That’s What HE Said

View from Blue Ridge Parkway

 The following post is brought to you via my hubby and it is HIS take on our All American Summers.  These are his words and his choice of pictures and his poetry. I am simply his vehicle (and typist) today so please sit back and enjoy his ride down memory lane! 

 “Good Night #1!”  “Goodnight Daddy!”  “Goodnight #2!” “Goodnight Daddy!”  “Good night #3!” “ZZZZZZZ” (she was just a baby) “Good night John Boy!” The sound of children laughing. 

Our girls piling in the bed with Grandaddy

The summers we spent in Schuyler and Lynchburg, Virginia were indeed summers to remember.  To live IN the “Walton’s” story was truly a great experience.  It still has a nostalgic culture and timeless sense of our best years gone past.  The Walton’s “time machine”  turns everything in the pace of the past.  How can you NOT love that? 

Peg's parents house that her dad built

When you are collecting all the great parts of “Walton’s Mountain” to save as memories, you start with it’s people.  And the people you really need to start with are my wife’s family.  Her parents are the best.  Her Dad is a living historian of the area.  To ride around with him for a day is to go back in time.  You can understand why he has basically lived there on his family’s property practically his whole life.  His family cut out their own piece of heaven there 100+ years ago!  My wife’s mom is the “perfect” mom.  She loves and hugs everyone and cooks like Paula Dean!  If you visit Schuyler, forget the Walton’s museum, you just need to visit my in laws.  The company AND the food is 100 times better! 

The woods of Virginia

When I say “people of Schuyler” you have to understand these people.  My wife’s extended family is , well, EVERYONE. I honestly think that almost everyone who lives there is somehow related to my wife!  When we lived there, I lost my name.  I was no longer Mr. B…. I was Peg’s husband.  And she no longer carried my last name (as far as the town was concerned) she was her parent’s daughter, not MY WIFE.  And she was always referred to by her maiden name. 

Near Lovingston, VA

First, you have to understand their culture.  Everyone in her family hugs and they hug everyone.  Her sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  It is so cool!  You ARE part of the family.  If they could take ME in?  They will surely take you in too!  Everyone cares about you.  If you break down on the side of the road, everyone stops to help.  You will see two or three trucks sometimes on the side of the road helping an elderly person.  It makes you proud to be an American. 

Hugging Dirtman, my BIL

Then there is the 75% rule!  There is a game I play and Peg may not even know about it (note: I DO).  Peg says I test people.  When I tell you this, you will know it’s true.  Whenever I drive through her hometown, I wave at EVERY car I meet.  Almost every driver waves back!  Well, at least 75%.  It is so cool to do.  Even better than them waving back?  Watching them in my rear-view mirror, looking at my Georgia tag and scratching their heads wondering who the heck they know from Georgia! 

Woodsy Walk

“They’ll find they have reserved seats somewhere along one of the baselines, where they sat as children and cheered their heroes” James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams 

This is the quote that I wanted to “build” my family’s baseball memories on.  We had reserved seats (3rd baseline, by the dugouts) where we could cheer on our heroes (and they KNEW them).  I knew that if I ever got to be a Daddy, that baseball would be a huge part of our lives.  I am blessed because the summers we spent at Hutchinson Stadium were the perfect setting for that.  I had never told anyone about those plans that I had, but every time I hear that James Earl Jones quote, I think of that time.  There ARE some perfect things in this world! 

Our girls with the players wives & girlfriends

The old country store that we lived in that Peg described was not given justice in my opinion.  It was a beautiful old country store.  Everyone knew where we lived.  It was about 10 miles from the blue Ridge Parkway.  We lived IN a postcard.  The views from and along The Parkway were (and are) breathtaking.  

Peaks of Otter

There is a small town (Buena Vista) about 25 miles from where we lived (Agricola).  For some reason this town always seemed to emanate an autumn orange hue.  I don’t care what season it was!  I would ask Peg “Why do the leaves over there never turn green?”  So, one day we drove over there.  Guess what?  They build school buses there!  It’s the Blue Bird Bus Factory (or it was then)!  There was like 25 acres of yellow buses!  So that was why it always looked orange over there! 

Sunset near the Parkway

I can honestly say that these were some of the greatest summers of my life.  The happiness it brought my loving wife to be near her family, the joy of being a part of “Walton’s Mountain”, building baseball memories for our kids like no others had, we were truly blessed.  “This is the most special place in the world” Once a place touches you like that, even the rain feels good! 

When I was a kid, I had an unusual view of life.  I saw life as a long wall. ON this wall we “write” our experiences, good and bad.  It was continuous.  You could go back to look at what your write at 20 or look at an event that is wonderful or some that make you cry.  Kind of like customized graffiti.   I wrote the following poem at 17.  I share it with you because I consider this blog as graffiti on my wall. 


Undoubtedly its perversion 

that makes me write your name 

on every wall 

of every public place 

or private. 

In library books, on bus windows, 

carved in a chocolate cake 

and in salt spilt on the tabletop. 

Sadly, I can’t stop, even though 

I know 

you are above reading messages 

furtively left you 

on an unsigned wall.


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31 Responses to That’s What HE Said

  1. suzicate says:

    Dwight, in one word – stunning! This is a tremendoulsy beautiful tribute to the folks, the people, the place, and the times. And LOVED your poem. I am quite impressed.

    • pegbur7 says:

      He said thank you and to tell you that he thought it was pretty cool that all 3 of us virtually wrote about the same thing in the space of like 3 days and he wanted to know if you got her fried chicken yesterday? 😉

      • Suzicate says:

        No fried chicken. Stouffer’s lasagna. Still good. She makes everything better. I gave her some strawberries…sure she would have liked them better if they’d been dipped in chocolate!

      • pegbur7 says:

        Maybe he can make that happen in July.

      • dwight says:

        Thanks for being a great SIL. Your comments mean so much to Peggy and I. Love u and dirtman(that is my favorite pic of him and I) Love Dwight

  2. That poem is fantastic! What a lovely spell caster this man is! I felt transported with the words and the wonderful photos!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thank you Linda. I’m sure he will be thrilled by all this when he gets home from work & reads it!

      • dwight says:

        Linda,thank you for reading Peg’s blog. I always love reading your comments. You do a wonderful job of making people happy with just a few words. If you like poems,I posted my all time favorite on Peg’s sister’s blog about a month ago! Peggy&dwight

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    Dwight- Loved your life wall analogy. It brought such vivid thoughts of how wide, tall, strong and all the differing designs throughout life. Really cool to imagine.

    This is a wonderful tribute to a loving family and community. Well said and well done. The photos are incredible. I’m sure it doesn’t do it justice.

    Thanks for the post and poem. You are a lucky man!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Hey Angelia. I will answer FOR hi. Yes he is! LOL… I am actually the lucky one.

      • dwight says:

        Angelia,I only hope that I get the chance to meet you! Peggy talks about you all the time.(all good!) Meeting you this year,is a high point of 2010 for her! You are very special person to her! Dwight&Peggy

  4. angie says:

    What beautiful memories!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Angie. Answering for BOTH of us… yes, great memories.

      • dwight says:

        Living,Loving,Laughing! That is my wife,Peg. She is the BEST person I have ever known! Your blog title and your picture tells me that you are a soul sister to Peg. Your comments and BLOG give her great pleasure each day. Thanks for all that you are, and do for us. Peggy&dwight

  5. Dwight, since I see your name in others comments – I’ve been privy to Peg’s wonderful writing for a while, and have enjoyed her blog tremendously. I’m ecstatic that you’ve participated as well, since I can see that you’ve got an amazing sense of writing style, too. I love the descriptions and the sincerity of your words, and that poem at the end just stunned me. It’s so beautiful, and I can’t believe you wrote it at the age of seventeen – it’s so powerful!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Hey Emily! It’s Peg. I’m sure Dwight will answer all these when he gets home tonight but I know he will be thrilled by all of your responses. He is quite a catch, that one! 🙂 Even if I DID have to stalk him first! LOL

      • dwight says:

        Emily,I am humbled by your words of praise. When I was in high school,my English teacher gave out a poetry assignment. I wrote my poems and got the highest grade in class. Got alot of good old fashion ribbin’ from the guys on the basketball team! Then I find out MS.DOWNS enters them in a contest. I took third place out of 600 entries. Peg’s sister posted my favorite on her blog about a month ago! Thanks for all the kind words and the bond you and Peggy have.

  6. Hadassah says:

    I loved reading your take on the All American Summer. Thanks for sharing. I loved the pics and your poem. God bless!

  7. Ron says:



    Dwight…this post was FAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!

    I absolutely love your “view on life”….

    “I saw life as a long wall. ON this wall we “write” our experiences, good and bad. It was continuous.”

    Funny, because on my blog I share that I see my life as one continuous a movie, and each moment is a series of takes.

    So, I can totally relate!

    LOVE the house. It makes me wanna light the fireplace, wrap myself in a big blanket, and get cozy. It really DOES look like the Waltons!

    Great post, buddy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    You and Peg make such a wonderful writing duo!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Hey Ron. Answering for Dwight since he’s at work. He’ll be thrill that you liked it.

      As for the house… my dad built that with my uncles and brothers and the “plans’ were all in his head. No drafting, no architect. He WAS the architect and he did some really neat and amazing things in it. White pine floors (from wood HE cut) Archways that were FORMED by wetting the wood and arching it, NOT by cutting out. He is an amazing man!

    • dwight says:

      Ron,you are the best and funniest guy! Love your videos!!!! You have to meet Peggy and I one time in her home of Virginia. It is the greatest. Happy hour is two trucks and a cooler parked on the side of the road! One of the greatest pleasures you could ever have,is to sit on Peggy’s parents front porch(on a rainy day),watch the fog on mountain and read. Thanks for the happiness you bring Peg each day!

  8. terrepruitt says:

    This post is BURSTING with love.

    I love that!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Aww Terre. Thanks. I know that will make his day. And he DOES love my family. My family IS his family. He couldn’t love my mom and dad any more even if they were his REAL mom and dad.

    • dwight says:

      I know that I would be nothing without Peggy. My mother is Japanese. She had a hard time adjusting to America. She left my brother and I at the Washington D.C. Red Cross in 1966. I knew that if I ever got the chance to be a husband and a father,I would be the best one possible. When I met Peggy,I knew that GOD had made my life partner. It felt good to be next to her. Have you ever been with someone ,that it hurt to be away from then(even for a short time)? Peggy could have a better husband but I could never have a better wife! Your writing is beautiful and allows all of us to look into the soul of a loving freind! Dwight&Peggy

  9. Jimmy says:


    My hat is off to you Sir, I really loved this post, the picture of Peg’s parents house I did love as much as the views of the Parkway and when you added your outlook onto all the pictures told a very good story, and the poem at the end was an excellent touch.

    Thank You Sir.

    And Peg you can let him stop by again, but don’t you go anywhere now 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      I told him he just needs to do his own, but then, I’d end up typing TWO posts a day! LOL

      • Jimmy says:

        A guest post once in a while it will be then Ha Ha

        I have tried to get Cindy involved too, she did add a comment on my last post so there is my start at getting her blogging 🙂

      • pegbur7 says:

        Let’s just say English has not always been his best subject and he knows what he wants to say and leaves to me to get it “fixed” and typed. He used to do a lot of poetry so maybe I can get him to start doing that again!

    • dwight says:

      Jimmy,Thanks for your kind words! I know that you are much better at words than I. If you ever want to go to a braves game,let us know! I know someone that can get us great seats at a great price! Ask Peg about the last set of tickets we got! That would be a great blog! Dwight&Peggy

  10. NikNik says:

    Loved it Daddy! Your descriptions are wonderful and the poem is fabulous! Made me think- We are probably the only girls in the world who have watched “The Natural” and “Field of Dreams” more than any Disney films!

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