Anger Management

Anger Management

This week’s Spin Cycle is on Anger Management…for me anyway…. I was going to do a short post on this incident that happened today and then realized it pretty much fit in with the theme.  This involves someone who obviously did NOT properly use anger management techniques. 

I was driving through South Carolina, on my way to Myrtle Beach. I was somewhere between Lexington and Columbia, South Carolina.  I am in the left lane of Interstate 20 behind a fairly long line of vehicles.  From where I am stuck back in the line I can see there is an 18 wheeler in the right hand lane that we are all trying to pass.  In the left hand lane in front of me there are TWO 18 wheelers, a red car, a white truck, a blue Toyota SUV,  a big black pickup truck, me (in my little green Jetta), and a goldish colored SUV of undetermined make and model behind me. 

The Columbia exit

We are all patiently trying to pass this 18 wheeler in the right lane when Mr. Impatient Blue Toyota SUV decides they (in front of him) aren’t moving fast enough for him (and I guess he didn’t realize that there were TWO of them in a row) so he whips back into the right lane, I guess thinking he has enough room to pass the 18 wheeler in the left lane before he gets stuck behind the one in the right lane. 

Well, he GROSSLY miscalculated and ended up getting hemmed in behind the 18 wheeler in the right hand lane while all the rest of us passed by in the left lane.  I mean, crap happens, right?  As I was getting ready to pass him I noticed he had rolled his window down and was making all kinds of wild hand gestures and yelling out the window and when the black truck in front of me passed him he seemed to get more agitated and when I passed him it seemed to enrage him even more! 

As soon as I passed by him he whipped out between my car and the gold SUV behind me almost plowing over both my trunk AND the hood of the SUV behind me.  He was soclose to my bumper that I could not see his grill. As soon as we got past the 18 wheeler that was in the right lane he whipped back over in the right lane and passed me flying like his hair and butt were on fire just to pull right back in  in front of me!  He had plenty of room to go past any of the other cars because no one had time to move over yet.  But NO… he pulled right back in front of me soclose I could not see his tag and SLAMMED on the brakes and turned around physically in his seat to look GLARE at me like “I DARE you to do something”. 

My first instinct was to pass him, give him the finger and do the same thing to him, BUT…I restrained myself.  I used anger management techniques that he obviously never bothered to learn!  I smiled at him sweetly (even if it was through clenched teeth) waved and (through the closed window) yelled “YOU IDIOT!!! Learn to drive before you kill someone!”  Then I gave him my beauty queen wave but I don’t think he saw me because he whipped back into the right lane again, passed the black pickup truck and did the EXACT same thing to him! 

I don’t know why he seemed to single the two of us out unless it was because he was originally in front of us both and he thought we were supposed to let him out when he was so impatient and hemmed himself in there?  That’s the only reason I can figure he’d take it out on us.  No harm, no foul (that I know of).  He ended up getting off the interstate about two exits further up so I have no clue why he was in such an all fired hurry!  He definitely needs some anger management classes! 

Sorta what he looked like from the back

So if you’re driving along Interstate 20 heading East at about 4:00 in the afternoon between Lexington and Columbia, South Carolina and you see my sweet little Blue Toyota SUV with the South Carolina license plate and the probably mid thirtyish blond curly haired driver   please by ALL means, do me a HUGE favor and blow him a kiss for me?  That’s a Kiss My Big Fat Southern Belle Georgia Ass in case you were wondering!  See, I manage my anger just fine.


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31 Responses to Anger Management

  1. suzicate says:

    You crack me up…riding with you is always an adventure!!! Proud of you for showing such restraint. He is obviously a total jerkwad Butt Head! Feel better, I called him mean names for you?! Seriously, I hate it when people drive like that, always seems to be at least one on the interstate, esp. during a jam he will ride the shoulder and cut back in. We once had some jerk in a sports car(going about 90) ride over the center line and force cars in each lane to the shoulders. I often wondered if he made it home alive and if so if he was on time!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I know and it’s not like they get THAT far ahead of everyone else. We were all going about 80 anyway. Jeeesh how fast do these people need to go? Til it stretches the wrinkles out of their face? Gimme a break! Hey maybe he was just being a pooter hole doo doo? Remember THAT? hahahaha

  2. Heather says:

    I have a friend that does this type of driving and I once asked him why. His response was that if he keeps trying to get ahead of someone then he feels like he is at least trying to do something, instead of just waiting. the dude scares people so much his own wife hates to drive with him!

    You handled yourself beautifully!

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    Road rage! Can you imagine being married to that guy? Gah!!

    I saw a guy in a truck get pissed because he couldn’t get around this car in front of him (3 lane highway). When he finally could, he pulled up next to it, and no lie, swerved into it. The other car swerved to avoid being hit and went onto the break down lane. But he wasn’t done, as hard as the car tried to get away from him, he kept pulling up and swerving into them.

    I couldn’t believe it. People can be so crazy!! Please be careful out there. :-!

  4. Alaina says:

    Ugh, that does not sound fun…it’s probably best you didn’t do anything back because you never know with people like that…I’ve heard so many stories of people just following you home after you piss them off so much and starting fights…just bad news all around. I hate douchebags like that, though…

    • pegbur7 says:

      Me too! I did have a guy follow me home from the grocery store once when I was single he said because he noticed I bought hamburger and so did he and he thought we might be able to “grill” together! Can you say stalker?

  5. Oh heavens, I see these types of drivers all the time! I always warn John to keep a lot of space between him and the guy in front of him in case the driver in front of him gets a bug up his butt and slams the brakes looking for an accident. You did the right thing. It would have been even better if his zigging and zagging left him with a flat tire and unable to go anywhere!
    You’re linked!

  6. Delores Clatterbuck says:

    You did the right thing. One of my best friend’s son was killed on 64 because a guy in a big butt SUV was going in and out of traffic and came back on him too soon and he flipped in his little truck. He and his girlfriend both died, they were going Christmas shopping. People are in such a hurry that they don’t care about other people’s lives. I get road rage sometimes and I just mutter under my breath.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I’m proud of you Peg for keeping your composure, so many people on the road just don’t need to be there we actually had two nearly push us off the road yesterday on the freeway making multiple lane changes all at once then look at us like it was our fault for not getting out of the way.

    The way you handled it will get to him a lot more than if you had returned the favor and keeing yourself safe was the way to go 🙂

  8. I hate drivers like that! Still, it’s not worth getting shot or something so of course you did exactly the right thing. Flipping him off would have felt good, but it’s not smart to escalate an already upset person.

  9. Patty says:

    Great post! And amazing self-control on your part. I would have wanted to run him over. What a moron!

  10. Anger management is indeed, best managed, within the confines of one’s own car when one can scream bloody murder.

    *Sigh* I wonder how much people’s blood pressure has gone up, on the whole, since driving became such a big part of our lives?

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m just so glad I don’t have to drive IN Atlanta traffic every day anymore like I did for YEARS. Then I’m sure my blood pressure was a lot higher. I think that’s where all my gray hair came from.

  11. Kendra says:

    Well it seems like you handled your anger much better than I would have! What a jerk! Glad to see that you made it out safely.

  12. Hadassah says:

    He’s gonna hurt someone soon! That is very very sad!

  13. LisaF says:

    Yes, I can see those anger management classes are really paying off! 😉 Entrepreneur expresses his disgust with other drivers by honking. It gets downright embarrassing sometimes.

    BTW, I’ve been remiss is accepting the Versatile Blogger award you gave to me. I haven’t forgotten, I’m just waiting until I have some great new blogs to list before I pass it on. Hope you are doing well.

  14. You handled that very well! Drivers like that scare me – you just never know what they’ll do when they succumb to road rage like that!

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