My Husband, My Hero

Safest spot in our county


About 1/2 mile from our house morning after the flood

In light of the recent weather craziness I need to write about our “flood” in September.  I know many of you are aware that in Georgia in September we had a “500 year flood”.  The hardest hit area of the state was the county we live in and the neighboring county.  Three quarters of the people who lost their lives were from our county.  Almost every major road was impassable due to bridges being washed out and some have just recently been reopened.  

This bridge was closed for 6 months. Jusst reopened in March.

The men and women of all the Police, Sheriff’s Department, Rescue Squad, etc., were the absolute best.   They worked tirelessly getting people to safety and helping those who lost possessions, homes, etc.  Many of them worked weeks with no time off.  

My wonderful husband took it upon himself to organize a “First Responder’s Lunch” to show them that the citizens of our county appreciated all their tireless efforts in taking care of our citizens.  He got several restaurants and grocery stores to donate food and/water so that they could all enjoy a nice nutritious lunch.  He got several of the local restaurant managers and employees to help organize and hand out the food.  He set up a “pick up” station in the parking lot of a closed grocery store so that the law enforcement officers, etc. could drive through and pick up their lunches and take it back to their department, fire station, jail or wherever they worked.  We had several just stand in the parking lot by their cars and eat on their hoods.  At least we knew the safest place in Douglas County to be that day!  

Hubby's Theme for the day


My husband’s favorite parts of the day were getting his picture taken with the canine unit that came by and the fire truck.  He was like a kid in the candy store.  He is such a nice man and I just wanted to share with you guys what a wonderful husband I have.  I am posting a bunch of the pictures so you guys can see.  We fed over 300 first responders that day in addition to all the volunteers.  When I need a hero, I need look no farther than my husband.  He IS  my hero! 

Hubby & other Managers with various first responders


Different police agency cars


Officers and volunteers


Hubby loved posing with the Fire Truck


Different agency cars


Volunteers & police officers


Using their cars as dinner tables!


Putting lunches together


Hubby with officers


Hubby with the canine officer


Hubby and other manager with the first fire truck to arrive


Loading the truck for the jail employees & more officers



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30 Responses to My Husband, My Hero

  1. Jimmy says:

    The men and women who work in all of these agencies are underpaid in my opinion because the majority of them work so hard and will not give up when they are needed.

    Your Husband is definatly a hero for stepping up to help, The First Responders Lunch is an excellent idea as many appreciated this more than he realizes.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I know they are underpaid as well as teachers, etc. I always try to make it a point when I see an officer out somewhere (if he’s not busy) to thank him for his service. It’s so underappreciated.

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    Sweetest hero in the world! I think he secured a future rescue for you if you ever need it. 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      It’s weird because we have been here SO long that the young newbie officer that was the “Dare” officer for our kids in elementary school is now our Chief of Police! It’s so weird to think back that we knew him when he first started out. We are so proud of him.

  3. terrepruitt says:

    That is super awesome of your husband. He IS a hero for helping the other heros. And it is wonderful of you to brag about him.


    Thank him (for me) for organizing such a great thank you for the responders.

    • pegbur7 says:

      He does much more than that in a daily basis. That is just one that I happened to have pictures of! He is a giving loving tireless man and I am so lucky to have “reeled him in”… LOL I couldn’t ask for a better husband. I KNOW I am truly blessed.

  4. dwight says:

    Wow I am overcome with emotion. I tell people all the time that you could have a better husband,but I have the world,s greatest wife, The things I do in life pale in comparison to your fine example. You are the best wife,mother and freind any man could ask for! The world only gets better when EVERYONE makes it better. I can not get any greater satisfaction than the homeless breakfast my restaurant does once a month in Jonesboro. It is for Homeless children. The police ran it for years. The first time I worked it ,it made me cry. 12 kids(9 to 17years old) waiting for a breakfast of eggs,toast and juice. Since Jan of 2009 I run it and let me tell you,we have fun. We have hotdogs,doughnuts,cokes and candy!! You know that you are doing God’s work when the 30+ kids hug you! No Peggy,I am not a hero,just a very simple man. Love your husband,Dwight

  5. suzicate says:

    D is such a sweetie! I remember seeing those pics…awesome!

  6. Thank goodness for people like your hubby!

  7. NikNik says:

    Yall are too damn cute!!! Seeing daddy’s comments and your reply make me so proud to be your daughter (and make me tear up a bit)! My friends have always told me they are jealous because I have the greatest parents on earth!!! This is just one shining example of how much that statement is true!

  8. Ron says:

    I agree with NikNik, reading your husbands’ comment made me tear up with emotion!

    Brava, Dwight!

    What a wonderful human being your are!

    ” My friends have always told me they are jealous because I have the greatest parents on earth!!”

    And I certainly see WHY!

    X to you all!

    Have a great weekend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron, but he really is the better half of “us”. I tell anyone who will listen that. And he does selfless stuff like that all the time.

      A few years back, we had a deputy, Blake Gamill, killed here in the line of duty, leaving behind two young girls. Travis Tritt did a benefit to raise money for his family (raised over $50,000) and Hubby organized and sold dinners at the concert that contributed over $10,000 to the fund for his daughters. He just loves to do stuff for other people. I can’t help but love him!

  9. He does sound like a hero, indeed! That’s so amazing of him, to just respond to the crisis and go help out with whatever he could… People like him are the real heroes in the world- not heroes with superpowers who just get some gift for no reason and use it, sometimes, to help others.

  10. Hadassah says:

    It is wonderful men like him that bless us so!! Much respect and admiration for him.

  11. This is such a wonderful thing to read. With all the ugly in the world, knowing that there are so many truly good people out there really gives you hope for the future! Thanks Peg, (and your husband rocks!)

  12. Pseudo says:

    Your husband is a a great guy. What a heartwarming post.

  13. We did get some pretty horrible flooding here in GA. It was people like your hubby that helped everyone make it through.

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