My Baby Girl Is 19!

I can’t believe my baby is 19 today. It seems that the years have FLOWN by. We drove out to her apartment and #2 met us out there and we all went to lunch. Unfortunately #1 could not join us since she lives about 5 hours away and had to work today. #3 wanted Mexican food so we went to La Parilla and I was very impressed. They had a health score of 100. 100!!! How many restaurants can boast THAT? Hubby manages a restaurant and even HE was impressed. 

#2 - The margarita pitcher must have been empty!

Here is the picture they took of her after they came out and sang to her: 

#3 on her 19th

I took some pics but they didn’t come out very well. I will include them anyway. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t have on my glasses, if it was my phone or if it was the pitcher of margaritas? I think I’ll blame the camera phone! 

#3 and her boyfriend at La Parilla

We took her baby, Hellboy, out to visit with her. That in itself was hilarious this morning. I had told hubby NOT to let him outside because I knew it would be heck trying to get him back inside. He had spent the night inside and once you let him out you can count on him being gone all day. Sure enough when I got up I asked hubby where Hellboy was and he said “Oh, I let him out for a little while.” He never listens to me…. It took quite a while getting him back inside but he finally tricked him in to coming in. Then he kept wanting to go back out so we had to keep trying to distract him. 

When we were getting ready to leave I told hubby to go get the carrier. The next thing I hear a big crash and go in the living room and the carrier is upside down on the floor and hubby is fighting Hellboy because he’s gone berserk. The only times he’s really been in a carrier is when we take him to the vet and as hubby so succinctly pointed out, the last time he was in that carrier he lost his family jewels (Hellboy, not hubby…LOL) so he was having NONE of getting put in that carrier. You know how kids are when you try to make them go somewhere they don’t want to and they grab the door jambs and spread their legs to catch themselves on the sides of the door, etc? Yeah, that was Hellboy. It ended up taking two of us to get him in the carrier. 

Hellboy hanging out

When we got to Birthday girl’s apartment, I don’t know who was happier. Her or Hellboy. Although Hellboy was scared because he’s never really been in any other house other than ours. By the time we got back from lunch he was a little calmer but still kind of freaked out. He kept hiding UNDER the pillows on her bed. Not behind them, UNDER them. When we were leaving we asked her if she wanted us to leave him with her for a few days or bring him back home and she asked us to leave him so we did. We didn’t even make it to the interstate before she called to ask us if we had taken him with us anyway. We assured her we had left him and she said she couldn’t find him. She was like “I can’t believe I lost my baby!” 

We knew he wasn’t with us and kept asking her, is he under the pillows? No. Is he behind the bed? No. Is he in the bathtub? No. Is he in the closet? No. Is he behind the microwave (which is where he WAS hiding)? No. Is he IN the refrigerator? (Don’t ask… we had a cat once that used to do that) No. Is he outside? NO, NO, NO! She assured us she had checked everywhere that he could possibly have been. We kept calling her every 15 minutes or so and still no Hellboy. I mean, how many hiding places can there be in a small one bedroom apartment? 

She called us a couple of hours later to let us know that they finally found him… UNDERNEATH the dresser which is only about two inches off the floor! How in the heck a 12 pound cat fit in a 2 inch tall space I don’t know… She called back a little while ago to ask if he already had a scratch on his head when we brought him because his head was bleeding…. DUH…. If you tried to crawl into a two inch opening you think you might have scratched your head too? 

So Mommy (#3) and her baby (Hellboy) are reunited for a few days. Which of course, even if it weren’t #3’s birthday, takes me back to when she was born. I always tell her that she’s always late…. Well, she started out that way so I guess it should be no surprise. Her due date was May 17. She was born May 30. So, yes, she was late from the start. My doctor wasn’t too keen on inducing labor. He was Romanian and he said he always felt like “When they are ripe, they will come out!” Seriously, that was what he told me. Finally on Monday of the week she was born he told me he was scheduling a C-Section for that Thursday morning. 

As luck would have it, I awoke on Thursday, IN LABOR. I went in to take my shower and Hubby called the doctor and told him we’d be in as soon as I’d finished my shower. His response was to ask hubby if I was crazy and to get my butt out of the shower and in to the hospital right now! So, off we rush to the hospital only to find out that she STILL was not dropping. Apparently she was too large to fit through the birth canal (over 9 lbs) so they ended up doing the C-Section anyway! 

Truth be known, to me it was a heck of a lot easier having the C-Section than the two previous natural births. And I felt the recovery was actually easier on me physically. I drove to the store the day after I got out of the hospital. I probably shouldn’t have, but, I did. So, 19 years ago today, I was staring into the face of my beautiful baby girl. My only true “Georgia” girl. And I sometimes still find myself just staring into that beautiful face! 

My beautiful baby

Can you blame me?


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24 Responses to My Baby Girl Is 19!

  1. Mike says:

    Blurred pictures?
    …. it WAS the glasses…. of Margaritas.

  2. Spot says:

    So sweet! You’re girls are so beautiful!! Looks like she had a great birthday!! Lu’s favorite restaurant is a mexican one too!

    I can’t believe how fast they grow.


  3. Ron says:



    Wishing you BESTEST birthday EVER!

    “My beautiful baby….

    can you blame me?”

    She’s beeeeeeeeeeeautiful, Peg!


    P.S. Happy Memorial Day, to you and your family!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! I hope you have a wonderful one too. Are you having to work? Everyone else here is so as usual… most holidays…. just me and the kitties!

  4. Alaina says:

    Happy birthday to your youngest! And I LOVE the name of your cat 🙂

  5. Angelia Sims says:

    Awh! Happy Birthday! She is gorgeous (I can’t say it enough). What a great gift to bring Hellboy. Nothing like a family reunion. You are so brave, cats really hate the car. LOL.

    Cheers to you all! I’ll have to have one of those margaritas in honor of it.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, I don’t know WHAT I was thinking. I made the mistake of putting his cage in the front seat of the car while I was driving and put my hand through the wire on the front of the cage… BIG mistake. Between him almost chewing them off, trying to rip my fingers from my hand and me almost wrecking due to his said slashing/gnawing… it’s lucky we made it there alive! LOL

  6. Happy birthday to #3! She’s a beauty indeed – the photos are all good! I’m so glad she got some Hellboy-time for her birthday. It’s so funny that she’s 19 (I’m still 19, too) and that she was over two weeks late (I was too!) and that she’s a cat-person (I AM TOO!). Okay, I guess those aren’t huge coincidences, but I feel an affinity with #3 ^_^”.

    • pegbur7 says:

      See I knew you were young, I just didn’t know HOW young! LOL But you seem SO mature for your age! And yes, you do have lots in common!

  7. She is absolutely beautiful. Amazing how slowly – and quickly – the years seem to pass.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter

    It sure looks like she had a great birthday with all of you, thanks for sharing with us Peg.

  9. dwight says:

    It was important that we got to see you! I miss you so much! It made me feel so good to cook your favorite meal(cream puffs,fried chic and mashed potatoes). You are a great daughter. Love Dad

  10. Teri Smieja says:

    Your kids are absolutely beautiful!

  11. eri says:

    wow you have THREE daughters?! that #3 is BEAUTIFUL! we should hear more about her 🙂 thanks for the visit it was great seeing yall and i had an awesome time! i love you so much! and daddy the food was delicious! and its almost gone already 😦 man i miss your cooking!

  12. terrepruitt says:

    I am late, but please wish #3 a Happy Birthday for me.

    I think that cats have the ability to become invisible. I am not kidding. They can make themselves blend into their surroundings so when you look they are “not there”. Plus, yeah, they can fit into places that it does not seem they can fit. And I felt for #3 as I was reading that because if she is anything like me the “looking” becomes more frantic every second you can’t find the cat. And it is downright scary. Glad she found her baby. So nice of you to take him to her for a visit.

    Oh, wait, I think that is #3 as commentor #11. Happy Birthday #3!!!

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