So You Want To Date My Daughter?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how parents handle the significant others of their children, especially when meeting them for the first time.  My parents didn’t even meet my husband until the day before we got married.  We lived in New Orleans and my parents lived in Virginia and we only dated 5 months before we got married so it just didn’t work out that they met until the day before the wedding.  I didn’t meet his parents until after we’d been married for a while.  He and his dad were sort of estranged at the moment (when we got married) and his mom lived in Japan.

I did have a few adventures in dating though.  The was one guy I dated that when he came to pick me up, my dad happened to be sitting by the walk in a lawn chair drinking a beer and when he walked up the walk I came outside and my dad looked at him and then turned to me and asked VERY loudly “You’re going out with this dogOf course the guy heard him as was my dad’s intention.  And when he and I both ignored my dad he stood up and said “Seriously, he looks like a shaggy stray dog with that scraggly long hair. You can do better than THAT!” 

Another time a guy that I was “going out” with (I don’t know why I called it going out… I was like 15 and I wasn’t allowed to GO anywhere with a guy) had another friend of ours bring him down since he didn’t have a car.  The guy that brought him down was probably 16 and the legal drinking age WAS 18 at the time.  When they got to the house my dad offered them a beer.  They both declined.  My dad kept insisting and insisting so finally the friend accepted the offer and popped the top and took a sip and my dad jerked it out of his hand and said “NOPE!  You just failed THAT test.  You fellas need to leave!”  I tried to reason with him that he had practically twisted their arm and the guy I was seeing wasn’t even drinking but he still made them both leave and told me I was never to let them come back again.

I’ve seen those little “applications to date my daughter” and as the mother of three daughters I have many times WANTED to give one out.  I’ve heard many tales from other parents of things they have said to dates and potential dates.  One of my favorite was from my old high school friend Jack.  He told me that the first time his daughter would go out with a new guy he would welcome the guy “to the family” and put his arm around their shoulder as he escorted them in the house. Jack was NOT a small man.  He would then tell them how he hoped they had a good time and to have fun and not to stay out too late and do whatever they wanted and as they were walking out the door he would say “Oh, and ONE more thing…. WHATEVER you do to my daughter while you’re with her?  Just so you know?  When you get back with her?  I’m doing the SAME THING to YOU.”  That always made me roll.

My hubby would occasionally tell them (guys our daughters dated) stupid stuff like he’d just gotten out of prison and he was Mike Tyson’s cell mate and he made Mike wear the dresses.  One of my favorites was he’d tell guys that he had decided that our daughters were not allowed to date unless they found someone who was bigger than him (he’s almost 6’8”) and meaner than me!  When #2 was in 5th grade he told that to a little boy that had asked if he could “go out” with her.  Hubby gave him the speech about being bigger/meaner.  He kind of frowned and furrowed his little brow and walked away.  A few minutes later he came back to me and said “I got it! I’ll get a pair of stilts and buy a shotgun!”  I had to give him an A for effort.

The first time #1 had a little boy get his nerve up to actually come to our house to see her, she was probably in 6th grade.  She had no idea he was coming.  He lived a mile or more from our house and he got on his little bicycle and just showed up one afternoon.  It happened to be one day when hubby was home.  Hubby insisted that the young man come in the kitchen where he was cooking.  He made him sit at the table while he (hubby) sharpened his BIG long kitchen knives.  Then he handed the poor boy a popsicle and he was so nervous he almost shook the ice cream off the stick he was so scared.  When he left he asked #1 if her dad was always like that with his knives and #1, being the little smart aleck that she is, replied “Oh, yeah… we’ve got little boys buried all over the back yard!”  I’m sure he knew she was kidding but, he never came back to our house again!  That’s one way to keep them away!


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22 Responses to So You Want To Date My Daughter?

  1. Jimmy says:

    When I met Cindy’s parents for the first time we were in the process of moving in together, Cindy’s Dad is quite a bit bigger than me and rather gruff, Cindy just knew he was going to give me a hard time but to my benefit I was laying on my back under the kitchen sink fixing the drain in her kitchen when he walked in, he stood for a minute and said “I like this guy at least he fixes things” we have gotten along well ever since.

    Now with the Daughter we have had to train a few boyfriends, one guy was leaving flowers and stuffed animals on her car at work, she had a part time job and was only 16, we asked to meet this guy to which she refused saying it was no big deal, the phone rings one day while she is gone and Cindy invites this guy to come by and wait for Daughters return, to make a long story short when we got through explaining facts to this 22 year old Airman sitting on our front porch, he politely left and was never heard from again by Daughter.

  2. Spot says:

    My Dad was in the Air Force and had a reputation for gruffness so airmen wouldn’t even talk to me if they found out who my Dad was, even if they didn’t work for him!! It sucked. All of my boyfriends were scared of my father and it was a rule that he had to meet them before I could go on a date with them. My hubby had met my parents while we were dating, even though I no longer lived at home. He says the day he saw my Dad in his uniform was the first father he’d ever been even slightly scared of. Lol.

    We live in a small town and so I’ve known most of the boys my daughter dated. The one boy we didn’t know first turned out to be the problem one. Still kicking myself for not nipping it in the bud when he brought her home an hour late from their first date and didn’t even come inside to apologize!! But she’s a stronger, smarter woman because of all she went through with him. My hubby scares all of her boyfriends. He looks much meaner than he is.


    PS~ although her future husband is actually more scared of me than hubby. Finally someone figured out who the bigger threat is!

    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s why Hubby said someone bigger than him but meaner than me. He figured that they would have a hard time finding someone as mean as me! LOL

  3. Peg, your dad was a wild man! (So is your husband, by the way!) This was hilarious!

  4. Oh, no way did your hubby do all those things! That’s too funny… XD. I hope that your daughters find guys with enough spunk to stand his teasing! 😛

    • pegbur7 says:

      The oldest is the only one married and she found one that I could not have picked better if I’d hand picked him myself. He is a wonderful son in law and perfect for her!

  5. Gretchen says:

    I’m afraid I freaked my poor Daddy out a few times with the rather shaggy, Hippie-dude boys I brought home during college. He was always pretty gracious to them all, luckily. As the mother of a boy, I’m going to have to start prepping him for the other side of this – how to make a good first impression on parents!

  6. NikNik says:

    At least I finally found one both Daddy and Granddaddy approved of!!!!

  7. eri says:

    hey you should have written about what grandma threatened to do to ben! haha i guess its a good thing he won you over with the cappuccino machine 🙂

  8. Ron says:

    ” My dad kept insisting and insisting so finally the friend accepted the offer and popped the top and took a sip and my dad jerked it out of his hand and said “NOPE! You just failed THAT test. You fellas need to leave!”


    How funny!!!!

    This post kept rememding me of the movie, Father of the Bride (the original film) with Spencer Tracy.

    And please tell #1 daughter that I said BRAVA for her quick retort…” “Oh, yeah… we’ve got little boys buried all over the back yard!”


    Hope your’e having a great day, Peg!


  9. dwight burke says:

    Mom,job well done. Really enjoyed your blog. I guess I always felt that no man would be good enough for our daughters,I guess Richard changed all that. Love Dwight

  10. Hadassah says:

    My parents didn’t meet my husband for two years. 🙂

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