Knights in White Satin


This week’s Spin Cycle was brought to you via the topic PROMS.  Proms are a lot different now than they were when I was in high school.  There are the limos and VERY expensive prom dresses and dinners at the most expensive restaurants, the hair appointments, the manicures and pedicures and facials, and then there is the prom itself.  When we were in school we were lucky to have a LIVE band in our school gymnasium and now they are having them at country clubs and the nicest hotels and venues.  Prom tickets alone can run you $100 and up per person. 

 And the competition to make sure no one else has the same dress is unreal.  There are prom dress stores here that keep track of all the dresses they sell and what prom they are going to be worn to so that there is not a duplication at the same prom!  REALLY??? We have 4 high schools in our county and some girls go to proms at multiple schools where of course they do NOT wear the same dress.  GOSH!  Someone could SEE them wear the same dress twice in the same year!  Heaven forbid!!! Now, I ask you, what if a girl buys a dress and then switches them up as to what school prom she will wear them to? HUH, what THEN? I say WHO CARES?  But I’m sure THEY do.  I think it’s all a big racket, but, that’s me. 

My firstborn, #1, wanted to go to prom all 4 years she was in high school.  She missed her sophomore year to her dismay.  She went 9th, 11th and 12th.  Twice with guys who were her then boyfriends and once with a guy who was “just a friend” and I think she probably had the most fun that year.   My second, #2, really didn’t want to go to either of her proms.  She ended up giving in and going to her senior prom but ONLY because she was the class secretary and it was one of the job requirements.  Are you kidding me?  A prerequisite for being a class officer?  You’re going to dictate who HAS to attend prom?  She went but I don’t think she stayed very long. They were more interested in the AFTER prom party than the actual prom. 

THEN comes #3… I tried and tried to get #3 to go to her prom last year and she was having NO part of it.  Her junior year she did not attend her actual high school.  She and traditional school settings do NOT get along.  Might have a little to do with her A D D, but I digress.  She attended a school that was part of the county school system but everything was done by computer and at their own pace.  They only took two classes at a time and when they finished that course they would move to the next one. They also were in school for an hour less each day.  It was perfect for her, but, since she wasn’t around any of her home high school kids she was out of the loop and didn’t really hang out with any of them and did not WANT to go. 

She could have finished school that year but decided she wanted a “traditional” senior year and would go back to her own high school to finish up.  She only needed 2 credits to finish up and get her diploma so she went half days until December and finished high school in December.  They “assured” us that by doing this she could still “participate in all senior year activities”.  Yeah right. When it came time for prom, she was told she could only go IF she went with someone who was still attending the school full time.  She told me she didn’t want to go. I was worried that she would, years down the road, regret NOT going to her senior prom.  Her take on it was she could not see spending all that money on a dress she was going to wear one time to go to a dance she didn’t even WANT to go to so that she could be around people she didn’t even like or hang out with.  Very mature decision on her part and she says she has not regretted her decision AT ALL. 

I did not know hubby during high school nor do I know either of the girls he took to the prom.  He told me their names, but I forgot.  He said to him it was spending a lot of money to go and have your picture taken with your date and then to go stand and talk to your friends while she went and stood and talked to HER friends.  Sounds like a good time to me!  LOL I AM however including the pictures from his proms if for no other reason that the fact that I am SO astounded at how much he changed in one year’s time.  I guess he hit his “growth spurt” between Jr. and Sr. year because he doesn’t even look like the same person to me.  Every time I look at the difference in these pictures I am astounded. 

Hubby's Jr. Prom

Hubby's Sr. Prom

Now, to MY proms.  I did not buy either of my prom dresses.  They were both hand me downs from one of my older sisters.  I was SO lucky (said tongue in cheek).  I remember that I felt embarrassed that I had to wear my sister’s dress because I didn’t want my mom and dad to have to spend the money on a dress that I knew we couldn’t afford and I was not allowed to “work” to make money and there was nowhere TO work to make money anyway in the town we lived in. So, I borrowed the dresses from my sister and then added the accessories, as they were.   I have to laugh looking at the pictures now.  I do remember that both dresses were polyester.  Woo hoo!  The blue dress is my Jr. Prom and the pink dress is my Sr. Prom.  Both guys were my boyfriends at the time – not the SAME time, mind you! 

My Jr. Prom

You can’t see my feet in the Jr. prom picture but I had on these white clogs with wooden platforms that were all the rage back then. I’m lucky I didn’t break a leg or something.  First, as you probably know by now after reading my posts, I am NOT the most graceful person in the world (read klutz). Second, I am embarrassed to admit (MY GIRLS – STOP READING NOW!!) but I was most likely either very high or drunk or both when the picture was taken. No, I don’t do that stuff anymore.  That was the 70’s.   GIVE ME A BREAK!  I haven’t always done things I was proud of and some things I am embarrassed to admit.  I would plead the fifth,  BUT, I am trying to be very open and honest here, so bear with me. 

Anyway, the DAY of my Jr. Prom, I had to run to the little country store that was a couple miles from where we lived, for something although I don’t even remember what I went after.  I DO know I didn’t have my hair professionally done, or my nails, or makeup.  Everything was done at home by me, in case you couldn’t tell by the lovely pictures.  What I DO remember is that I left my purse at home, which I NEVER did.  As soon as I walked in the door, I KNEW my mom had gone through my purse.   I don’t know if I was more scared or mad.  Yes, she found something in there that I had no business having, but, like I said, it was the 70’s… what can I say?  Mom, I’m sorry NOW for what I put you through. I was a stupid punk and should have known better, but I didn’t and it’s over and done with , but… the point to me telling you this is:  She was SO angry with me (and rightly so), and mind you it was only about an hour or so before my date was to come pick me up and we didn’t have a house phone, and cell phones hadn’t even been invented yet so there was no way to get in touch with my date anyway, poor guy, and my mom told me I was NOT allowed to go to prom.  Yes, TWO hours before prom.  And all things considered, I probably would have had the same reaction had I been the mom and had the same circumstances.     

I was angryand petulant but also conniving.  So, I appealed to my mom’s sense of compassion, for my date.  I told her I understood that she was angry and I didn’t blame her for not letting me go to the prom and I really didn’t CARE whether I went or not so she really wasn’t hurting ME, BUT… it was not fair to my date.  I told her that there was NO WAY that he’d be able to get a date at this late stage in the game and there was no way to contact him anyway, and it would be doubly unfair to make him drive all the way to where we lived (at least a 25 mile drive) just to tell him I couldn’t go.  Then I appealed to her sense of frugality.  I told her it was unfair since my date had already gone to the expense of renting a tuxedo to tell him I wasn’t going to be able to accompany him. She thought about for a couple of minutes and she relented!  I really didn’t think she would but she gave in!  

When he got there, poor guy hadn’t a CLUE what had transpired that day, my mom let him have it with both barrels.  She read him the riot act.  He stood there scared sh*tless.  She told him he BETTER make sure I did NOT drink or smoke ANYTHING and that he better have me home by midnight.  I piped up and told her it would be hard to get home by 12 so she said OK… 1 AM at the latest!  WTF?? She relented AGAIN?  I was ON a ROLL!   

We pulled out of our driveway and I immediately lit one up.  I was SUCH a brat!  I would have kicked my OWN butt were that now.  Needless to say by the time we got to the prom (which by the way was in the gymnasium at the school) I was three sheets in the wind.  And my date was SO afraid of my mom that we left EARLY and he had me home WELL before midnight.  And I don’t think we dated much longer than that.  I thought he was too square for trying to respect my mom’s wishes (can you believe what a brat I was?) and he thought I was too disrespectful to my mom…which I WAS.  If I could go back in time I’d kick my butt from here to kingdom come.  But, it was what it was and thankfully I DID change.  I am not that person anymore and I finally realized that was not a good life path to be on. 

My Senior Prom

My senior year prom my boyfriend was the school newspaper photographer.  I thought I was the bomb  to snag such a catch!  Check out those grandma shoes I was wearing. Wedge sandals?  REALLY??  And what the heck was I thinking with that HAT?  Are you kidding me?  Was I afraid of all that night time sunshine?  Hmmnnn…. Maybe I was just trying to hide my dilated pupils? Oops… I guess I didn’t learn my lesson THAT fast.  Again, we didn’t date much longer after prom.  He was going off to Blacksburg to go to college and I left for St. Louis two weeks after graduation and never looked back.  He was a sweet guy but I didn’t see him again until our 10 year reunion. 

My proms were fun (or what I can remember) and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!


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24 Responses to Knights in White Satin

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    Oh!! These are great! You looked so cute and so did Dwight. Awhhh! You crazy wild teen. Love the spin. 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    Those pictures are amazing. OMG! The hair! We all did stupid stuff when we were younger. At least, I did. Stuff I hope my kids don’t do!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Gretchen says:

    I love this spin! The pictures are wonderful, and you were gorgeous! Stoned or not.

    How tall is your husband? He looks so tall, and both of his dates look like they’re about 9 years old! Ha!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Gretchen. Hubby is almost 6’8″. So yeah, he’s sort of an odd one. I didn’t think Japanese were usually THAT tall but I guess you always get the one that is! When I first met him I refused to believe he was half Japanese because of his height. Talk about stereotyping and preconceived notions! LOL

  4. terrepruitt says:

    Wow. Too funny. About wearing the same dresses. I got married 12 years ago. I have been on three cruises since. And it is so funny when you look at the pictures ‘cuz you can’t tell which cruise is which because I am wearing the SAME two fancy dresses on all three cruises. I bought them for my honeymoon cruise and they ARE my fancy gowns. So I have worn them on the all the cruises (just two) and to any really fancy party (Christmas parties for work).

    I only went to one prom.

    Glad you survived your wild days and lived to tell about them.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yeah, I kind of put my self out there so I’m sure my kids will have a LOT to say about this one! LOL I’m like you. I have like two “fancy” dresses and rarely get the chance to wear them.

  5. suzicate says:

    Fabulous spin…oh, the “good old days”.

  6. Great pictures! And yes, even if Sprite was the most perfect kid in the world, I would have gone through her purse. 🙂
    You’re linked!

  7. VandyJ says:

    Great pictures! I think my mom would kill me if she knew half the stuff I did when I was young. I’m glad I have boys–different stuff to worry about.

    • pegbur7 says:

      As the mother of 3 girls, I understand about the different stuff to worry about! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked my “dated” pictures!

  8. Ron says:

    “Yes, she found something in there that I had no business having, but, like I said, it was the 70’s”


    Faaaabulous photos, Peg!

    Seeing them and reading this post brought back a TONS of memories for me and my Senior prom! The tux your date is wearing in your first photo was almost identical to mine. Mine was a pale shade of yellow. Can you believe it? YELLOW? I looked like Tweety Bird!


    Thanks for sharing, dear friend! Enjoyed!

    Have a wonderful day….X

    • pegbur7 says:

      So should we start calling you “Tweetie pie”? LOL I’m glad I I’m glad I could give you a good chuckle and bring back some memories for you!

  9. Alaina says:

    I came across your blog through Sprite’s Keeper, and I love the story and the pictures. Your date from your junior prom does look a little scared…that’s hilarious that your mom put the fear of God into him. Great spin!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, he WAS afraid… very afraid! LOL I actually saw him last year when I went home a bunch of us got together for dinner. After almost 35 years we have all changed QUITE a bit to say the least!

  10. I can’t get to the photos, but I loved the piece! Yeah, you were a brat! LOL! Kids! Still, the prom thing is a “must do” at least once! I did proms twice in each year of high school, both junior and senior. Then at 19, my sister stood up her date, I threw on one of my old prom dresses, splashed on some perfume, stuck the hair in an updo, and went to the prom with this 16 year old kid. I was the talk of the prom, and he was the happiest 16 year old north of Disneyland.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I read about your 19 year old prom adventure on YOUR blog and I think that was one of the sweetest things I ever read! You are a doll. If you right click on the space where the photo is and click show pics it still doesn’t show? Hmmmnnn I wonder what’s up with that? They are good for a laugh!

  11. Dawn says:

    It wasn’t prom but my Jr. year homecoming I went in the same dress as a member of the Homecoming Court did (and one other girl as well). *I* thought it was hysterical and kind of cool but she…wow, if looks could kill that would have been my swan song.

    I still love that dress….

    • pegbur7 says:

      Some people just can’t take a joke, can they? LOL She was probably jealous because she probably didn’t look as pretty in hers as you did in yours! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. eri says:

    Hmmmm im so glad i read this mama! I believe you have alot of explaining to do! And you should probably make up for all those times you grounded me since i was a much more behaved kid than you! :p

    • pegbur7 says:

      See you don’t listen! I told you to quite reading. Besides I think I have made up for a WHOLE lot in the last month or so, eh? LY and you WERE well behaved…. 😉

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