Herding Cats

I told you guys previously about CatSnip, the low cost spay/neuter program that is run here in Atlanta. They have a mobile lab that goes to different communities every day and you bring in your pets and get them “fixed” for a fraction of the cost of going to your regular vet. When you have 6 cats you have to cut corners somewhere and since most of them are strays or the products of strays (all but one actually) then I don’t feel bad using them. Their only criteria are that you have to make an appointment ahead of time and the cats have to be up to date on their shots. We ended up having 2 male and 2 female cats all fixed for the price we would have paid for one at their regular vet.

I got a call a few weeks ago that we needed to bring 4 of our 6 cats in for their yearly shots. The last one we took in for his yearly shots (Poe) cost us about $204 total. So you do the math times 4 cats. YIKES! I decided to check the website to see if CatSnip has a regular office where you can take them in at a lower cost and found out that not only do they have a clinic (in Atlanta), but, they also have a shot clinic with their mobile lab. I found out the next time they were going to be in our county was October 15th, today. So I’ve been waiting about 3 weeks to bring the four kitties in.

They were only going to be there from 9 to 2 and you have to take them in separate cages (not that we could put any two of them in the same cage anyway unless we didn’t mind them killing each other) and we only have two carriers so we knew we’d have to make two trips which was about 30 miles round trip, so we knew we were going to have to get going pretty early. We made our plan of action last night to take Suki and Milktruck on the first run since those are the two that stay outside the most. We made sure last night that once we had them in the house we could not let them out for fear we wouldn’t be able to get them back in this morning to take them for their shots.

We got up early and Hellboy starts acting crazy wanting to go outside. He’s almost tearing the blinds off the back door and generally being Hellboy so we changed course and decided to take him and his mama (Suki) first and then we’d come back for the other two. Catching him wasn’t so bad but getting him in the cage is a totally different story. Hubby was still in the shower so I grabbed him and he did the whole spread eagle thing with his paws, front and back, against the sides of the carrier so it took me several minutes to get him in the carrier. Once I get him in the cage he starts fussing and the rest of the cats know something is up and they all scatter in the wind. We had planned to wait until right before we left to put them in the cages but since we had to put Hellboy in early and he warned the rest of them I figured if she came out I needed to just grab her.

Of course when it came time to grab her, we couldn’t find her. We looked in her normal hiding places which are either under the stove or inside the TV cabinet under the shelf where the VCR/DVD player is. Nope, she wasn’t either place, so we start looking around the house and finally found her and Milktruck hiding under #3’s old bed. Hubby had to get on one side of the bed and poke the broom under it with me on the other side to catch her as she tried to run out. I had even tried to coax her out with a piece of cheese and she was having none of that (and she LOVES cheese). So, we finally got mommy and son there and they said once they got in they did fine but that Hellboy was overweight and needed to go on a diet. They said he weighed almost 14 pounds but I honestly think they did something wrong because I think he weighs more than that. I can’t pick him up with one hand anymore.

We got them home and man they took off out of those carriers like rockets! They were definitely mad at us. Then we had to find Milktruck and KeeKee. We found Milktruck under the bed where Suki had been but she wasn’t budging. Neither of us could reach her from where she had wedged herself in the middle of the bed at the top next to the wall. Hubby kept trying to force her out with the broom handle and she just kept looking at it like we were aliens or something. We finally had to move the bed and pull her out from the top.

KeeKee was another story. KeeKee’s “normal” hiding places are usually in our bedroom. She either hides behind my desk or under the headboard of our bed. We looked everywhere in the house for that cat and couldn’t find her. We looked in all the other cat’s hiding places and couldn’t find her. We even looked in places we knew she couldn’t possibly be but she wasn’t anywhere else. Then we started rechecking all the places a second time, in case she had gone behind us and hid after we had checked those places and still couldn’t find her. So, we checked a third time and couldn’t find her. Hubby even went outside thinking maybe she had snuck out when we came in. Nope.

 So I grab a flashlight in case we had overlooked her since most of her hiding places are in the dark or at least shaded parts of the house. I checked under the head board part of our bed:

Under the headboard part of our bed.


Nope….not there. So I checked behind my desk and behind the pillows on the bed:

Poe and LaLa's favorite hiding spot.

I checked under the stove:

Suki's favorite hiding spot besides under the TV

I checked under the end table in the living room:

Under the end table - one of KeeKee's favorite hiding spots.

I checked under the dining room table and on the chairs:

They all hide under the table on the chairs from time to time

I checked under the bed where Milktruck and Suki were:

She ran right back under there when we got home.

yes, she somehow curled up inside this white binder

I checked under the desk: And just as I’m walking away my flashlight beam happens to settle on the inside of a binder I had under the desk. How in the HECK did she fit in there? It was one of those big like 4 inch binders turned toward the wall and it was empty and somehow she had climbed INSIDE the binder and when the light flashed on her, I swear I thought I saw her cringe. And I think she said “Oh, crap, they found me” under her breath. Then ever so faintly I heard her whisper “I’m not KeeKee.  I’m a BINDER!”  And when I tried to pick her up I think she purposely made herself heavier!

We finally got them there and got them their shots and it turns out KeeKee was the heaviest at over 14 pounds. Suki and Milktruck were both around 7 or 8 pounds so that makes her almost twice their size and bigger than Hellboy by almost ½ a pound. I really think they must have weighed them wrong because he feels heavier than her.

Anyway, end of the day all four of them had their 3 year rabies shots, their distemper, Feline Leukemia and something else I can’t remember all for $45 per cat. So TOTAL for all four cats was $180 which was less than the total we paid of $204 for Poe alone. I am so glad I found out they do vaccinations too!


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12 Responses to Herding Cats

  1. Ron says:

    First, I have to say…you and hubby are such GREAT cat owners, making sure your kitties have their shots. Bless you, guys!

    This post reminded me of when I had to do the same with both my previous cats. Jerry was always very accomodating, but Zoe was the one who would put up a fight getting her into the cat carrier. OMG, it was a nightmare…SCRATCH, HISS, SCRATCH, HISS!

    “And I think she said “Oh, crap, they found me” under her breath. Then ever so faintly I heard her whisper “I’m not KeeKee. I’m a BINDER!”


    Have a super Saturday, dear friend!


  2. NikNik says:

    I wonder if they have any of these places in Tennessee?

  3. suzicate says:

    I can’t believe she hid in the binder! Now that’s a smart kitty!

  4. Carol says:

    Kitties can be very creative with their hiding places. Every once in awhile, Twiggy just flat disappears in the house. I have noticed that animals can be expensive, so it’s nice to find an economical way to get their needs taken care of!

  5. That is a great price! It’s harder and harder nowadays to find good deals like that. Good job. I can’t believe she fit in that binder!!

  6. terrepruitt says:

    I am laughing at this because it is so funny. It is so funny that we have to look fifty million places to find a cat. They have their spots they like, but, I am not sure about your cats, and we only have one, but she changes her “favorite” spots every once in awhile so we don’t always know where to look. So, just like you, we have to look everywhere.

    It is so funny. My hubby and I believe that they have the ability to become invisible. And then they have the ability to make you feel stupid because you’ve looked at the same spot four times but didn’t actually see them until the fifth time. CATS!

    I am very impressed by KeeKee hiding in the binder. That is pure genius, don’t you think? I mean who would have ever thought. If your light hadn’t of caught it at the last second you would have never looked in a standing binder. That is billiant.

    I am also impressed that you and your hubby are such awesome pet owners that you make sure all of your cats have shots. Yay you!

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