Master of MY Universe

I can’t believe that NO ONE mentioned that I forgot to put the award up until Jason… another brain fart.  Here it is.

Thanks Stacey!


I had a brain fart.  Sorry, that happens sometimes.  I have been remiss in publicly accepting and passing on this award I received like a month ago and I have to apologize first and foremost to Stacey. I truly appreciate it and am humbled and will try to do you right!  Stacey awarded me this awesome kickbutt award called the Master at Karate and Friendship award.  So cool.  Thank you so much.

Before I go into my rules for acceptance I’d like to give a shout out to Stacey and her awesome blog over at What Passes For Sane on a Crazy Day.  I don’t know how many of you read Stacey (aka Princess Spot) but she makes me laugh SO hard.  Her conversations between herself and her son Sean are the absolute best. I would love to be a fly on her wall.

For those of you who don’t know Stacey and her awesomeness, please take a minute to not only go and visit her blog but also to send up a prayer for her and her family.  Her husband was involved in a horrible automobile accident last  (a week ago) and it’s been an awful and emotional week for her and her family (most notably of course Mike).  You can go here and read about his accident.  He is still in the hospital but as of what I read yesterday he has been “upgraded” from ICU to intermediate care.  You can go check her blog for progress.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Back to the award… the rules are you are supposed to name six things you consider yourself a “master” at and then pass it on to six other totally awesome bloggers.  First off, I feel like a fraud or copycat because several of the few things I consider myself a master at were covered by Stacey.  Honestly, after reading her list I felt like we could be twins separated by birth….other than the fact that I’m about a gazillion years OLDER than her! Secondly, I have always considered myself  a “Jack of all trades, but a master of none” so trying to find something I have mastered or am a master of is very difficult.  Bear with me, please.

  1. I guess first and foremost I feel like I am a master at loving my family.  I love my kids and husband more than I love myself and I would do anything in the world for my kids.  I would walk through fire for them. I am fiercely protective of them. I am like a mama bear or lioness with her cubs.  DO NOT mess with my kids unless you want to receive bodily injury.  This fierce love also trickles out to siblings and their families.  I mean I can get mad and talk bad about my siblings but nobody else better mess with them!
  2. I have the gift of gab.  I think that’s a very nice way of saying I can’t shut up.  Seriously, I can’t.  I think I must talk in my sleep.  But I’m not sure because I’m asleep.  Maybe sometimes when I wake up and don’t know what is that woke me up it’s me talking out loud?  When I was little ALL of my report cards said I talked too much.  One of the reasons I hate taking pictures is that usually in the pictures my mouth is open…because I’m talking.  I’ll look at pictures and think “Why does my mouth look so funny?”  OH… I was talking!
  3. I am, by nature, a VERY sarcastic person.  I love Stacey’s “new word” SNARKASM.  I can relate to that. I can be very snarky and I am hideously sarcastic.  This sometimes gets me in trouble when I’m writing because you can’t SEE sarcasm all the time and you can’t HEAR the author’s tone of voice so you don’t always know when something is meant sarcastically. I also sometimes have a very dry sense of humor and those two things don’t always go together so well.  So, if I hurt your feelings by being rude or saying something mean, most likely it was meant tongue in cheek and was dripping with sarcasm because I would never purposely hurt someone’s feelings.
  4. My kitties.  My kitties are like my babies and I love them with a passion.  I sometimes feel like I’m on the verge of being a cat hoarder. It’s not on purpose I swear.  I just can’t turn them away.  I think they have some sort of secret society and language where they have spread the word that I’m a sucker for a furry face and I can’t turn them away. I also seem to have some sort of invisible sign above my door that is written in tuna or something that must say:  “ATTENTION ALL KITTIES!!! COME HERE>>>> SHE WILL LOVE YOU AND FEED YOU AND WON’T TURN YOU AWAY.”  I said I feared I was turning into the “crazy cat lady” and my daughter told me it was too late. I was already there.  At least we have “pared it down” from 10 to 6!
  5. Friendship.  I feel I am a master at being friends.  Despite the fact that I am somewhat shy (you can quit laughing now… I really am!) I seem to make friends fairly easily and I DO hoard my friends.  I keep my friends and no matter where I go or move I TRY to stay in touch.  I have friends that I sometimes don’t see or talk to for months or maybe even years but when I do see them again or talk to them again it’s as if no time has gone by.  We pick up right where we left off and continue on our wonderful friendshoip journey.  I have friends that I still see and talk to that I have known since I was little.  I am fiercely protective of my friends and would do anything in the world for them.  When you are my friend, you are my family.  And once you are my friend it is very hard to get rid of me.  I have friends that have wronged me but I forgive them and am still friends with them because I recognize that none of us is perfect.  I might get upset or angry but I get over it and I still love you, no matter what.
  6. I am the master of gracefulness (SARCASM HERE!!!).  My brother used to call me Grace sometimes because I am so NOT graceful.  I don’t think I have a graceful bone in my body, if I did I’d probably break or sprain it. BUT I have plenty of klutzy ones.  How many people do you know that fall UP the stairs?  I do that all the time.  That way I can hit my nose at the same time thereby optimizing my potential for injury.  I have also fallen DOWN the steps more times than I care to remember.  How many people can fall getting out of the bathtub and injure their hooha?  I did!    How many people can be walking down the sidewalk and just fall out sprawled across the sidewalk?  I did!  Have no idea WHAT I tripped over.  AIR?  My shoes went flying one way and my keys another and my purse another.  Total klutzification.  Yep, I made that word up.  They need to make a new sit-com starring me. I’d give David Duchovny and his Califnornication a run for their money with my Klutzification.  Yes, Bandaids, peroxide and Neosporin are staples in my house. At any given point in time I looked like I’ve been in a fight with a bear and lost.

SO…. there you have my master list.  And now on to the totally awesome bloggers I am passing this on to. I know it seems kind of redundant sometimes that I may have passed other awards to these same people, but trust me, they deserve it.  These people are awesome and if you don’t read them yet, you should.

  1.  Linda over the The Good, The Bad and The Worse.  Linda is always entertaining and makes me laugh.  Sometimes I can’t tell if she’s being brutally honest or pulling my leg but either way she usually leaves me with my mouth hanging open….either from laughing or sitting there going WTF did she just say?  
  2. Jimmy over at Jimmy’s Opinion.  Jimmy writes such heartfelt stories and has a way of spinning a story that keeps you enthralled.  His honesty and genuineness are something we should all strive for.
  3. Jason over at The Jason Show.  His stories of how he has gotten to the point in life where he is now touched my heart.  He has warred with who he is and being honest about his struggles to accept it.  He is the real deal.
  4. Nain over at the View From Down Here.  I am fairly new to her blog but have immensely enjoyed reading about her life and I think you will too.
  5. Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper.  I love Jen’s stories about life with Sprite her beautiful little girl and her hubby.  I also love that she weekly provides us with the creative stimulus of  The Spin Cycle.  If you’ve never participated in the Spin Cycle I urge you to. It’s fun and you meet a lot of new bloggers in the process and it helps keep the creative juices flowing.
  6. And another fairly new to me blog called Pearl, Why You Little… She has a writing style and a way of looking at things that make me guffaw.  Yes, I said guffaw.  I realize a lot of people don’t use that word much anymore but see? That is just how special she is!

Please take the time to visit these wonderful bloggers and poke around a bit.  And please don’t forget to send up a special prayer for Stacey, Mike and their family.  Thanks again Stacey for thinking of me. You are the bomb!

On a totally unrelated note:  I know yall are probably tired of seeing this every day, but, I promised Janet I would add it for a few days.  SO…If you read my post “Did You Say Rockfish?”  about my dear friend, Weldon and his wife Janet, and his service dog, Bixen, please go back and read the comments.  Janet left a very nice comment thanking you all for your kind comments , giving you “the rest of the story” and also had a favor to ask so if you’d please be so kind to go back and read her comment I’d really appreciate it!  Thanks so much guys!  I really do appreciate my bloggy friends and my little circle of readers.  You guys are awesome


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27 Responses to Master of MY Universe

  1. Pseudo says:

    So sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. Will stop by and say prayers.

    Fun master of the universe stuff you’ve got going on here BTW

  2. Great post ^_^. I love that you’re a master-at-kitties, because as every cat lover knows, the kitties are ALWAYS the masters. They are kings and monarchs and emperors and believe they deserve everything they get – and occasionally, they grant us with some rewards, like cuddling with us.
    Snarkism is an AWESOME word. It needs to be in the dictionary.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, kitties have no masters but themselves. We can only be master at taking care of them.

      And yes, Stacey was brilliant to come up with Snarkasm. I love it. a hybrid of snarky and sarcastic. I think I’m both but lean more towards sarcasm. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  3. Ron says:

    OMG, the more I read of you the more I see our uncanny similarities!

    Sarcasm, the gift of gab, kitties, family, friends, etc.

    Two peas in a pod!

    I think the fact that you love cats, is the perfect example of being the master of your universe. That’s WHY I love and appreciate cats so much. They know who they are!

    FAB post, my dear friend!

    I will definitely keep Stacey in my prayers.

    And a BIG congrats to all the recipients of this award!!!

    Have a great day…….X

    • pegbur7 says:

      See? I told you we were twins separated at birth! 😉

      You really do need to think about meeting me in Savannah sometime. We would have SUCH a blast! Can you see the two of us in the back of a pedi-cab…with a bottle of wine? Or on one of those ghost tours? I’m am telling you… we HAVE to plan that. I also have some FABU friends in Savannah that you’d really like… in fact one of them is named RON. How much of a coinkydink is THAT?

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  4. suzicate says:

    Fabulous really had me laughing at some of those things. So, you are the one who passed the “falling up the steps” gene to my kids! congrats on your much deserved award.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I guess that apple must have fallen sideways on THAT gene. Or should I say it fell UP? as in up the stairs? hahaha

      Thanks and congrats toyou too… you got the same one, right?

  5. Pearl says:

    Hey Peg!

    Stopping in to tell you I’ll have to stop in at another time to pick up the award — my computer is in rehab at the moment (who knows what that thing has been up to?!) and am hitting the keyboard quickly from a friend’s just to let you know how much I appreciate the award!

    I love your kittehs, btw. 🙂 Suki looks quite a bit like one of mine, a clever little cat by the name of Liza “Bean” Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys).


    • pegbur7 says:

      I have heard of (read about) Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys)! Good luck with the computer rehab (lets hope it doesn’t relapse).

  6. Jason says:

    Thank you! I am honored that you mention me here! I have not seen this particular award, and I like the idea of listing things I’ve supposedly “mastered”. The first thing that comes to mind is that I am the master of my own domain! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m probably missing something, but where is the award so I can pass it along? Thank you.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I am a ditz. I guess I forgot to abutally put the award on there. I’m gladd you mentioned that! LOL Maybe I should mention I’m the master of forgetfulness??? LOL I’ll correct it right nowT

  7. terrepruitt says:

    (waiving hand wildly over here)

    I think I am actually better now, but I used to fall UP the stairs all the time. Whenever I would tell someone I fell up the stairs the would say, “You mean down.” And I would have to say, “No. I mean UP!”

    So I understand.

  8. Alaina says:

    Thank you for mentioning me! I feel so special 🙂 I just did my six things…that took some thinking for sure…happy sunday!

  9. Jimmy says:

    Thank You Peg,

    I appreciate your kind words and the award to go along is an honor.

    Master of Kitties I would have never thought :^) sarcasm here.

    Yes Stacey and Mike are still in our prayers and I am happy to see the improvements he is making.

  10. You are such sweetheart! Thank you!And Snarkasm? I must adopt that!
    (By the way,I tried to email you your mystery spin and it came back as a fail. Hm. It’s anger management, in case you didn’t receive it.)
    Thanks for the lovely end to my weekend!

    • pegbur7 says:

      No, I didn’t get it. pegbur7 at yahoo dot com. Anger management huh? Guess I need to work on that!

      You are very deserving of that award and I wish I could take credit for Snarkasm. That was totally Stacey but I love it!

  11. Hey Peg! Thanks for this lovely award! Do you know, Suzicate gave it to me a while ago, and I copied onto my desktop and forgot to do anything with it. I hate it when I completely forget about something, but I really don’t do it on purpose. (Now, Peg, I am honest, but brutally? Naw!) LOL!

  12. Angelia Sims says:

    Jason’s little girls have that klutzy disorder. I have seen them run into walls, and cabinets, fall out of chairs, and cars. They can’t run without falling. I have never seen so many bruises and booboos in my life. Lol.

    You are a true friend with a giant heart; definitely a master of care and concern. Congrats on your award, well deserved.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Angelia. You might want to invest in helmets for those girls! LOL When I think of all those injuries and concussions that I could have prevented had I just been wearing a helmet! hahaha

  13. Hadassah says:

    A master of gab, kitties, and friendships….I’m with ya there!

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