My Daddy Has One Just Like That!

Last week I went to Myrtle Beach because my good friend D called and asked me to come and spend some time with her. She lives in Greenville but once every three months she has to go to Myrtle Beach for two or three days and since she’s usually so busy when she’s in Greenville it seemed like a perfect time for girlfriend time.  I was about halfway through my 6 hour drive there when she called me and told me she was really sick. I asked her if she wanted me to go home or still come to the beach and her response was “Honestly I am so sick I’m afraid I might not wake up and I would like to have someone here to make sure I make it through the night.”  So, of course you’re gonna go be with your friend when they need you, right?  And she really WAS sick.  I was actually worried about her that first night.  I went and got her some chicken noodle soup and she took some of that coughing, aching, sneezing how-the-hell-did-I-wake-up-on-the-kitchen-floor medicine and slept, bless her heart. But she needed that and I got to catch up on my blog reading!  And I’m not gonna lie…. I woke up several times and just watched her to make sure she was still breathing! 

We have known each other for years.  About 25 years to be precise.  Her husband and my husband used to work together when we first moved to Atlanta and her oldest child (son) and my middle daughter are I think one day apart in age.  We hung out a lot together since neither of us really knew anyone here.  We became great friends and since our husbands both worked in the hospitality industry and worked evenings and weekends we spent a lot of time together and ate a lot of meals together. 

D's son & #2

They ended up moving to Greenville, SC and then Rome, GA and back to the Greenville area then Charleston, SC and back to Greenville. It was a little too far to visit really often but she’s one of those friends that if you see them every week or once a year or once every few years, it’s like no time has gone by.  We always seem to pick up right where we left off.  She’s as close as any sister could be to me. 

Over the years we have had several weird and funny experiences with our kids.  One of the stranger ones was when they lived in Stone Mountain.  I think Number 1 was only about 2 ½ or maybe 3, so that would make #2 and her son about 1 or 1 ½ years old.  They lived in an apartment complex and it was summer time and the kids and hubby and I went over to swim because we had no pool and it was Georgia sweltering sidewalk melting heat.  Our hubbies were drinking beer and we were talking and watching the kids play in the shallow end of the pool with their little swimmies on.  We had decided we were baked enough on one side so we needed to turn the other cheek so to speak so we explicitly told our hubbies to “WATCH THE KIDS” so we could turn around and tan the other side.  We had been turned around maybe 15 minutes or so when I just got one of those “feelings”.  I guess you could call it a ’mommy moment”m I don’t know.  I cannot explain what it was or why I looked up but something just told me that something wasn’t right.  I looked up and saw the hubbies sitting there with their beer and her son and #2 but where was #1? 

Our friends (far left) and us (middle next to them) at company party

I jumped up and walked over to the edge of the pool and there was #1 lying face down in the pool spread eagle, not moving!  I jumped in and grabbed her fearing the worst (all the time both men oblivious to what was happening) and as I lifted her out of the water she started sputtering water and saying “Mommy, I holded my breaff!”  I had never been more proud of her than at that moment or more angry at myself or my hubby.  My hubby for NOT doing the simple task of watching the kids for 15 minutes and myself for thinking he’d actually do it!  The worst part was he had taken her swimmies OFF and then let her get back in the pool by herself, unattended.  When I asked him why, he said, “She wanted to take them off and I told her not to go too deep!”  Oh, yeah…. And that usually works???  

Me & D with the kids at 6 Flags

Another time my friend and I took the kids to the mall.  I had a double stroller since 1 & 2 are so close in age.  This time rather than D taking her stroller in and me taking mine in we just took the double stroller and let #1 walk “like a big girl” as she fondly liked to remind me she was.  And this particular time she offered to push the stroller in case D and I wanted to walk together and hold hands!  I thought that was just too precious. I guess she was so used to holding MY hand when we went somewhere or she had seen Daddy and I hold hands that it never dawned on her that D & I wouldn’t want to also! 

My friends and me with the strollers at 6 flags

Through the course of the years we found out how stores could end up with one shoe and not a match since once we ended up on the complete opposite side of the mall and found a shoe underneath the seat of the stroller that one of them obviously had been studying very closely and we never noticed until later, much later.  We did return the shoe but I’m sure that there are many people who wouldn’t so it explained how that could happen. 

softball game with the gang

After they moved to Charleston we didn’t see each other nearly as often as we’d like to have.  #2 and I did go and spend several days with them once when she had a modeling competition (she won first place in runway out of over 200 models!), and we went to Vail, Las Vegas and Hollywood without the kids once.  That in itself was a trip.  They made me drive from Las Vegas to Hollywood because none of them wanted to drive in LA… like I DID? ! ?  NEVER again!  I remember that we drove around and around and around Hollywood trying to figure out how to get up the mountain to that Freaking Hollywood sign.  I had never been so frustrated in my life.  I could see it, we just couldn’t figure out how to get UP to it.  We finally found it. 

We found the Hollywood sign!

The girls and I drove to Greenville to visit once and went shopping. At the time hubby was working at a cafeteria style restaurant.  A couple of times a week he would have to wear his “uniform” when he’d work in the kitchen.  They were black and white checkered pants and a chefs top.  We had gone to a very exclusive upscale dress shop in Greenville and we were walking around looking at the clothing.  There was a line of customers waiting to pay and the mannequin closest to the register had a black and white checked dress (the pattern kind of reminds me of the “Bear Bryant” hat) on it.  #1 takes one look at the mannequin and loudly proclaims “My daddy has one just like that!”  You should have seen the snooty heads whip around at THAT statement.  I think about half of them actually got whiplash!  D & I could barely push the strollers out from laughing so hard. 

So we have had lots of good times with our friends.  From ball games that we participated in to professional ball games, to swimming, to amusement parks, to shopping to hanging out.  So, when my friend calls me and asks me to drive 6 hours to come spend some time with her, how can I refuse?


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20 Responses to My Daddy Has One Just Like That!

  1. Heather says:

    I would have done the same! I have had that experience of having a great friend though oput the good and bad times. It’s nice to know no matter how much time passes, we can act like it was yesterday.

  2. Peg, she is lucky to have a friend like you!

  3. You are such a good friend, Peg. And I do love the people who you can talk to every day or every 5 years and just pick up where you left off! Really wonderful!

  4. NikNik says:

    I don’t remember this story of “My Daddy has one just like this!” Too funny!

  5. Ron says:

    Even before reading this wonderful post, I could tell you are the type of friend who is TRUE BLUE!

    LOVE the photo of you all standing in front of the Hollywood sign! I’ve always wanted to do that!

    Hope you’re having a great day, Peg!


  6. Angelia Sims says:

    I love sweet friendship stories. True friends, self-less friends are so hard to find and keep. I love it when it’s a family kind of friendship that has an unbreakable bond.

    I love all the pics, too funny about the dress! HA!

    You always have the best stories. 🙂

  7. Such sweet stories! I hope she’s feeling better now.

    • pegbur7 says:

      She is now. Better but not completely well. It turned into bronchitis but that is better than the pnuemonia we thought she had! Elvis is dead and I ain’t feeling too good myself! LOL

  8. Spot says:

    Awww. Sweet story. I have two of those friends that I don’t see often, but it’s like it was only yesterday when we get together. One of them and I still finish each other’s sentences. Of course you had to go see her!

    Friendship rocks. And you rock for being such a good one.


  9. Jimmy says:

    It’s nice to have and be a good friend like this, I really enjoyed this post Peg.

    I actually lived in and graduated High School in Greenville 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      I was actually thinking about you when I was driving through SC cause I knew you were from there and I was wondering how far Easley was from where I was. They actually live in Moore right now.

      • Jimmy says:

        Easley is about twelve miles from Greenville actually they almost run together now days by way of hwy 123, Greenville Mauldin Spartanburg you were in my old stomping grounds 🙂

      • pegbur7 says:

        I have been there many times but last week I went down I20 until I hit 95 and then I think 501 to Myrtle Beach. I’ll be going to Greenville in a couple of weeks (both North AND South Carolina).

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