Feeling a Little -er

You know how some things just stick with you as a family?  You know, little traditions or sayings that mean absolutely nothing to anyone else or to any other family?  Yeah, we have lots of those idiosyncrasies in our family.  For example, my hubby always says “Kick you in the head for a dollar?”  I know… it makes no sense…. But he won’t stop until I say, no, thanks.  Then he’ll say “Four quarters?”  And I’ll say no, thanks.  I know…. Means nothing to anyone else.  I think it’s just something he says when he gets bored. When the kids were little he’d say that and they’d say “Give me the dollar first!”

Or sometimes, especially when he’s cooking, he runs around the kitchen singing “If I kicked you in the head would it hurt?  If I kicked you in the head would it hurt? If I punched you in the gut or I kicked you in the butt would it hurt, would it hurt, would it hurt?”  (As a side note, I just called hubby to find out the last part of that and he said “Why do you want to know?” and I said I just did and he said “You’re not gonna blog about this are you?”  DUH!!!)

Or sometimes he’s say “The cats are acting crazy.” Or “You’re making ME act crazy.” To this I always reply “Darling, it’s NOT an act.”  He always knows what I’m gonna say, but he still says it.  Maybe it just makes him feel better?  Maybe it gives him some kind of comfort that the world is spinning on its axis right because he knows what I’m going to say or how I’m going to respond?  That all is right with the universe because I’m so predictable?

And he is forever giving himself or others nicknames which tend to “stick”.  Everyone at one of the restaurants (employees, anyway) all for some reason, called him “Tater Head”.  I have no idea why.  This was like 15 years ago that he worked at this particular restaurant and still to this day if I happen to run in to someone who worked at that restaurant without hubby they all ask “So, how is Tater Head?”  And at another restaurant everyone in that town, guests and employees alike called him “The Big Fish” and they still do.  He will call other employees by names that have absolutely no relavance to their real name or position with the company and pretty soon all the other employees will be calling that person by the new name.  I asked him once why he called a certain person what he did and he said he forgot their real name and that was what came to his head and it was easier for him to remember.  Go figure.

One of the things that developed early on in our marriage and stuck was “ER” (pronounced ur).   Let me ‘splain what that means.  I can’t tell you how many times early in our marriage, out of exasperation I would say to hubby, rather loudly, and through gritted teeth… “You are driving me CRAZY!”  And he would respond (very sweetly, which just pissed me off even more) “I think you’re using the wrong tense!”  And at first, I’d be like ”WTH are you talking about? Wrong tense?”  And he’d say “I’m sure you meant to say CRAZIER!”  So, over the years, after having this discussion many many times I would circumvent that whole conversation and just look at him and say “You are driving me –ER”  as in crazi-ER.  It saved a lot of wasted sentences and through the years our kids also picked up on it.

So, our “catch-phrase” in our house whenever something is getting on your nerves is to say it is driving you –er.  #1 has adopted this phrase and apparently uses it frequently herself.  Apparently she has also told the guys she works with this “catch-phrase” too.  The other morning she called me to relate this story to me.

She works at one of the largest automobile dealerships in Nashville.  She likes to think of herself as the boss and can, at times, be quite bossy (sorry boo… you know you are!).  She gives those guys a run for their money and keeps them on their toes.  She does a great job and is well liked there despite her bossiness.  I believe she is pretty much the only one that does what she does there and not too long ago changed positions so the guys come to her for a lot of stuff.  When her position changed, her hours did also.  And at the end of the month things can get quite hectic which usually boils over to the first of the next month. 

So, this particular morning (it was the 1st) she goes in to work a little later than usual and she barely gets in the door when three of the guys there bombard her with questions and requests.  This one wants this and that one needs something else and the other needs something else entirely.  Out of exasperation she yells at them “ Geez, guys!  Let me get in the door.  I JUST got here.  Can you give me a break?? You guys are driving me CRAZY!!”  She said in perfect unison, all three chirped in “You mean ER?”

Gotta love it!

Answers to the kids pictures yesterday.    Amgelia from Living, Loving Laughing got it right!  The first picture was #2,  the second was #3 and the third was #1.  I wasn’t meaning it to be a contest or anything but Angelia… I guess I need to send you something! LOL


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16 Responses to Feeling a Little -er

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    That makes me happy-ER than you know. 😀

    Too cute. Thank you my friend for always making smile.

  2. Ron says:

    OMG…I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at your house!!!

    I bet I’d be laughing and enjoying myself something silly-er!

    You guys, ROCK!

    Hope you’re having an awesome weekend, my dear friend!

    X to you and the gang!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Dahling! He had me laughing so hard last night it wasn’t even funny. I was trying to go to sleep and kept busting out laughing again. At least we can amuse each other! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Oh, and hubby says one day we ARE coming to Philly if for no other reason than to meet YOU!

  3. Heather says:

    I love hubby’s remark “You’re not gonna blog about this are you?” I just got asked this morning if I blogged about last night. I said yes and soon realized we was not on the same page. I’m like..Oh that, no I didn’t blog about that. He asked me to!!

    So cute saying ER. I would try it but hubby already thinks I’m crazy, I might make worse-ER!

  4. NikNik says:

    I dont care that you call me bossy. As the hubs likes to say, I am only bossy when I am awake! which I am pretty sure he’s trying to say all the time!I love this story! We are for sure a very odd, but fun, family! LY

  5. Teeheeheeheehee… I’m still giggling. I love your family. Those phrases are all so funny. I just burst out laughing at your hubby’s “If I kick you in the head, will it hurt?” song. I think you should record him singing that. It could turn into a top hit if you added some electronic music to it and gave it a dance rhythm :D.

    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s an idea, except he’s usually cooking when he does it so he’s usually holding a wooden spoon when he’s doing it so they’d have to hand out wooden spoons in all the clubs to make it authentic and then if people are drinking they could start whapping each other over the head with their wooden spoons and that could be disastrous! Oh…did I just overthink that too much? LOL

  6. Alaina says:

    That’s cute..T and I have things like that where only we know what we’re talking about and think it’s funny as hell. too much fun 🙂

  7. Hadassah says:

    That’s a great story Peg.

    Our family says some of the following
    …shake our booty up the stairs. (We live on the second floor.)and we do shake our booties.

    …All day long
    …Genius..when someone is being ignorant.
    I call hubby Mr. Handsome and he calls me Mrs. Pretty Pants. He calls Addison buddy, and I call him our little big man!

  8. Er… I love this! You guys are hysterical!

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