Suh-weet Savannah

So Hubby and I headed to Savannah this evening. We both LOVE Savannah. We left his work (on the south end of Atlanta right outside 285) heading south on Interstate 75 and didn’t even get a mile before traffic came to a dead stop. WTH It was 4:30 on Sunday evening where did all this traffic come from? A few hundred yards up the road we see there is a wreck in the left lane of the NORTH bound lanes and we figure due to all the rubber neckers people were slowing down to see what happened and clogged up our south bound lanes. Don’t you hate when that happens? Must have been pretty bad because they had closed the two left lanes completely and traffic was backed up going northbound as far as you could see. But our lanes still weren’t clearing up and then we saw there was a wreck on our left hand shoulder. Then there was another wreck headed northbound. Then another southbound on the right shoulder, then another northbound on the right shoulder. Did I mention we had just had some terrible storms? Oh, yeah…. We had just had some terrible storms, but, the traffic was horrible. We counted and there were at least 9 wrecks headed northbound and traffic was backed up at almost a complete standstill for 18 miles. 18 miles!! That is absolutely insane. And it took us over an hour to drive about 6 miles. 

Once we got through that initial log jam we were pretty good the rest of the way. Neither of us had eaten lunch so we had intended to wait until we got out of the Atlanta traffic and then stop and I hadn’t gotten gas before we left because it was raining and I thought I’d wait until we stopped to eat. Well, we got caught up in this little “caravan” moving about 85 or 90 and didn’t want to lose them and be a sitting duck out by ourselves so we stuck with them and drove with the herd for over 100 miles until my gas gauge was in the red and we had to pull off. The guy we had been following saw us turn on our signal and he pulled off with us and got gas too so he and hubby chatted while they were filling the gas tanks and I ran in to use the bathroom. 

The first thing I see when I walk in the door is a huge red sign on the women’s restroom door that says “MUST MAKE A PURCHASE TO USE RESTROOM” but I figured if they had the sign you must need a key to get in. I didn’t even bother to try the door, so, I went to the counter and asked the “gentleman” at the counter if I needed a key. I use that term very loosely as he was no gentle-man at all. In fact, he was rather mean and crass as he practically yelled at me “No key but you gotta buy something!” I assured him that since we were filling our gas tank up I figured that qualified as a purchase and I was so flustered (an embarrassed because now the other customers were looking at me like they were waiting for me to say something back) that I just hurriedly crossed the floor and pushed open the door to find a man standing with his back to me and my very first thought was “Why is that man peeing in the ladies room sink?” Then my second thought was “Why is that man in the ladies room?” Then finally…. DUH…. It dawned on me that I had actually walked into the men’s restroom and he was using the urinal. OMG!!!! 

I was SO embarrassed. I was closer to mortified. I stammered out “I’m SO sorry!” as I quickly backed out of the room but not before the man that was using the urinal halfway turned towards me and grinned lasciviously at me. I fairly ran into the ladies restroom and slammed the stall door behind me and buried my face in my hands and I could feel the redness in my cheeks. I didn’t want to come back out! I finally came out and the man is standing between the pumps right in front of the door and he smiled at me and I ran over to hubby and immediately butted into the conversation he was having with the gentleman we had been following for like 100 miles. Thank GOD it wasn’t him I walked in on I would have been even more mortified than I was! 

After he finished pumping gas hubby went in to get a coke and use the bathroom and he said as he was going in the bathroom first the man behind the counter yelled at HIM too! Told him he needed to buy something to use the bathroom. Hubby told him practically the same thing I did, that we had just filled our gas tank and that should qualify. When he came back out to the car I was like “Where’s your coke? I thought you were thirsty?” He said “I wouldn’t take anything from that rude man if he was giving it away!” Does that mean we’ve been married a LONG time when we think that much alike? 

The cool part about the stop though was that right next to the gas station was a petting zoo. I kid you not! A freaking petting zoo at the gas station! I have never in my life seen anything like that. In fact, the very first thing I noticed coming down the exit ramp was this HUGE cow. In fact it was so big I asked hubby at first if it was real and then I noticed it was actually moving. But they also had Emus! And Ostriches! And baby lambs and cows and those little ponies… but you had to buy tickets inside the gas station and hubby said we weren’t giving that rude man any business so we left. I did get a picture of the emu even though it didn’t turn out really well. See? 

ostrich at the gas station!




The rest of the trip was pretty much without incident. We decided to just wait until we got here in Savannah to eat and we were going to go to The Crystal Beer Parlour because we heard they had good burgers and hubby wanted a good burger but we missed the street (and we were walking) and rather than wander around hubby decided we’d just walk until we found something. Well, considering it was almost 9:00 p.m. on a Sunday night there wasn’t a lot nearby that was open. We even walked over to Lady and Sons (Paula Deens restaurant) and they closed at 5 on Sunday so we were WAY too late. WE ended up walking to Churchill’s Pub which is supposedly an authentic English Pub and we had a fantastic dinner. Hubby got a Caesar Salad and I got Shepherd’s Pie, so I ate about 1/3 if the Shepherd’s Pie and hubby finished it. Then hubby got a bread pudding that was out of this world. I don’t even like bread pudding and it was great. Then we had a nice leisurely walk back to the Inn. And as We’re walking back I ran into my ex-boss. It was kind of funny. 

So anyway, now we are back at the Dresser Palmer House and our room is beautiful. See? 

Our room at The Dresser Palmer House


I’ll check back in with you to let you know what we’re up to. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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18 Responses to Suh-weet Savannah

  1. Alaina says:

    Have a great time! I wouldn’t have bought anything from that rude man either, if I were you or your husband.

  2. Spot says:

    I hate rude people! We’ve dealt with a few of those in our travels too.

    Love your room!! Hope you have a wonderful vacation with Dwight! You guys deserve it!


  3. Have a great vacation! The place is charmed!

  4. Ron says:

    OMG…I DIED laughing reading about your men’s bathroom incident.

    “It dawned on me that I had actually walked into the men’s restroom and he was using the urinal. OMG!!!!”

    You are tooooooo funny!

    That guy was so rude. And good for your hubby for not buying the coke. I’d be the same way.

    Beautiful room, Peg! I love the canopy bed and hardwood floors!

    Happy Monday, my dear friend!


  5. Jimmy says:

    Looks like you are having a good time aside from the rudness of the man at the station, there are all types out there and most are good people, if you are going to be in customer service so to say you need to smile because thats where your paycheck is coming from, some never figure that out sad to say, I would have walked out too, whether I had walked into a rude person or wrong bathroom 🙂 I would have been outta there too.

    Looks like everything past this is going good, I’m waiting for a full report

  6. eri says:

    holy crapola! i’m pretty sure i’ve stopped at that gas station on the way to florida, i don’t remember the rude man but i remember the ostriches! glad you and pops are having a good time in savannah i love yall!

  7. Gretchen says:

    Oh man, I love Savannah too! Been forever since I’ve been there though. And your hotel room looks divine!

    • pegbur7 says:

      All the rooms are beautiful. It’s a gorgeous little B & B right off Forsyth Park called The Dresser Palmer House. Full southern breakfast every morning and wine and cheese hour every evening. Always make you feel at home.

  8. Angelia Sims says:

    Gorgeous room!!! Too funny on the bathroom. Jason and I watched a drunk girl from his work walk into the men’s room when we were at a baseball game. Then we tried to pretend we didn’t see when she came out all embarrassed, but I can’t lie for nothing.

    What a trip on that petting zoo! Or was that my mom’s house? LOL!

    • pegbur7 says:

      All the rooms there are gorgeous but this trip was hotter. Walking around Savannah gets WAY hot in the summer but I still love it!

      The weirdest part of the petting zoo thing was it was out in the middle of NOWHERE. There were two gas stations on that exit and that was IT. No restaurants or hotels or anything within sight. SO strange. Hubby kept saying on the way back “you know I really wanted to go in that petting zoo but I wasn’t gonna give that guy another DIME!

  9. LisaF says:

    It sounds like “rude man” needs to spend more time in the petting zoo.

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