High Sahara?

I have decided that hubby and I have some of the stupidest, weirdest conversations ever!  As an example, the other night he happened to be off and I had been blogging all afternoon and not really paying attention to what he was doing.  I knew he HAD been watching a baseball game and I went to the bathroom and came back and he was watching a movie so the following exchange took place: 

Me:              What chu watching? 

Hubby:        A movie. 

Me:             WHAT movie? 

Hubby:        Sierra 

Me:             What? 

Hubby:        Sierra… you remember?  We saw it at the movie theatre. 

Me:             I don’t remember EVER watching a movie called Sierra. 

Hubby:        You know?  That one about the desert?  

Me:             No, I don’t remember watching a movie called Sierra. 

Hubby:        You remember – With Matthew McConaughey? 

 (sorry… I had a clip of the movie here but it didn’t show up right)

Me: (puzzled look on face)  OH – You mean SAHARA

Hubby:        That’s what I said, Sierra. 

Me:             No, you said SIERRA.  It’s SAHARA. 

Hubby:        Right.  That’s what I said…Sierra.  I told you it was about the desert so you knew what I meant. 

Me:             Well, either way it could be about a desert because there is a Sierra desert AND a Sahara desert. 

Hubby:        Same thing.  They both have sand. 

(Anybody remember our Paint conversation?  Hmmmnnnn) 

Me:             No, it’a NOT the same thing.  The Sierra desert is in Nevada and the Sahara Desert is in Africa!  Two TOTALLY different continents. 

Hubby:        But they are both deserts. 

Me:             Why are we arguing about deserts? 

Hubby:        You started it. 

HUH?  I think we must have been overly bored.  Or should I say board…. Aren’t they the same thing?  LOL 



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24 Responses to High Sahara?

  1. They are the same thing, Peg. Just a little different. They both have sand!

  2. suzicate says:

    I’m with Dwight…they both hand sand and little water, deserts, and I totally suck at geography!

    • pegbur7 says:

      OK, now where’s all the sister support. Now Hubby thinks he “won the argument”. He said “See? Even your blog friends think I’m right!” Now I’ll never live this one down. 😦

  3. terrepruitt says:

    I think that husbands and wife HAVE strange conversations.

    Long ago my hubby and I were dancing and I said, “I need to watch my feet.” My fiancé (at the time) YELLED at me, he said, “Here we are at the biggest dance competition we have ever been at and we are going to compete in a day AND we are having the dance of our lives and all you can think about is WASHING your feet!!!”

    Then I started laughing and it made him more upset. I could barely breathe enough to explain.

    It is one of “those” stories we tell all the time.

    I am no good with geograhpy either.

  4. Ron says:

    Oh Peg, I would LOVE to be a little fly on your wall; listening to all your hysterical conversations!!!!

    You two are faaaaaaaaaaabulous!

    I thought the SAHARA was a casino in Vegas. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Happy Tuesday, my dear friend!


  5. Fred Miller says:

    Every time I hear Justin Bieber’s name on television, I think they’re saying Justin Beaver. I hope he’s a nice kid.

    • pegbur7 says:

      He’d have to be because I’m sure he gets a lot of teasing. My daughter went to school with a girl whose last name is Buttsavage…. I kid you not! Could you imagine the teasing that girl had to put up with? Poor thing.

  6. NikNik says:

    Too Funny!!! We just had an argument like this Saturday. We were watching the ESPN pre-game show trying to figure out what city they were in. I kept saying AUSTIN and he that I was saying BOSTON. He kept saying “theres no BIG schools in Boston, they wouldn’t be there.” Turns out they were in ATLANTA where we both grew up (and with the CNN center in the background) and we couldn’t figure it out!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Now that’s just sad… You both grow up in Atlanta and don’t notice the CNN Center in the background? LOL

      But, then I always tell you that you “married your dad” in the fact that he is so much like dad and you are so much like WHO????? hmmmm poor baby. You can’t help it. I love you anyway!

  7. Alaina says:

    Ha, that’s funny…T and I had a discussion like this on Monday about 45’s (records). Too cute…

  8. Jason says:

    I love it.

    I could have this very same conversation with my geographically challenged spouse.

  9. Carol says:

    A week or so ago the Hub and I were having a conversation. I don’t remember exactly what it was about but pretend it was about who won the last Super Bowl. I said “I think it was the Colts the Saints beat”. He said “Well, no, but I think the Saints beat the Colts.” At which point I broke into hysterical laughter, and when I calmed down asked him if he had any idea what he had done. Or how frequently he does it. It has to be the Venus/Mars thing.

  10. Sounds like something John and I would talk about. Of course, I would probably throw a pillow at him as my last comment on the matter. 🙂

  11. LisaF says:

    You make me laugh! This sounds like a conversation Entrepreneur and I would have. We really need to get our more often.

  12. Heather says:

    I thought he was watching “High Sierra” with Humphrey Bogart, till I saw it was Matthew McConaughey! LOL!

    Hubby and I have convo like that all the time!

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