Wally World Rubs Off

So today Hubby and I took back the shoes #3 thought looked like old lady shoes AND the ones that were falling off her feet.   We first took the shoes back to Target which turned out okay because I needed to go by the pharmacy anyway to pick up some supplies and get greeting cards I kept forgetting that I needed AND we had to get hair ties (ponytail holders).  I have to get those super heavy duty ones because both mine and #3’s hair is SO thick.  A regular ponytail holder won’t hold her hair and we are constantly having to replenish them because the kitties steal them.  We find about a half dozen of them a week inside their food bowl.  I have no clue why they keep doing that.  They play with them and knock them under the sofa or I’ll find them outside the back door.  But mainly I find them in their water bowl or food bowl.  I’d really like to know why they do that so if anyone has any insight into the kitty psyche I’d love to hear your take on it.

Anyway, we ran by the mall and then went to Wally World to return the Non-skid work shoes.  It’s always such a joy going there!  We go in and get the door person to put their little sticker on it and I hand it to hubby so I can run to the bathroom.  I’m thinking (erroneously obviously) that while I’m in the bathroom he can get the refund on the shoes.  He had said since he needed new shoes for work anyway (and he works in a restaurant too) that he could get himself a new pair after we got the refund.

I come out of the bathroom and he’s not there so I walk over to customer service and he’s next in line..  Woo Hoo…. An actual in and out trip to Wally World.  Totally unheard of for us!  So I walk over and take the bag and receipt from Hubby and tell him to run get his shoes so that as soon as we get the refund we can go get the new ones and be good to go.  I’m waiting and waiting.  They only have one cashier working back there and another guy is taking all the return merchandise and sorting it in bins for the different departments.  The guy cashier finally says something to the sorter guy and he goes over and “opens” another register but when he goes to put the “change” in the register, he only has rolled coins and 1 dollar bill….1.  that’s it.  He looks at the other guy, shrugs and walks back to sorting. 

The other guy gets on the phone and talks to someone and then asks who has credit card returns.   I tell him I used my DEBIT card.  He points to the lady who is STILL in front of me at his register and says “Yeah, that’s her problem too.  We don’t have any CASH in the register so you’ll have to wait for someone to bring me money.”  Then Hubby gets back with the shoes so I ask the guy “Can I just make an exchange? I don’t need cash for an exchange.”  So, he rings up the credit and then the new pair of shoes and says “but, ma’am, this isn’t an EVEN exchange.”  I tell him I understand that, the NEW work shoes are more than the refund so I owe HIM money… he doesn’t owe ME money.  He looks at me all confused and I assure him it’s ok.  I don’t need change, I’ll just put the difference in my debit card. I think he was genuinely confused but we got it straight and we got out of Wally World in less than a hour!  I was stoked.

We then decided to go eat lunch and since there is a Zaxby’s right there on the same pad as the Wally World and Sam’s we just go there.  I don’t know if you guys have Zaxby’s wherever you are but it’s sort of a S L O W fast food chicken place.  They have great salads (well, both hubby and I like them) so to simplify things we other practically the SAME meal.   They are fast food but it’s made to order so it’s slower than somewhere like Chick Filet or McDonalds or something.  And when you eat in they put it in real dishes, not to go stuff.  So we order the same salads and both get tea but Hubby wanted extra bread.  We order extra bread for him and then I tell her “Oh, could I please have a to go container WITH my salad because I know I can’t eat the whole thing so I can put part of it in the to go container before I put the dressing on it”.  I thought it was pretty clear direction.

She turns to the back and goes “Hey, those two salads, I just ordered?  Put one of them in a to go box”.  I told her NO… I wanted a to go container WITH mine but wanted mine in the bowl they always put them in.  I just didn’t want to put dressing on the whole salad because then it would all be soggy.  So she goes “So… you DON’T want a to go box?  Hey forget the to go box!”  And I’m like NO… I DO want the to go box I just don’t want YOU to put my salad in there.  I am going to put HALF my salad in the to go box.   So she turns around again and says “ Strike that. Now she DOES want it in a to go box”.  NO YOU IDIOT…. I do NOT want it IN a to go box!!!  I didn’t say that but was thinking it.  I just smiled and said “How about you give me a EMPTY to go box ON THE SIDE?”  She understood that. 

Then when we get our food Hubby doesn’t get his extra bread but she charged us for it. Hubby goes up and tells her she owes him another piece of toast.  She throws it on the plate and hands it to him.  Nubby looks at it and says “Aren’t you going to cut it?”  She asked why and he says “You guys always cut it in half.”  Then she goes “Then you can cut it.”   Hubby is like “With what?  My plastic fork?”  Wally World is looking better and better….


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12 Responses to Wally World Rubs Off

  1. Hadassah says:

    What a hot mess girlie!!!

  2. Spot says:

    Wow. Where do you live? Because I’m never coming to visit. The people there are even more stupid than the ones here. The Walmart story kills me. How is it that people are graduating high school nowdays without even basic math and logic skills? Is deductive reasoning no longer important?? I’d have filed a complaint at the restaurant. That’s just ridiculous.

    Isn’t it horrible when a day of errands feels like you should get combat pay just for dealing with the general public??

    • pegbur7 says:

      I agree. Kids today have no basic “skills”. My husband went to buy a hammer at one of those lumber supply stores and it was $4. Their computer was down so the girl told him he’d have to come back because she couldn’t figure out how to charge him for it. He tried to explan to her that you just added 7% tax to the total and she really did NOT get it. He did the math FOR her and because she could “verify” it with her computer she wouldn’t do the transaction. She said she couldn’t figure the change from $5!

  3. Ron says:

    OMG Peg, I so totally understand your frustration because this is the kind of customer service that seems to be happening everywhere.


    I think the whole world should just have self-serve stores because basically, that’s what it’s coming down to.

    The thing that irritates me the most are the cashiers that can’t give correct change if you give them an extra penny for 26 cents?!?!?


    Have a great Monday, my dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Yea I once had a girl tell me I gave her too much money when my total was $6.27 and I gave her $21.30. I tried to tell her I did it on purpose because I didn’t want all those ones in my purse and she still didn’t get it. I had to tell her V E R Y S L O W L Y that she would give me a 5 and a 10 instead of a 10 and 4 ones…. DUH….She still didn’t get it. She was like “But we have plenty of ones…” I wasn’t talking about your IQ sweetie!

  4. Some days it just don’t pay to get outa’ bed, Peg! LOL! You guys crack me up!

  5. Jimmy says:

    This seems to be the trend everywhere Peg,

    I have had the same problems at Wally World, Cindy’s Dad bought me a t-shirt the wrong size Cindy and I go into the store, get the little sticker at the door, walk to the rack and pick up the right size then take both shirts to Customer Service for an even exchange, you would have thought the world was coming to an end, no matter how many times we explained it the kid just didn’t understand, I wanted to just lay down the wrong size and walk out with the correct one as I did have a reciept but No that would have been too easy, simple transactions seem to be the hardest.

    Zaxbys I have been to in South Carolina and you are right the food is good just don’t be in a hurry.

  6. Jane says:

    Too funny! Hmmmm – I think I’ve had the same kind of day with the same kind of “friendly” customer service people!

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