Wafting Wisps

Fog lifting off the mountains above the old homeplace


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South of the Mason/Dixon Line
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20 Responses to Wafting Wisps

  1. Carol says:

    Oh, to be sitting on the deck with a glass of wine just looking at this!

    • pegbur7 says:

      It was so beautiful. It more beautiful than the camera captured. You could sit there and watch the mist rise off the mountain. It was simply gorgeous.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Very Nice Peg, such a beautiful picture, Thank You for sharing my Friend.

  3. Kate says:

    Wow, I would love to see that from my house. Is this your view?

    • pegbur7 says:

      Unfortunately no.
      I was home in VA last week and hubby and I walked up the mile dirt road to the old home place where my dad was born and this was up there.

  4. terrepruitt says:

    This is nice. Looks cool, but I bet it is not.

  5. I need a serene thought this morning. You may have provided me with it. Thanks!

  6. Alaina says:

    What a beautiful picture!

  7. Ron says:

    Just gorgeous, Peg!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty!

    Have a super day!


  8. Very pretty, Peg. I wish I had some of that fog right now!

  9. Wow…that’s so beautiful and peaceful…the water and green grass.

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