoy each other’s company and on Sunday when I went to pick him up there was a wreck and traffic was horrible so we decided to stay on that end of town and go to a movie he had been wanting to see so it all ended up good.

Oh, and that Sunday morning when I had to be there before the butt crack of dawn? His assistant and cook that were supposed to meet him at dark o’thirty? They were both late. If they had been on time, I would have been back home and back in bed before the sun rose (which was my plan all along) BUT… since they were late, I was forced to wait until they got there (they have to have three people to enter the building) before I could go back home and as I was driving through a kind of wooded area I happened to glance to my left as I was driving over a little bridge and was awarded with one of the most beautiful skies ever. It was so beautiful that I actually HAD to pull over and take a couple of pictures.

As I pulled into the entrance of this still unopened subdivision, there was a deputy sheriff sitting in his car. I don’t know whether he was just taking a break, or checking his emails or writing a report or what but I almost hit him because he was backed into the road on the wrong side of the road. He rolled down his window like he was going to gruffly ask me what the heck I was pulling into a closed subdivision for and I rolled down my window and just said “Sorry, the sky was so beautiful I just had to pull in to take a picture. I don’t think you’d want me to try to do that while I was driving!” He smiled and nodded and went back to what he was doing (he couldn’t see from how he was sitting because it was behind him, kind of in his blind spot ~ he should have turned around). I just wanted to share them. Enjoy!

Then I drove the rest of the way home and snapped a few more shots:


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14 Responses to Red Sky at Morning

  1. susan sheppard says:

    Oh yea Peg, the early bird catches the worm.
    love ya girl.

  2. Ron says:

    “I am a great believer in the adage that everything happens for a reason. I may not always agree with what happens or understand what the reasoning is at the time it happens but eventually it’s usually revealed.”

    Oh, me too, Peg! I may not always agree or understand, but in time, it’s revealed to me.

    The great thing is that you were able to look back and see all the wonderful reasons to why this had happen. You GO, girl!

    Flawless shots, dear friend! The color of the sky is incredible!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!


  3. Gorgeous skies! And hey, getting in some one on one with the hubby is never really a bad thing! (Sorry about the early hours though.)

  4. suzicate says:

    Yes, things usually work out better in the big scheme of things, whether we realize it at the time or not. pretty pics.

  5. LisaF says:

    I, too, believe everything happens for a reason. We may never know why, but more often than not, when we look back we can see a bigger plan in place.

    The pink and blue clouds are fabulous. “…just wish I could capture on film what I see with my eyes.” I just said this the other day!

  6. Carol says:

    One of those serendipitous happenings where you were able to enjoy the early morning beauty! Priceless!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Beautiful sky Peg, I am proud you got a chance to see it and share with us.

    I love they way you found a positive in the one car scenario, spending time together is a blessing and this little mishap of the dealership forgetting you was actually a good thing in the long run.

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