Evening Rainbow


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South of the Mason/Dixon Line
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8 Responses to Evening Rainbow

  1. Ron says:

    AWESOME photo, Peg!

    I suddenly feel like singing….

    “Somewhere…over the rainbow…blue birds fly….”

    Have a FAB day, dear friend!


  2. Spot says:

    What is it about rainbows that makes them just as magical now that we are adults as they were when we were kids? Even knowing the science behind them, I remain in awe.

    Great pic!


  3. Jimmy says:

    Beautiful shot Peg

    Happy Thanksgiving my Dear Friend

  4. Carol says:

    Beautiful shot! I remember as a kid trying to get to the end of the rainbow to check out the pot of gold. The farther I walked, the farther away the end was. Not at all like the fairy tales.

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