I “DO” Regret


It’s time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop again and this week I have chosen prompt #2.) A post you regret publishing.  I’ll probably get crucified for even mentioning it again because when I originally posted it there was such a crap storm that you wouldn’t believe.  Funny part is that that post was also a prompt from Mama Kat’s.  What a coincidence! 

The prompt was to write about an awkward or funny conversation you saw unfold on Facebook.  I had just witnessed this drama unfold between two former classmates from high school over 30 years ago.  If you want to you can read about it here

 Anyway, in the post, as I have always thought was standard practice in blogging, I changed the names of the principal parties.  I wasn’t doing it to be devious.  I was doing it to protect the people involved.  Not that they needed protecting, but, I didn’t think it was necessary to possibly cause undue embarrassment to either of the parties involved.  In all honesty, I did not think either of them read my blog. 

I never in a million years thought either of them would ever see it and if they did, since I had changed the names and I didn’t think I was really that harsh with either of them, I figured no harm done.  That at best they’d see themselves in a more unbiased light and realize they were being a little childish and at worst that one or both might be a little miffed.  I think that is a slight understatement.

Oh, I usually post my blog posts to my Facebook wall but I purposely did not post this particular one because I didn’t want people that we went to school with seeing it and possibly figuring out who I was talking about and causing them more embarrassment.  I honestly did not want to hurt or embarrass either of them.

It hadn’t been more than 15 minutes since I had posted it (and NOT on Facebook, only on my blogsite) when I started seeing very pointed messages start popping up on my Facebook wall by one of the people I had written about but changed her name.  Apparently it was too hard for her to figure out I was talking about her.  She said she didn’t care and wasn’t hurt but thought I should have used real names and not hid behind my blog and that I should get a life.  Oh, it got ugly…. It got very ugly.  I apologized for hurting her feelings to which she very pointedly reminded me that I had certainly not hurt her feelings because she didn’t care enough for it to hurt. 

 I do regret that I hurt anyone’s feelings.  That is never my intent.  I just thought the whole situation that I have originally written about was sadly comical in the fact that some of the parties involved were still acting like they were in high school over thirty years after the fact.  And I was mainly pointing out that harboring that kind of resentment for that long had to be harmful to your health. Still I wish I had never posted it because I obviously did hurt or anger my former friend.  I say former friend because she de-friended me on Facebook right after that but not before letting me know she no longer wanted any contact with me.  I never want to hurt anyone and I am sorry for that.  I did apologize to her but I don’t think she will ever accept it.  And I regret that. 

 On a totally unrelated note… I am also answering prompt #4.) A hair disaster.  And I do so with a single picture.  I think after you see the picture you will understand.  I was only 5 years old and I have very wavy curly hair.  My aunt decided I needed a perm on top of that.  What was she thinking?  I give you my personal hair disaster:

Me holding SuziCate circa summer 1963


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28 Responses to I “DO” Regret

  1. jenny says:

    Gotta love those aunts!! Cute smile, cute baby, cute dress….BIG HAIR!! I had an aunt like that…in fact, she’s the one who picked out my name.

  2. SuziCate says:

    Yes, that was one crazy fiasco,,,and so was the hair, but you were cute enough to pull tha one off! But you know what they say, time is a healer.

    • pegbur7 says:

      On which part? The hair or post? LOL At least the hair grew back in and not QUITE so big! LOL But you were a cutie too so you took SOME of the focus off my hair! Hey… maybe that was my way of upstaging you? LOL

  3. Jerri says:

    I can see why you regretted your post. Isn’t it crazy that someone holds a grudge for 35 years? Wow!

    So, thanks for the warning. I won’t try getting old friends together!

    Hey, my mom once gave me a perm that turned out pretty much like yours. Luckily, my hair grew out fast!

  4. Ay yi yi! Wasn’t the lady that posted to you FB page proving your point about how some people never progress past their high school pesonalities? Hmmm. . .
    Stopping by from Mama’s…

    BTW, Love the hair!:)

    • pegbur7 says:

      That was exactly MY thoughts Annie! But she said it didn’t bother her. Obviously it must have or she wouldn’t have responded in that way! Right? Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Alaina says:

    I totally feel you on regretting that whole situation…I’ve had similar things happen to me, though not in print. If she is a good friend, she will get over it. If not, then maybe she isn’t worth pursuing a friendship with after all.

    Love the hair!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Nain. Since she defriended me I am assuming she doesn’t want to be friends. Nothing like acting like you’re still in high school… right? 😉

      Wasn’t the hair just fabulous! And I THOUGHT I looked so cool. I wasn’t old enough to be embarrassed I guess?

  6. Ron says:

    Yes, I remember when this happened. Well, you apologized (which I think was awesome of you). Knowing you for this past year, I can honesly say that you would never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings.

    (((( Peg ))))

    Faaaaaaabulous photo, dear friend! What a cutie pie. LOVE the hair!

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. NikNik says:

    That picture of you always makes me laugh out loud!

  8. Maybe person #2 was picking on #1 because person #1 was a WEIRDO. Not condoning it, just understanding it from a 13 year olds point of view.
    This is sitcom funny (when it’s NOT happening to you) you should sell it to FOX. (Then your former friend can REALLY give you grief!)

  9. Diane says:

    Nothing like being “de-friended” on facebook! I have been a few times and have absolutely no idea why or what I did.

    And that hair pic is priceless. There is one of me around here someplace with a bad perm! ~:0

    • pegbur7 says:

      I had another person defriend me (for something totally stupid that had nothing to do with me) and then try to re friend me again. Don’t think so!!!

  10. liz says:

    Um, I’m pretty sure a ruler could have been used to measure the height of your hair!

  11. Oh my.. your hair?!? The sad thing is, I probably have a picture of myself that looks something like that.. haha.. And that was just my hair naturally..

    • pegbur7 says:

      Well, mine IS naturally curly so for her to give me a perm just intensified or shoud I say “heightened” the effect! LOL Not sure if I was smiling so big because I THOUGHT it looked great or because I was holding my baby sister (which they usually didn’t trust me to do!).

  12. Tanya says:

    Once again a great post Peg! I wish that I have been blogging long enough to have a regretful post, but alas I do not. I think the person you wrote about needs to grow up and not take the whole thing so seriously!!! She needs to get a life and move on. Great pic, that’s the prompt I chose. Have a good one-

    • pegbur7 says:

      Apparently she DID move on since she defriended me! LOL I regret that she did take it so personal. It really is time to let go of high school stuff, ya know?

  13. Natalie says:

    The picture is fantastic!!!

    As for the FB debacle, that’s why I stay away from it 😉

  14. Mama Kat says:

    Oh Lord…am I responsible for all this!?!!? Haha…man. That sucks. But you’re right, we’re in our 30’s now and need to be able to step back and have some perspective.


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