The topic of this weeks Spin Cycle is RESPECT. I can’t help but immediately start singing Aretha in my head. Lucky for you it’s just in my head cause if you could hear it over there where you’re sitting it wouldn’t be pretty!  I’ll let Aretha herself do that for you:

Seriously though, I have always kind of put respect and reputation side by side and hand in hand together. Your reputation is something that once you lose, it’s very hard to gain it back and the same with respect. Once you have lost someone’s respect, it’s very hard to get it back.

I was raised to give people respect first, whether they deserve it or not, and then, if it is not deserved or they do something to breach that trust, then the respect might be gone, but you still give the person courtesy. I, in fact, have that so ingrained in me that I find it hard to disrespect someone even when they are deserving of the disrespect.

I have a problem with people who have the opposite belief. I have met teens and even children who were so disrespectful of adults, especially those in authority like police officers and teachers that it actually sickens me. I have met teens who have told me that their parents had told them they did not have to respect anyone unless they were given respect first. Excuse me? WTH??? I mean, sure, even kids deserve respect but they have to give respect first, in my humble opinion. How can you expect a teacher to show respect to a kid if the kid is disrespecting them first?

I know in my own experience, if I had ever disrespected a teacher for any reason, even if they were wrong, I’d still be picking myself up off the floor. Maybe that’s part of the problem? I’m not saying people should always use corporal punishment but I think there is definitely a time and place for it and I think that kids today definitely do not get enough of that. I know my own kids were given their share of butt whoopings and I think they are better adults now because of it.

I know I had my share of those cans of whoop ass opened on me and I think I turned out okay. I respect my elders, my contemporaries and even those younger than myself. I feel unless you have done something to merit the loss of my respect I will show you respect and most likely even when you do something deserving of losing it I still will treat you with dignity and courtesy.

In other words, I think we, as humans, should all respect each other and if we’d all just follow the golden rule, we’d all get along a lot better and probably be a lot happier. If you want someone to respect you, respect others. This post was brought to you by Sprite’s Keeper and the Spin Cycle. Want to join in? Spin up your own post on respect and head on over to Sprite’s Keeper by Friday.


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22 Responses to R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    I agree and was raised exactly the same way. Have respect and give respect to authority and elders and everyone. I don’t know what parents are thinking to advise any other way. Such a shame.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I have heard that same statement from kids that they do not have to respect anyone unless they are respected first, this is a big problem in my opinion and I also agree with you in respect that kids don’t get their butts whooped when it is deserved now days, I don’t like to see anyone mistreated or beaten but a good swat on the butt to correct a child is something this generation is missing out on and everyone will pay the price for that I am afraid.

  3. Jenny says:

    I definetly got my share and I agree with you. My dad is a preacher and he would probably go to jail in todays world for the whoopings we got growing up.I think parents are trying to hard to be their kids friend and a lot of them do not discipline because of feeling guilty by not spending enough time as a family. I’ts a different generation and kids now are in the ME mode. They get anything and everything they want! I only hope that parents who did teach morals will have raised kids who will do the same! It’s kind of scary to think of what the world is coming to. I, myself am grateful for the parents I had.

  4. suzicate says:

    Great post, Peg…and thanks for not singing!

  5. I think respect and courtesy should be instilled in all kids and adults. Sadly, it’s not.

  6. I am in the same boat about the kids these days. There is no repsect at all for their elders and I still remember my mother telling me that I had to respect someone who was older than me even if my MOTHER knew I was being disrespected myself by someone. She believed in karma which usually showed up in one way or another. 🙂
    You’re linked!

  7. Ron says:

    First, I LOVE this Aretha Franklin song! In fact, I think it’s my favorite.

    “R-E-S-P-E-C-T…find out what it means to me…sock it me, rock it to me…”


    And I agree with you 100%! OMG, I was raised to ALWAYS respect my elders and wouldn’t even THINK of not doing it.

    ” know in my own experience, if I had ever disrespected a teacher for any reason, even if they were wrong, I’d still be picking myself up off the floor.”

    Me too!

    Fab post, Peg! Have a super Monday!


  8. Alaina says:

    Respect is huge with me, too. That’s how I was raised, and it just kills me when I see people not giving others respect back in return.

    On another note, I totally have this song in my mind, and I’m about to head to court…I have a feeling I’ll be singing it in my head all afternoon 🙂

  9. Carol says:

    I think the lack of respect kids show these days for authority, especially, goes back to the parents. The parents who are more concerned with material things, so both of them work, have no time to spend with their kids and so give them everything they want and make them earn nothing. “Let me buy your affection and rid myself of guilt”. The schools may need to teach the three Rs, but parents need to teach at least two Rs: Respect and Responsibility.

    Whoops, there goes my Spin Cycle post!

    • pegbur7 says:

      LOL You hit that one right on the head. Hubby calls this generation “the disposable generation”, not in the sense that THEY are disposable but in the sense that they think everything else is disposable. If something breaks, don’t worry… just get another one! No worries about taking care of anything you already have because it can be replaced!

  10. Amber says:

    Visiting from the Spin Cycle – I have to say that I agree with you, totally. I really wish that there was more respect in the world. It would be a much better place to live.

  11. HA! I had the same song running through my head when I saw the Spin topic… 😉

    I absolutely agree – and I was raised the same way you were. It’s hard to explain to Princess Nagger to have respect when so many kids her age don’t. But she’s learning! 😉

    Spinning Up Some Respect

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