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Wordless tranquility


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The Principal of the Matter

Today #3 came out to have lunch with her mommy.  Well, actually she came out to wash her clothes and the fact that it was going to take several hours gave us plenty of time to go eat lunch.  Even … Continue reading

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The topic of this weeks Spin Cycle is RESPECT. I can’t help but immediately start singing Aretha in my head. Lucky for you it’s just in my head cause if you could hear it over there where you’re sitting it … Continue reading

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Family Feature Films – Revisited

So remember the rant I had about the Family Films Guy?  Well… they are at it AGAIN! I had asked them the last time they called not to call my house anymore. AS you know we’ve been out of town and … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home Pt 2

I was telling you yesterday about walking up to The Old Homeplace and then getting our produce shopping done.  When we got back to my cousin’s house she made us the most wonderful meatloaf dinner and she and I got … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Last week we went to Virginia to celebrate my mom and dad’s 60th anniversary. I had just gone up a couple of weeks ago to do some leg work and get some of the stuff done for the party. We … Continue reading

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Summertime Chillin’

Summertime, Summertime  Time for Grillin’  Time for Chillin’  And cold beer swillin’  Watching the sun  Setting over the hill  Smelling sweet aromas  Wafting from the grill     Listening to the water  singing its song  no worries, no cares  As it … Continue reading

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