A Wedding to Remember – Part 2

As promised yesterday, after regaling you with the tales of picking the dress and getting ready for the big day, here is the “rest of the story”.  If you missed you can go back and read part one. 

I tell you, you have no idea the friends you have until you try to do something of this magnitude by yourself and we had our wonderful friends come out of the woodwork and help with this.  I am so thankful for the awesome friends and family I have.  My sister and mom and cousin and sister in law and brother in law all helped out with cooking and with clean up like you would not believe. And we all had a blast in doing it.  The night before the wedding (and I think the night before that too) and after the rehearsal dinner, we all went back to our house and boiled shrimp til the cows came home! 

Hubby and his brother at the rehearsal dinner


My sister, ex neighbor and sister in law helping cook shrimp at our house


We had 180 RSVP confirmations for the wedding/reception and ended  up feeding almost 300 people!  Either people have no idea how to RSVP or we had a LOT of crashers!  I know we had some people who came that were friends of our daughters that may not have been invited but when they heard it was her wedding and that it was in town and decided to “drop by” which was fine.  I am just glad that hubby always cooks way too much food.  We didn’t bring a whole lot home.  We had boiled shrimp, carved ham and turkey, prime rib croissants, green beans, greens, homemade macaroni and cheese, fruit bowls, the usual cookie and nut and cheese trays and I can’t even remember what else but it was great and everyone raved. 

Ex neighbor and brother in law at reception


About half an hour or 45 minutes before the outdoor ceremony a BIG storm hit and knocked out power to the entire downtown area.  Yeah, you heard that right…. NO POWER.  That’s why my hair and make-up look hideous for the pictures because I couldn’t touch up my hair that I’d had in a ponytail all day or my make-up!  Remember me telling about the friend’s whose whole family helped with the wedding?  Well, thank God for them!  He happens to work for the power company and he called in a favor and had the power back on about 10 minutes before the ceremony began.  Apparently lightening had hit a transformer and blown it out about a block or two away. 

Our hard working friends at the reception taking a well deserved breather


We did have a little snafu with the amp for the guitar player during the ceremony and the microphone because the power on the actual plaza wasn’t working and the restaurant that had promised to help was too frantic themselves from not having power but we got it all worked out in the end.  We even ended up not missing the timing too badly with the trains…. Oh, yeah, did I mention that the main train tracks for the town were not even a half a block away and they run through with whistles blaring like every 20 or 30 minutes (I can’t remember which right now) and you have to have everything outdoors in that area timed just right so you don’t have train whistles blaring right in the middle of the ceremony? I guess I forgot to mention that. But, it all worked out fine and the sun even kind of came out for the ceremony and the rain held off long enough to take pictures.  Not long after we all got back inside the sky fell in but it held off as long as we needed it to.  Again with that serendipity/intervention thingy. 

The day of the ceremony while the bride and her attendants were getting all dolled up and stuff, the groom and his “guys” all went golfing and I think they all got pretty “happy” while they played.  So much so that during the reception one of the groomsmen passed out in his chair at his table and the groom’s father proceeded to “paint” his face while everyone licked the icing off.  It was pretty hilarious, to everyone except his wife, but it made for some pretty funny pictures.  

The father in law having fun with the passed out groomsman


more fun with defenseless drunks


During the reception, my friend’s sons went out back to take a break and got into a verbal altercation with some guys from a local pub and later one of those guys somehow ended up inside the reception where he promptly decided to make some pretty drunk, raunchy and derogatory remarks to one of our female guests, who just happened to be the sister to these guys who just happened to overhear the remarks (the same guys they had gotten into the verbal altercation with earlier).  The uninvited gentleman (if you can call him that) was asked to leave and left without incident (at least for then).  At the end of the night hubby had told me he figured we’d end up having to run off all our daughter’s friends but at the end of the night as we looked at the dance floor it was mostly our friends and old neighbors! 

Our old neighbors and family and friends dancing at the end of the night.


The place where we had the ceremony and reception was smack in the middle of downtown. It is about a half a block from the police station and a block from the fire station.  Towards the end of the night when the couple was making their exit, instead of using rice we all stood out in the street with sparklers for them to make their exit to the limo.  We’re all standing out in the street whooping and hollering like a bunch of rednecks when we all hear the sirens from the fire trucks.  We (meaning the few sober ones left in the bunch) are trying to clear the street for the fire trucks to get through when all the drunk red necks (and I mean that in the most affectionate way possible) are thinking we “hired” the fire truck to come through and give the newlyweds a hell raising send off.  They couldn’t comprehend the fact that there was an actual fire that they were responding to.  They’re all out there fist pumping and jumping up and down and screaming “HELL YEAH, MAN!!!”  And we’re trying to talk some sense into them and get them out of the street so they don’t get their drunk happy asses run over by the fire truck!  The only casualty was my daughter’s wedding dress.  One of the sparks from the sparkler’s landed on the back train part of the dress and burned a hole in the dress!  Good thing she was only wearing it once. 

running the gauntlet of sparklers


Preparing to leave - sparklers in the background


In the limo totally unaware of what's about to go down


It was all good and we got them sent off and mostly everyone left except for a few friends who were helping us clean up. Our friends that helped so much were getting ready to leave and I was loading up my car out in front of the venue and I literally have my head stuck in the back seat of the car when I hear “You want a piece of me, fat boy?”  I jerk my head out of the car just in time to see my friend’s son lunge off the sidewalk at the uninvited guest who had made the wayward remark at his sister and had waited outside for him to come outside.  WTH? Are you kidding me?  These two are literally going at it, rolling around in the middle of the street as a large number of people are gathering around from the nearby pub and I look up to see a couple of police officers running down the street from the police station because it just happens to be shift change and these guys were going to their cars and saw/heard the commotion.  Now you’ve got these two guys tusseling in the street, the onlookers egging them on, and now the police trying to break it up!  Now the friend and hubby are coming out and by now they have our friend’s son in handcuffs on the sidewalk because this other jerk tells the cops he has a knife.  Well, of course he has a knife (which incidentally got lost in the scuffle), it’s a chef’s knife because he was helping my husband in the kitchen!  

While we’re trying to get all this straightened out, the maid of honor, my daughter’s best friend, comes stumbling out and sees the cops and our friend’s son in handcuffs and first she starts crying (yes, she was very drunk) then she starts screaming at the cops trying to push her way over to them.  #2 and #3 and I are trying to distract her away from the free for all and she’s screaming “You stupid effing pig! You’re ruining my best friend’s wedding!  You wanna arrest someone?  How about you come arrest me if you’re such a big man!  HUH??? How about coming and taking me to jail?  Think you’re man enough for that?”  We’re trying to get her to shut up and she’s like “What’s he gonna do?  Arrest me for being drunk?”  Ummmm, yeah…. Ever heard of public drunkenness?  Then she throws her shoes out into the street trying to hit the cop and slams her purse down on the sidewalk.  We finally get her subdued and poured into the back seat of a car and someone picks up her shoes and purse and we throw those in the back seat and make sure we put someone on each side of her in the back so she doesn’t try to jump out of the car (yeah, she was THAT drunk).  We finally get THAT taken care of and they let my friend’s son go.  The crowd disperses and we get all packed up and get home and fall into bed around 2 or 3 a.m. I think.  

We had to get up the next morning for brunch. While we are getting ready the maid of honor calls and says “Mom…. I am SO sorry for the way I acted last night.”  I assured her it was ok. I understand (I was personally holding hubby responsible since he told all the bartenders to pour doubles all night) that when you’re young sometimes things do get out of hand.  Then she says “Do you by any chance know where my purse is? Or my shoes? I don’t even have my room key so I had to sleep in someone else’s room. And I don’t even know how I got there. I don’t even have any more clothes or my car keys.  Heck, I don’t even know where my car is.”  I assured her that the last time I had seen her purse and shoes they were in the back of one of the bridesmaid’s cars with her.  She eventually showed up at brunch looking sheepish and embarrassed but I assured her it was fine.  Kids will be kids…even when they are 25! 

The funniest part was the next Tuesday or Wednesday on the 2nd page of the local paper where the “police blotter” section is where they tell of the arrests, etc., the BIG BOLD headline said “Police Probe Fight at Local Wedding”.   I almost fell out of my chair laughing when my daughter sent it to me.  At least they didn’t mention our names although anyone who had been to the wedding knew exactly who they were talking about!  Do we know how to throw a redneck wedding or what?   I told my daughter that most people have stories about their wedding to tell their kids and grand kids… THEY have newspaper clippings!


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10 Responses to A Wedding to Remember – Part 2

  1. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks like such fun!!

  2. Ron says:

    If I’d have known you back then, I would of come over with my hair and makeup supplies and done your hair and makeup in the DARK, I sware! HA!

    Looks and sounds like a FUN wedding day. And one you’ll remember forever and ever!

    Enjoyed the photos. Especially the ones of the groomsman! How hysterical! You daughter and her husband make such a great-looking couple.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, my friend!


  3. Whew! What a wedding! Gorgeous bride and groom! Drunk and disorderly guests! That feeling of “Thank God it’s over!” Priceless!


    Okay, maybe I’m getting a bit carried away, but truly, what a story to tell the kids and grandkids! I mean, just think of #1 with a teenage son or daughter and telling them about the wild night when she got married, a night that ended in a fight with a newspaper clipping to prove it!
    I’m just glad the fight didn’t end up ruining anyone’s night – maybe it did at the time, for a couple, but I’m sure in hindsight it’s a pretty good laugh for everyone :D.

    • pegbur7 says:

      It is quite hilarious looking back on it! I told her that too. Most people have stories to tell kids they can just show them the newspaper clippings.

  5. LisaF says:

    Well, you certainly know how to throw one heck of a party! What a story to tell their kids! And, your right, what better way than to just show them the clippings?! Loved both parts of the wedding story. I’m sure you could have done without the drama, but all in all, it sounds like it was a marvelous time. And the bride was beautiful.

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