Wild Mustangs *With Idiot Drivers*

Today we drove up to Nashville to visit with #1 and her hubby. We actually got to leave Atlanta at a fairly decent hour. Hubby got to leave work a little early so I picked him up around 3:30 and we hit the road running. Problem is that Hubby works on the South end of Atlanta off I75 and Nashville is north so you have to go all the way through the heart of the city. Good thing Atlanta has those HOV lanes if you have more than 2 people in the car. You can just book it. So, we got out of Atlanta pretty much before the rush hour hit and we stopped a little north of Atlanta to get gas and eat lunch (yeah, we know it was kinda late for lunch but that’s how we roll – I think we’re turning into my parents). That meant by the time we hit Chattanooga, the rush hour there was pretty much over and by the time we actually got to Nashville rush hour was WAY over.

We usually stop in Manchester, Tennessee because it’s got the cheapest gas on the way and it has a Starbucks! I don’t usually drink coffee that late in the day but I was driving so I wanted to make sure I was AWAKE and alert. I had forgotten to get gas before we left Atlanta so I didn’t have enough to get us to Manchester so we had to stop before we even got out of Georgia. Good thing because Manchester had some road construction going on and the only traffic we ran into was there. It was also honestly one of the funniest (or at least weird) things we’ve seen. As hubby put it “Just when you think you’ve seen everything and met the stupidest person ever, a new idiot comes along”.

The road stretch from right before Manchester to right after is fairly straight so you can see for quite a ways. I usually drive pretty fast. I admit I have a lead foot. Always have and probably always will. I think the speed limit in that area is 70. I was probably going 80 to 85 and this idiot in a puke green mustang went flying by me like I was standing still. He had to be going at least 100 mph. Seriously, within seconds of passing me he was at least ½ mile ahead of me. The problem was that right past Manchester they were working on the road so the speed limit dropped to 60. ABRUPTLY… I could see there was a log jam of traffic and Mr. Hotshot in the green mustang had to hit the brakes to keep from hitting this tour bus in the left lane.

It looked like this only a pukier green

It didn’t take long to catch up with him and as I was approaching I noticed that in the right lane, dead even with the mustang, was a Tennessee State Trooper. He’s caught in the right lane between a pick up truck and a semi. The mustang is caught behind the tour bus that is only traveling about 3 miles an hour faster than the semi it’s passing so the mustang was traveling side by side by the state trooper for at least a couple of miles. There is no way that he couldn’t have NOT noticed him. So since we are behind this tour bus now we are only going about 50 mph. It took several minutes for the bus to pass the semi and he finally got over in the right lane and as soon as he did the mustang floored it. Are you kidding me? Did you NOT just see that state trooper that you just passed?

So, the mustang takes off like a shot and the state trooper pulls out behind him and follows him for several minutes. Hubby goes “Why isn’t he pulling that idiot over?” And I responded that maybe he was out of his district? Maybe he was late for dinner? Maybe he was off duty? I didn’t know but they were both pulling away from us in a hurry and were quite a ways in front of us. We were going about 70 and they are steady pulling away. Hubby is just shaking his head at the idiot mustang driver and all of a sudden the guy driving the mustang SLAMS on his brakes twice in quick succession. It wasn’t like “Oh, crap, there’s a cop behind me!” slamming on the brakes. It was more like a “Get off my f***ing bumper!!” kind of slamming on the brakes. Are you really that much of an idiot???

Yes, immediately the blue lights came on. So I guess he was “clocking” the mustang driver to verify his speed by following him and the idiot mustang driver decided he didn’t want him on his butt and either was thumbing his nose at authority or he just really was that much of an idiot. I think it would be a bad enough ticket to be speeding about 100 mph in a 60 mph zone but add that to the fact that it was a work zone AND you just royally pissed off the trooper by almost making him eat your bumper by slamming on your brakes! I don’t think I’d have wanted to be him. But it did give us a good chuckle and a good topic of conversation for about the next hour.


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14 Responses to Wild Mustangs *With Idiot Drivers*

  1. suzicate says:

    Wow, now that is an idiot!!!!

  2. Ron says:

    “Yes, immediately the blue lights came on. So I guess he was “clocking” the mustang driver to verify his speed…”

    Yaaaaaay! And I bet he got a DOOZIE of a ticket too!

    “Just when you think you’ve seen everything and met the stupidest person ever, a new idiot comes along”.

    Yes….and please tell hubby I AGREE!!!!

    Have a great day, dear friend!


  3. Usually, we go 5 to maybe 10 miles over the speed limit because that is going with the flow of traffic. Of course when we see a highway patrol car, everybody slows down a little. The mustang guy was probably either high or just plain terminally stupid. I wouldn’t want to be him! And I hope the ticket was expensive enough.

  4. jenny says:

    I agree…pretty idiotic of him. When I see someone like that I always say “where are the patrol now”? Nice to hear some of the bad ones get caught!! I could be going over by 10 miles with people flying by me and I would be the one to get caught. I hope you went by laughing at him!

  5. Jimmy says:

    A prime example of why stupid people shouldn’t breed 🙂

    I bet that trooper was clocking him and when the idiot hit his brakes just made the situation for himself a whole lot worse.

  6. terrepruitt says:

    Well, just the fact that someone would buy a car that color tells you a lot . . . . .


  7. Heather says:

    It is folks like that that keep me from enjoying driving anymore. I would probably be one of those that would make you mad for actually driving the limit.

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