The Sewer Kitty


I promised to write more about Suki, the wandering cat, although I’m not sure where it is that she’s been wandering, only that it hasn’t been at home. 

Little Suki Mama

Suki came to us in November of 2007.  At the time we had two cats. One, KeeKee,  that we had gotten from the animal shelter and Louis (as in Vuitton, pronounced Louie) who had followed #3 home from the neighborhood swimming pool one evening that summer.  We live in a subdivision but kind of out in the country.  Our golf course has been shut down for about 3 or 4 years now and our house backs up to the driving range which is now “home on the range” for lots of wildlife, including coyotes (you can hear them out there yipping and yelping in the evenings). 

This particular night, #3 and I were in the living room watching TV.  At the time both #2 and #3 were still living at home and #2 was still at work.  Since it was November we of course had the windows and doors shut.  Over the sound of the television, every once in a while, we kept hearing this little noise.  I’d turn the TV down and not hear it, turn it back up and hear it again. I finally went outside and faintly, yet amplified (I know that sounds weird but it was true) you could hear these little mews.  There are only two houses on our street and three on the other street and that’s it on our side of the neighborhood.  The rest of our subdivision is across the main road.  I followed the sound down the street to the end of our cul de sac and into the sewer/storm drain at the bottom of the street.  I had to get down on my hands and knees to finally see her hiding WAY back out of reach in the storm drain.  At least she hadn’t fallen down IN the storm drain. I have no clue how we would have gotten her out then. 

She was a little bitty thing, scrawny and obviously hungry.  I went back to the house and got some dry cat food and she would come to the edge of the storm drain and when you’d reach for her she would scramble back in.  We went in and got milk.  Same results.  I went back and got canned cat food.  She REALLY wanted it but still wouldn’t give us a chance to grab her. We tried “hiding” on top of it, beside it, but she was too smart.  She’d get close to the opening and see us and scramble back in.  So, there we were, me, #3, our neighbor, her mother in law and her daughter all trying to coax this little bitty scrawny thing out of the sewer when #2 came home from work.  That was how she found me when she got there, on all fours, butt up in the air, trying to reach this pitiful little kitten.  I figure the coyotes must have chased her in there. I had just found a young kitten about the same age as her a few days earlier, unfortunately dead, at the front of the subdivision so I am assuming they must have been from the same litter and their owner must have not wanted them and dropped them off.  #2 came down to find out what we were doing and being almost 6 ft tall and long of limb she abstracted the kitty from the storm drain. 

I did ask around the neighbors to find out if anyone owned it and of course they didn’t.  I knew #1 had mentioned possibly wanting a kitty and we were going up to Nashville in a few days so I thought I might be able to persuade her to take it.  Poor little thing was so sickly though.  Every step she took, poop would shoot out the back end.  I took her to the vet and he said she was extremely malnourished but otherwise healthy so they gave her medication and we decided to name her.  I’m not the most original at naming cats but I decided we were either going to call her Suki, short for Sewer Kitty, since that IS where we found her, or Puki, short for poopy kitty since that is what she WAS!  I decided Suki wouldn’t be as disgraceful for her.  I mean if I were her, I’d hate to explain to all the neighbor kitties that I got named Puki because every step I took poop fell out of my butt!  Please now, that would be like a boy named Sue! 

He had said because she was so malnourished he wasn’t quite sure of her age, but going by her size he’d guess between 1 and 3 months.  We took her to Nashville but since #1 has some big dogs and she really didn’t want a kitty that dropped poop every time she stepped we ended up bringing her home and by that time I had fallen in love with her anyway so we kept her.  Unfortunately, I thought we had longer to get her spayed because I was going with her being about a month old and I guess she was closer to the three month age because it seems like before we knew it, she was pregnant!  She ended up having three kitties here in the house.  Three beautiful little kitties and I was hoping to pawn them off when people came for #1’s wedding but that didn’t happen either.  

Hellboy as a baby

Baby Hellboy's sister

Baby Hellboy's brother

Two were kind of long haired and one short haired that looked just like her. I am partial to long haired cats and really wanted to keep the male with the longest hair but he was the first that hubby gave away. I was really pissed about it at the time. His reasoning (besides us not needing cat #4) was that if we got rid of the ones we really liked first, then we wouldn’t have a problem getting rid of the other ones.  Then he gave away the next longest haired one to someone else he worked with.  The third, a short haired little boy kitty was supposed to be “adopted” by a single girl who was a server for hubby.  Ended up she got evicted from her apartment and couldn’t take the kitty and by the time she was financially able to care for him #3 had fallen in love with him and THAT was how we got Hellboy. 

Hellboy hanging out

Suki has never been a real people cat.  She likes to kind of stick on her own.  She has always been a hunter and she will stay gone for a day or more at a time.  As the months and years have gone by, she seems to stretch that amount of time and has been gone a week at a time several times.  But when #3 started dating BF she started coming home more because she is absolutely in love with him.  It is the funniest thing to watch.  When #3 and BF would be sitting on the sofa watching TV, Suki would crawl up between them and stare adoringly at BF.  If #3 would lean over and kiss BF, Suki would actually swat her or hiss at her.  She would try to crawl in BF’s lap, would rub up against him, but wouldn’t really have much to do with anyone else.  

I mention that because the last time I had actually seen her was the day after #3 moved to her own apartment (hence BF wasn’t coming around).  The satellite company guy had come by to install the new satellite service and she was acting towards him like she does BF.  She was rubbing against his hand, following him from room to room, etc.  I remember remarking to him how unusual it was for her to do that because she really doesn’t like people.  He left and I really didn’t think much about it.  I didn’t see Suki for a couple of days which wasn’t that unusual so I really wasn’t worried.  Two weeks went by and I started to worry.  I told hubby that was NOT like her.  


Then three weeks went by and still no Suki Mama (#3 called her “little mama” after she had her babies so I kind of combine it sometimes and call her Suki Mama).  I began to fear the worst.  I was really afraid the coyotes had gotten her.  Then hubby and I started joking that maybe she tried to follow BF to their new apartment and had gotten lost (it’s about an hour drive away).  Then I started speculating that she possibly got in the satellite guys van while he was here and had gotten shut in the back and taken to wherever his next stop was?  Whatever the reason she was gone, I had lost hope of ever seeing her again. 

I had gone walking all around the subdivision and golf course calling her and calling her and still no Suki. Then last week Hubby was on the computer by the back door when he noticed her sitting on the back patio.  He really thought it was Hellboy at first.  Seriously, it is hard to tell them apart.  His nose is darker than hers and he is a little bigger but unless you have them both side by side or are looking for family jewels, or rather, lack of, then it’s hard to tell which is which.  He opened the back door and she sauntered in like she was just out for a little walk. 

I think he was happy she was home

He brought her over to me and I went to pet her thinking it was Hellboy and he goes, LOOK!  That was when I realized it was her.  I was SO happy she was home and I don’t know why she was gone or where because she’s not talking but she has been a changed kitty. She will come and get in your lap unsolicited and purr her little heart out and she’s been sticking close to home. She acts kind of traumatized but I don’t know if was because something was after her or she was just hungry.  I have been forced to share my cantaloupe again (her favorite) but I really don’t mind.  What’s a little cantaloupe among friends? 

Hey! Where's my canteloupe?

 On a totally unrelated note:  If you read my post “Did You Say Rockfish?”  about my dear friend, Weldon and his wife Janet, and his service dog, Bixen, please go back and read the comments.  Janet left a very nice comment thanking you all for your kind comments , giving you “the rest of the story” and also had a favor to ask so if you’d please be so kind to go back and read her comment I’d really appreciate it!  Thanks so much guys!  I really do appreciate my bloggy friends and my little circle of readers.  You guys are awesome


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13 Responses to The Sewer Kitty

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Cats. They are so amazing with their little personalities and how they weasel their way into your life and heart. They are just amazing.

    Great pictures. She’s a beauty.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, and now she’s off again! She stuck around closely for like a week and now I haven’t seen her in two days. Little Miss Independant.

  2. Ron says:

    What a wonderful story, Peg!

    Funny…I have a very good friend in Florida who I nicknamed KeeKee, so when I saw that I smiled!

    What a sweety Suki is! And she looks VERY happy and well-loved! Bless you, dear lady for saving her.

    And I just gotta tell ya…

    …the photo of Hellboy on your shoulder looks exactly like how my Jerry looked. Same markings and all!

    Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, Peg!

    x to you and kitty cat gang!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! He is a sweetie and it’s amazing how much he looks like his mama! And since we had the family jewels removed it’s even harder to tell them apart! LOL

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    Awhhh bless that furry bundle of love! She is sooo sweet. What a story she has. She is lucky to have found a forever home even if she does go on vacation a lot. Lol.

  4. Such pretty cats! I’m really more of a dog person, but I can’t resist kitties either. Where does she go? I’d be tempted to put a gps on her collar so I could track her! They are such strange and mysterious creatures. That’s why we love them so much I’m sure!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I have NO clue where the little stinker goes. It’s not like we have a lot of houses around us. We only have on neighbor on our street and I know she doesn’t visit them. The other street on our side of the neighborhood only has 3 houses, one of which is empty. But there’s like 7 miles of golf course cart path she could be wandering. Wherever it is, she doesn’t look skinny when she comes back so wherever she is, she’s still eating!

  5. Hadassah says:

    wonderful glorious kitties. I love them all! My kitties are all indoor little humans…

  6. NikNik says:

    #3 has big dogs in Nashville and had a wedding? geez ma- now u are gettin us confused in blogs too?

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