Twackin’ Bwackberries!

I think we have already established that we are a weird family. I think that is because we started out a weird couple. Not weird bad…just weird. Like the very first movie we went to see as a couple was The Fox and The Hound. No, not some porn flick or something. The Disney movie. 

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


Seriously. And neither of us had kids or had been married before. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when the I guess the equivalent of young teen fox and hound were playing and the hound starts sniffing the ground. He’s kind of trotting along sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. 

Fox: What’cha doin’? 

Hound: **sniffing** Twackin! 

Fox: What’cha twackin’? 

Hound: **sniffing more and closer to fox** I think it’s YOU! 

Not verbatim but close enough. Here’s the actual scene: 

Cracks me up every time. I love it. I don’t know why I was thinking about that so much today. I think because I was twackin’! 

I got up early and decided to head out for a walk before it got really hot. I know….too late, it was already hot. I decided since the blackberries close to our house were nice and red there might be some that were already ripe out on the course! So I get dressed and get my water and go to get my bucket for my “haul” but I can’t find my bucket. See, year before last hubby went to and did this pick your own berries thing and got this plastic pail with a metal handle that is perfect for my blackberry tracking. Or someone at work gave it to him. I can’t remember. I just remember that when it materialized at our house I thought to myself “Self, this is the perfect container to go twackin’ blackberries”. 

Starting to get ripe!


Hubby was in the bathroom getting ready for work so I go in and say “Do you know where my blackberry bucket is?” He said he used it to take vegetable beef soup to work yesterday to some of his co-workers. How dare he! Does he not realize that is now MINE? I don’t care if it DID come into our possession through him. Possession is 9/10th of the law and I use it 9/10ths of the time so by my calculations that make it MINE! Am I right or am I right? 



So I say “Didn’t you bring it home last night?” Ummmm…. Maybe it’s in the van? So I get the van keys and go out to the driveway and NO BUCKET! I come back in and tell him it’s not out there so he casually says “Oh, I’ll bring it home tonight!” Does he not realize how much this inconveniences me? I will now be forced to actually hold a container while I try to pick berries! 

Where is my handle? 😦


So I grab another pail, sans handle (how inconvenient) and head off to the golf course. It’s only a little after 7:30 a.m. so I’m psyched that it won’t be so hot. Little did I realize I would spend the next 3+ hours on said golf course so by the time I got through it was VERY hot. 

Love the way the foggy mist is still hanging in the air


Love the way the sun was shining through the little break in the trees


I like the way the shadow from the trees falls across the field/golf course (used to be)


Anybody remember that song "Bare Trees"?


One lone blue flower on the entire walk


I am going to post a bunch of the pictures. I love taking pictures out there but I’m not the best photographer and I only took my phone with me so they were all taken by my phone but some turned out pretty good.   

Geese on the lake (two adults, then a baby, then another adult)


Just liked the way this looked


Can you see the bright green (almost teal) dragonfly in the almost dead center of the picture?


Another dragonfly - I also saw one the opposite coloring of this one.


Black Dragonfly in the middle of the picture


I like taking “nature” pictures. I like the way the sun comes through the trees sometimes and how the shadows and light hit the ground and the fields and sometimes it translates very well and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Nice little babbling brook I could listen to all day


 I did get about 15 or 20 berries. Not bad considering they are just starting to ripen. It’s weird how in some places they are still blooming, some are still very green and some are red and a very few are turning black (well, purple). 

My little bitty haul of blackberries


I love flowers! And I didn't pick it.


The pictures I took were all the berries I picked. Ok… minus a couple or three that I ate but I promise I didn’t eat more than that even though I left before I ate breakfast OR had coffee and did not return until almost 11. So…here are some of my favorite pictures and commentary. 

Coming out of the tunnel under the highway


So I followed the adage to take nothing except pictures (… okay, and a few blackberries) and leave nothing but footprints (except some of that man stank I was probably rocking after about three hours walking in that sun).  Hope you enjoyed my walk as much as I did!


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24 Responses to Twackin’ Bwackberries!

  1. suzicate says:

    Thanks for the lovely walk this morning, I’m not even tired or hot! Love the babbling brook! I don’t remember the son Bare Trees…who was is by?

    • pegbur7 says:

      There was a album by Fleetwood Mac Called Bare Trees but I want to say the actual song I’m thinking about was by a group in the like 70’s called Spirit? I used to love the song and I can hear it in my head, I just can’t say for sure who did it! LOL Fleetwood Mac did a version that was slower than the ones I can find now. I’m disappointed I can’t find the one I want though!

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    Nice! We don’t have anything that country here. I love all the dragonflies. 🙂 I LOVE taking pictures of trees. I just find them fascinating.

    The little clip was precious. My mom has had bloodhounds since I was about 6yrs old. They are the sweetest dogs. Salem (my black lab) thought her mommy was a bloodhound, since my mom visited with her bloodhound Sally when Salem was a puppy. She even bays like a bloodhound when she is scared. It’s too funny

    Now I’m craving blackberries!

    • pegbur7 says:

      That is too cute about Salem & Sally. For some reason it reminds me of that Steve Martin movie the jerk when he says “you mean I’m not black?” It would be Salem going “Wait … you mean I’m NOT a bloodhound?” LOL Sorry I made you crave blackberries. They were good but will be better in a few days!

  3. Hadassah says:

    Thanks for taking my berry picking with you. I had fun! 🙂

  4. Jimmy says:

    I actually saw the dragonfly in the middle of the picture 🙂 Loved the walk Thank You

  5. Ron says:

    Oh, Peg….MANY, MANY, MANY thanks for sharing the Disney clip because I’ve never seen this film before. Can you believe it?

    It was soooooooooooooooo precious! Makes me wanna go to Blockbuster and rent it!

    Ooooooo….and your blackberries are so yummy-looking. I’m heading over to the grocery store in a few minutes and you just gave me the idea of picking up some blackberries. I’m SURE they won’t be as good as yours though. 😦

    Great post, my dear friend!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


    P.S. It’s hotter than hell here too!

  6. Alaina says:

    I LOVE that Disney movie! Too cute that it was your first date 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      What is really funny is we were talking last night and we were like “why DID we go there on our first movie date?” And hubby was like “because your husband is still a big kid? Oh, yea…. THAT!

  7. Teri says:

    What beautiful pictures! And the berries look great! You sure do live in a lovely area.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks. We moved out here (to this subdivision) about 6 years ago and we love it. I hate that the golf course is closed but it provides me with great berry picking!

  8. Jason says:

    How beautiful! Nothing like this here in SoCal. I love blackberries, especially plump and juicy, right off the bush. You live in a magical place.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jason. Yes, I love it here. And being close enough “to the city” but living out in the country is the best of both worlds!

  9. You live in a gorgeous area! Alex drove over to someplace in South Carolina today. He said it was really pretty too!

    • pegbur7 says:

      He probably drove over to North Augusta or Barnwell or Aiken. That’s where Hubby’s foster family lives now. It is very pretty in that area. He didn’t get to come home for the weekend? 😦 How long before he gets to come home? You just need to come with him and hang out with me while he works since my hubby works all the time too! 😉

  10. Aw. In all fairness I would not know their names either. And I probably should.

  11. Gretchen says:

    Thanks for the outing! I wish I had the blackberries.

  12. terrepruitt says:

    Wow! What a pretty walk. Thank you for sharing.

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