A (Sperm) Whale of a Tale

So the other day Hubby is on his computer checking his emails and he yells out “Hey! I’ve got 17 things in my Sperm Folder!”

I shot back at him “Well, you better be careful not to open them. You might impregnate your computer with a virus!”

Yeah, we’re weird like that. I’m pretty sure he purposely said Sperm Folder instead of SPAM Folder because he knows I have a really weird sense of humor and I love to laugh and he makes me laugh. Never a dull moment in our household. Some weird ones albeit but not dull.

I’m the kind of person who laughs when people trip and fall. I can’t help it. I’d eventually help. I’m not totally cruel. But… I WOULD have to quit laughing first. Most people who know me know this about me. So when my cousin sent me an email the other day titled “You Broke Your Collarbone HOW?” I knew before I even read it that it was going to be good. I had seen it about a year ago but didn’t realize it was a newspaper article. I hope it comes through big enough that you can read it. Enjoy!


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14 Responses to A (Sperm) Whale of a Tale

  1. dwight says:

    Peggy,This is so funny! I laughed my un-BBQ butt off! We should gain no pleasure from someone else’s pain,BUTT this had me in stitches! My funny bone still hurts! Would being fired like a rocket from your toilet,through your bathroom door,ever be good enough for “America’s funniest home video”? Are you still be considered G-rated enough for prime time TV? The Food Network had 12,437 recipes for Boston Butt/BBQ butt,BUTT no recipes for SMOKING HUMAN BUTT! Some question should never be asked!Dwight”STILL prime cut” and uncooked” Burke

  2. jenny says:

    Tooo funny!!! Some people just get what they deserve.

  3. Ron says:

    Ok, first, I can’t stop laughing at Dwights brilliant reference to his spam folder as, his Sperm Folder – hahaahahahahahahaha!

    You GO, Dwight! Love your sense of humor!

    Second, that newspaper article was hysterical, Peg!

    I bet he had one well-done RUMP roast – OUCH!#!?

    Fab post, Peg!


  4. Jenners says:

    I confess … I tend to laugh at this stuff too. I don’t mean to but that is just how I’m wired. What is life without laughter … and the occasional broken collarbone!

  5. mopatt says:

    LOL! Something tells me this one is going to be in my mind for a while. That is hilarious. The funny thing is that all I could think about at the end was how well written the story was (LOL)

  6. Carol says:

    I’m picturing this guy trying to explain what happened to his insurance company. His wife may want to consider watching him more closely. Toooo funny!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I told hubby it brought to mind the lady we knew who kept her riding mower in the living room. Hmmnnn Wonder if they ever cut their foot on a blade if something similar might occur? LOL

  7. Jimmy says:

    A Marriage made in heaven, you and Dwight not theirs Ha Ha it appears theirs just may be from the other place 🙂 the broken collar bone is about the funniest part of it all.

    Now if Dwight does have a sperm folder he had better just delete it Ha Ha

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