Don’t Mess With Mama!

SuziCate’s post today reminded me of something I have been wanting to write about.  I had decided a while back I was going to relate the story and then a few weeks ago she said she was going to write about it so I put it off.  She still hasn’t written about it and since it WAS about me… I’m gonna just do it.  Sorry Suzi, you can still tell it from YOUR perspective which is probably a lot more objective than mine. 

 My mom has always been a staunch defender of her kids.  Even sometimes when we were wrong.  I can definitely understand now that I’ve had kids.  Especially girls.  I really believe I am capable of seriously harming someone if they messed with my girls.  Seriously….I’m like a mama bear or lioness with her cubs.  DON’T mess with my cubs  unless you want to crawl away maimed for life! 

 When I was a teenager we lived in a trailer WAY out in the boonies.  When I say we were out in the boonies… I’m talking they had to pipe the sunshine in!  Seriously, the phone company would not install a phone for YEARS.  We lived on the outskirts of one town and from the other way we were out of the “jurisdiction” from the other town.  The nearest phone was a couple of miles away at the local “grocery” store which was just a little mom and pop store.  When they finally DID get a phone they had to have like 5 or more families agree to have a phone installed and I think it cost something ridiculous like $6,000 that the phone company wanted the participating families to divide among themselves. Otherwise they didn’t feel it was cost effective for them to run the lines all the way out in the boonies. 

 I tell you this so that you understand that when and if anything happened, good or bad, there was no picking up the phone to call and tell anyone or call for help, etc.  I do remember that at one time they had rigged an old army type telephone from my grandmother’s (The Old Home Place as they called it) house which was a mile straight back in the woods from my parents and aunt’s, so if she had an emergency she could at least get in touch with my aunt. 

 By the time we moved out to “the Glades” there was only my little sister, SuziCate, and myself left at home.  The next older sibling above me was 4 years older.  The time of this incident I was about 15 or 16 so SuziCate was around 10 or 11.  It was summer time (I think) and I was home alone. It was late afternoon.  Our mom usually got home from work at 5 and she wasn’t home yet so it had to have been before that.  Our dad had already been home and left again to run errands. Suzi was at our cousin’s house which was about half a mile away.  The trailer was not well insulated so you could hear cars going down the gravel road or when someone pulled into the dirt driveway.  

Me & my mom when I was about 15 or 16


I was in my bedroom which was the farthest from the front door when I heard the unmistakable sound of tires turning from the gravel road onto our dirt driveway.  I knew it was too early for our mom to be home and our dad had just left not too long before this and our mom was ALWAYS harping on us to make sure the doors were locked because of the “hoodlums” that lived in our town.  I didn’t have a window in my room that faced the front of the house and was pretty sure the door wasn’t locked since Suzi was at our cousin’s house.  I would have left it unlocked for her to get back in.  I went into the kitchen to peek out the window to see who it was and saw it was one of those “hoodlums” my mom always warned us about.  DANG…. I sprinted towards the door to lock it and just as I got to the door, it opened!!!!  

 This hoodlum hadn’t even bothered to knock…. He just opened the door and walked right in.  It was really more of a swagger.  I FROZE.  My mom had instilled a healthy fear in me and rightly so.  He was about 10 years older than me and I KNEW enough about him to know he thought he was a “player”.  I was a VERY inexperienced, impressionable and vulnerable young girl… and I was scared shitless!  

 I remember I automatically started backing up as soon as he opened the door. I probably had my hands over my mouth to stifle the scream that wanted to escape but knew I had to “act” like I was cool and NOT afraid.  So, the following conversation ensued with him “stalking” towards me with each question/answer: 

Him:       Where’s  ever’body? 

Me:        Oh, they’re around. 

Him:       No, they ain’t. Yore by yo’self, ain’t ya? (as he smiled lasciviously at me) 

Me:        No, they are around…. Close by. 

Him:       I know yo momma don’t git home til round 5 and I jus met your dad headed down to  (name of town about ½ hour away)… 

Me:        Well… Suzi is here. She’s in the other room… 

Him:       No, she ain’t…. I seen her and your cousin out in the yard a while ago.  They’ll be playing for HOURS. 

He moved towards me and put his hand on my shoulder.  I was so afraid I couldn’t move.  I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind…. I’m thinking thinking thinking furiously trying to come up with something.  He moved his hand down my arm and kind of caressed it.  He leaned in and tried to kiss me. I turned my head away and moved back but I was already against the wall (literally and figuratively) and I had NO WHERE to move. 

Him:       Whatsa matter?  You afeered a me?  I ain’t gonna HURT ya.  I jes wanna  make ya feel GOOD. 

Me:        You need to leave…. NOW…. 

Him:       I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE and you cain’t MAKE me.  I ain’t leavin’ til I get what I want and you gonna give it to me. 

Me:        (saying a quick prayer) I’m not GIVING you anything and you need to leave NOW… you KNOW if my mom or dad catch you here you’re gonna be in BIG trouble… please leave NOW! 

Him:       I tole you I ain’t goin’ nowhere til I get what I came for and you and I both know that  ain’t nobody here and they ain’t gonna BE here for a long time so you and me got plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company.  (His arms are now pulling me                             closer to him while he’s trying to caress me) 

Me:        Seriously, you know if you do anything to me there will be heck to pay once my mom gets home! 

Him:       You think that skeers me?  I ain’t skeered of yore momma.  I ain’t skeered a nobody.  SO,  I’m gonna chance it cuz we BOTH know you ain’t gonna tell.  Nobody’s gonna ever know I was here cuz you ain’t gonna say NUTHIN’…. Are ya? (as he JERKS me closer) 

Me:        (unsuccessfully trying to push him away from me)  I WILL tell.  I swear and if Mama doesn’t get you my brothers will when I tell them. 

Him:       It’ll be worth it.  Besides, you don’t got the guts to say nuthin’. 

About this time I hear Suzi and my cousin.  They are down by the garden playing in the creek by the sound of it but close enough that you can hear them. 

Me:        (never so glad to hear my little sister’s voice in my life)  See?  There’s Suzi now… I told you she was here.  You KNOW she will tell that you were here because she tells EVERYTHING. (Sorry I had to throw you under the bus Suzi!) 

Him:       (Starting to back off)  Well, you lucked out this time… but I’m gonna be watching…. I’ll get my chance… you better believe THAT. I WILL be back…. You can bet on it. I ain’t givin’ up that easy. 

 With that he was gone and I had never been so relieved in my life!  I broke down crying hysterically.  It was my job to have dinner on the table when my mom got home from work (or there’d be hell to pay if it wasn’t) but this day I was SO upset I couldn’t cook.  I was totally freaked out.  I couldn’t stop shaking or crying because I knew he MEANT what he said and he WOULD be back. 

 When my mom got home, that’s how she found me…. Red eyed, hysterical and still crying like a baby.  She knew immediately that something BAD was wrong.  Like I said… we had no phone so there was no one to call… not that I WOULD have anyway, but I couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to.  I FINALLY got out to her what had happened and I don’t think I had ever seen my mom SO livid.  Livid isn’t even a good description.  To use an old country expression… Hell flew in her!  She stormed in her bedroom and I could hear all kinds of cussing and stuff being thrown around and now I was even MORE scared.  A few minutes later she comes out with a pistol in one hand and her keys in the other and her purse on her arm! 

Me:        Where are you going? 

Mom:    I’m going to kill that son of a bitch that hurt my baby! 

Me:        He didn’t HURT me, mom… he just scared me. 

Mom:    The hell he didn’t!  And it’s not that he wouldn’t have if he could have gotten away with it. I’m gonna make sure he won’t EVER hurt you.  I’m gonna make that son of a bitch a eunich.  I’m gonna make him EAT it! 

 With that she storms out of the trailer and takes off gravel flying.  Now I’m even MORE scared.  I KNOW my mom’s temper and I KNOW she is NOT one to mess with.  I’m scared to death she’s literally going to go shoot this fool and end up in jail for the rest of her life.  She was gone for several hours and when she got back all she would say was she had “taken care” of the problem and we weren’t going to talk about it again.  It was years before I got the whole story of what happened and since I wasn’t there first hand to see what happened I can only relate what I’ve been able to piece together through “eye witness” testimony! 

 Apparently, my normally sweet, docile mom had gotten in her car and driven around our little town until she saw his car parked at a local store.  He was sitting in his car drinking beer , laughing and cutting up with a friend of his.  My mom gets out of her car, with her pistol in hand, and storms across the parking lot and right up to his car.  Keep in mind that my mom is all of about 5’1” and this guy is WELL over 6 feet tall and muscular!  So, she marches right up to his car, reaches THROUGH the open window grabs him by the collar, pulls him as far as she can out of his car window, cocks her pistol and holds it dead against his temple! 

 I have heard that he has since admitted that he messed his pants right then and there! LOL  Anyway, she cocks the gun, puts it to his temple and my sweet little mother let fly the biggest stream of cuss words that would rival any salty sailor.  I have heard that all he could stammer out was “Mrs. Carter, What are you doing?” 

Mom:    You  MotherF***er!   You think you can come up in MY house and put your MF hands on MY daughter??? 

Him:       I swear I never touched her. I didn’t hurt her!  I’d NEVER hurt her! 

Mom:    You’re G**DAMN RIGHT you won’t hurt her. I’ve got a good mind to pull this F***ing  trigger right here and now and make sure you don’t.  But I am here to tell you NOW…. DON’T you EVER  E V E R  even THINK about putting your hands on my daughter or even talking to my daughter again!  Do you understand me??? In FACT… I don’t even want you LOOKING at my daughter again!  Do you understand me BOY?  DO YOU?  

 I heard that all he could do (other than mess his britches) was shake his head yes and stammer yes ma’am.  

Mom:    If I ever even HEAR of you thinking about looking in my daughters direction as long as you live, I will blow your G**Damn head off!  Do you understand what I’m saying to you?  You will be one dead MF!  You get my drift?  You understand me BOY? 

 She then calmly walked back to her car, got in and drove home.  And he never came back and bothered me again and if I happened to be at a store where he was, he would leave immediately without even looking in my direction. 

 Fast forward about 5 years. I’m around 19 or 20, living in another state.  I came home one weekend and my best friend and I went out to this nightclub near UVA.  I’m making my way back from the bar when I feel a hand on my arm.  I turn around to the table and there sits the hoodlum!  Drunk as a skunk with his hoodlum buddies! 

 Him:       Hey K…. (my oldest sister) 

Me:        I’m not K… 

Him:       V…??? ( next oldest sister) 

Me:        Guess again! 

Him:       Well, you’re too old to be Suzi…. O M G… You’re not Peg are you? (I could see the fear in his eyes) 

Me:        (smiling at the memory and throwing him the little pointy finger “Gotcha” sign) BINGO!!! 

 He hurriedly got up, leaving his beer on the table and made a bee line for the door and left, never looking back but like his hair was on fire.  I have not seen him since!  I have recently heard that he goes to my parents a lot now, helping out around the place and helping my dad out.  I guess the years have changed him and them.  He did however admit to my mother that he had never been so scared in his life as that night and he truly thought she was going to blow his brains out right then and there and yes, he DID mess his britches!!  Served him right.


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13 Responses to Don’t Mess With Mama!

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Wow. That is soooo scary (you in the house with that guy). I cannot imagine. I am sorry that (maybe) this type of reaction (from your mom) might have frightened SuziCate, but, I think your mom handled it very well.

    Different times though.

  2. Dayam! That’s my kinda Mama! Good for her! This is really something, Peg! She’s really something!

  3. Hadassah says:

    Oh. My. God!

  4. Ron says:

    Yikes, Peg….I was on the edge of my seat reading this!

    You GO, Big Mama!

    The more I read about her from both Suziecate and you, the more I admire this awesome lady.

    Even though I am not a parent, I can so FEEL and understand that protectiveness when it comes to small children and also my family members.

    What a GREAT ending to the story…

    ” and yes, he DID mess his britches!! Served him right.”

    Damn right!

    Enjoy your Saturday, dear friend!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron & yes, I know if someone did this to one of my kids… I”m not sure if I’d have any restraint.

      And just to clarify this was our Mama, not BIG Mama. Big Mama was our grandmother (on my father’s side). Both are awesome!

  5. Spot says:

    Wow. Good for your Mama. That woman don’t take no crap!! I bet this experience did change him. So your mother probably did more good than she realized at the time.

    Thank goodness Suzi and your cousin came along when they did.


  6. Jimmy says:

    WOW Peg,

    I was about ready to go looking for this guy, I am so glad it turned out the way it did and really tickled that your Mom took care of the problem, the boy deserved to crap his pants that was too good for him if she had pulled the trigger it would have been deserved but also too good, him living in fear just gave him an example of what he put you through.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Jimmy. I have had worse happen but that’s another blog altogether. If I ever find myself strong enough to talk about that. There are some bad people in the world.

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