Should I Vent or Should I Rant? Let’s Try BOTH!

Fair warning – VENT and RANT ahead.  For all of you guys who might come here to read or laugh at something funny, you might want to skip today.  That’s okay…. My feelings won’t be hurt (well, they probably would but that’s okay too) you can come back tomorrow. I need to vent. 

I am SO pissed I could bite nails in two. But, that might make the problem worse.  I am not pissed at anyone but myself and believe me, if I could kick my own butt,  I would, but, I think the pollen has probably got that part under control.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack Truck and I sound like a man.  I keep coughing up this nasty green yellow junk (I know… TMI) but why should that surprise me since I’m breathing it in.  I have purposely been NOT going outside for like the last 4 or 5 days unless I absolutely HAVE to.

This pollen attack started while I was in Virginia last week.  It seems every time I go home during the Spring (which is usually my favorite time of year), my allergies get worse.  In fact, the last Spring that we lived there (I think 1992) I walked around all the time looking like I was crying.  My eyes were constantly running, constant itchy eyes and scratchy throat.  Last Friday night I had gotten sick and when I woke up Saturday morning my throat was sore and I thought it was from being sick Friday night but I guess all this mess was starting. 

On the way through North Carolina on Tuesday afternoon, as I was driving down Interstate 85 between Durham and Greensboro, I noticed you could actually SEE the pollen in the air. Not blowing around on the road, even though you could see that too, I mean it actually looked like yellow rain. And that was when my gas light came on and I had to stop and get gas.  Lucky me! 

So, since then and since getting back to Atlanta it’s just been awful.  I actually started taking Claritin again which I haven’t done in about 5 or 6 years.  The pollen count here the other day was almost 6,000.  I think they consider something like 120 or 130 high… so what the EFF is 6,000???? I know people who are usually unaffected by it are even having problems.  But that’s not what I’m pissed about… and I promise the two stories do tie together!

To get to the source of my pissedoffedness (yeah, I just totally made that word up, get over it)…. This evening I was actually getting a jump on my blogginess by getting my Spin Cycle “assignment” ready early. I was actually going to post it tonight and I had transferred it to my blog site and saved it in my drafts and had it all ready to post it when IT happened.  I was just sitting there watching a movie on TV minding my own business, when….

First let me back up (don’t you just hate when I do that? Get all random and jump around like that? Yeah, I hate it too)… Thursday night Hubby and I were watching TV (I swear we don’t really watch that much, it just happens that both times this happened I was).  We had eaten dinner and I was taking my vitamins.  I take those Viactiv Chewable Vitamins and Calcium Chews because to me it’s like getting to “cheat” and eat candy!  The newest Calcium Chews I got are VERY chewy…. Like a piece of caramel, those Brach’s ones that stick to your teeth really bad?  Anyway, I’m chewing the calcium when I bite down on something hard. My first thought is WTF???? My second thought is “Holy Crap, which one came off now?”  You see… I have LOTS of caps and crowns in my mouth.  In fact, I have more teeth that have caps and crowns than I have teeth that DON’T have caps and crowns…. So I immediately stop chewing and spit out this nasty mass of chocolately chewy caramelly sticky mess into my hand and sure enough… right there in the middle is one of my crowns!  Holy Bat Crap!   I extricate it from the sticky mess and run in the bathroom to clean it up and see if I can salvage it or if I have bitten it in two or something.

Thank goodness the crown is still intact!  I brush and floss and clean out the tooth and see if it fits back in there still and it does!  YAY!!!! So I go ahead and pop it back in and remind myself that I need to call the dentist ASAP on Friday morning and IF I’m gonna eat anything I gotta do it on the other side, just in case.   I wake up Friday morning and I feel like skadoody warmed over.  I can’t breathe, my eyes are swollen, my throat is scratchy and I just feel like crap.  So, I decide I’m gonna take it easy and read my blogs and give the dentist time to open and start taking calls and then I’ll see if they can fit me in for an emergency appointment.  Well…. Since this pollen is kicking my butt, it also seems to have zapped my brain cells because the next time I even think of calling the dentist is like 1:00 p.m.  and they close I think at noon on Fridays.   It’s not like I wasn’t up early… I was up at like 7:30.  My brain was just in such a fog I forgot to call (see I told you they tied in) Well, that’s my story anyway.  So, I’m thinking, it stayed in so well, no problem, I can just call them Monday morning!

All day Friday…. No problem.  All day Saturday….no problem.  All day Sunday…. No problem……. Until….. I am taking my vitamins and calcium AGAIN….. and I am PURPOSELY chewing on the OTHER side of my mouth so I have NO CLUE how it happened. Next thing I know, I’m feeling a little “breeze” that I shouldn’t be feeling on the left side of my mouth.  I have HALF of the calcium chew in my mouth on the right side and I IMMEDIATELY spit out the remainder into my palm…. It’s NOT there!   So WHERE the freak is my freaking tooth????  YUP… I swallowed it!  NOW you can laugh!  Not me…. I am pissed.  That is like a $900 crown!  I did the unthinkable…. I admit it…. I stuck my finger down my throated and TRIED to throw up.  I HATE to throw up but baby I tried like hell tonight!  And of all nights…. I COULDN’T…. Oh, I tried and I tried.  I tried drinking a whole bottle of water hoping it on top of my dinner would make me sick, no such luck.  Where is the freaking tooth fairy when you need her?  I’d pay HER to extricate this one.  I admit… if I could have thrown it up, I’d have cleaned that sucker up and disinfected it and soaked it in mouthwash or whatever to be able to use it… but since I couldn’t I can guarandamntee you I ain’t gonna use it once it comes out the OTHER end.  Nope, nosireeebob….  The tooth fairy can keep that sucker now.  That’s one tooth I can do without.  $900 or not!  Talk about something coming back to bite you in the butt!!!! I’m sure this ain’t gonna be fun….  Go ahead, I can take it…. I guess I’ll be the butt of all your jokes for a few days… I don’t mind. I guess you can say I’m taking one for the team.


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24 Responses to Should I Vent or Should I Rant? Let’s Try BOTH!

  1. suzicate says:

    No picture to my cell this time? I feel so bad for you. Try Zyrtec…Clariton is like water to me. I was doing ok with the pollen for a change until I went bike riding two days in a row, and dang it I woke up in the night last night…the gunk has hit! And I hope you find your cap in your bed or something, but before you have a new one…hope you didn’t swallow it.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I really think it’s too late to find it in my bed unless I have an “accident” and it comes out the bottom end and then I don’t WANT it in my mouth again… know what I mean? NO, unfortunately I’m pretty darn sure I swallowed it. And this one, thank goodness is kind of in the back so, no picture. I hope you lost that other one? I hope you feel better.

      Oh, and bike riding two days in a row? I’m proud of you! I’m so glad you didn’t ask me if I wanted to do that while I was there. LOL

      • suzicate says:

        I deleted the pic…I only teased you with it for two days. I would never have exposed you…I don’t dislike anyone that much to cause them such embarrassment! Rem. the other sister asked for it and couldn’t believe I’d deleted it, like I would have given it to her, ha!!!!

      • pegbur7 says:

        See? I knew there was a reason that you’re my favorite! LOL That’s only ONE of the MANY MANY reasons. I know you wouldn’t. You’re too classy for that (and sweet … now that we’re older, right?) LY

  2. Oh, that sucks! I have a bunch of crowns too, so I know how awful and expensive that would be!!

  3. Ron says:

    OMG, I’m sorry to be laughing at your BRILLIANT vent, but it was beyond HYSTERICAL, Peg!

    I am almost DIED when you said you swallowed your crown.

    I so totally know, feel, and identify with the frustration of teeth issues. I have SEVERAL crowns and have had similar experiences happen to me. I cracked one while eating once and it not only pulled off the crown, but also split and destroyed the entire root. Rather than pay $2,000. for an implant, I just had the dentist pull it. It was a tooth way in the back, so it’s not even visible unless I throw my head back and laugh.

    Isn’t this season awful for allergies?? The pollen is horrendous.

    Sending ya a BIG hug with this comment, my friend.

    {{{{{{ Peg }}}}}}


    • pegbur7 says:

      You don’t even know the half of my teeth issues Ron! Last year I had to have an endoscopy and as I’m coming to, my doctor says “Oh, BTW…. while you were under your crown got popped off.” I’m thinking (in my stupor) WTF is he talking about and as he walked off I felt with my tongue that my front crown had not only been “popped off” but the tooth underneath had been broke off AT THE GUM!!! That was what Suzi was referring to because in my still anesthetic haze I actually took a picture with my cell phone and sent it to her! How stupid is that? Now she has blackmail material! Still fighting with them to make them pay for that one! It was top front center so I couldn’t even open my mouth without scaring off half the population. Talk about a hay seed farmer. I sure looked like one then!

      Thanks for the love and hugs! BTW… Hubby wants to know what your favorite philly cheese place is in Philly?

  4. Spot says:

    Awww…poor Peg!! No laughter here. The pollen is just beginning to get to me this year. Eating claritin and benadryl like candy. Spring and Fall are the worst for us. Throw in the Asthma and it’s a wonder we don’t just hibernate.

    I’m so sorry about your crown. I don’t have any but I know how expensive they are. My mom lost a veneer (sp?) in Myrtle Beach and she was pissed! Turns out it was the 3rd time it had fallen off. Dentists need some new glue or something.

    Hopefully your week gets better.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m hopiing so too. I have an appointment for Thursday afternoon. They asked if I wanted to wait for it to “come through” so they could reconnect it. I told her not just no, but HELL NO… I’ll gladly repay the $900 even if I have to borrow it rather than put poo teeth in my mouth! Even though I’ve probably eaten worse in my day, but, it was without my knowledge. She said “We can sterilize it” I told her there wasn’t enough sterilization in the world for me to knowingly do that! Sorry…. 😦 Thanks for the sympathy!

  5. Oh Peg Peg Peg! I am not laughing at this! Too close to home! I can’t laugh at anything that involves trips to the dentist, emotional trauma, pain, and horrible expense! (Okay, maybe in the telling it was a little funny.) But still! Honey this is awful! I’m so sorry!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Not as sorry as me or my pocketbook! But, at least I can still find humor in the telling even if it does piss me off, right? 🙂 I’ll just keep smiling, although not too widely… don’t want anyone seeing the snaggletooth! LOL

  6. terrepruitt says:

    Oh, I totally understand the allergy haze. It is awful. Allergies are exhausting. I am so sorry you ate your crown. That is an expensive thing to eat and it is not as if you enjoyed it like an nice meal. Bummer.

    I hope it all works out. It will somehow.

    • pegbur7 says:

      LOL… not like a nice meal… you got that right. I didn’t even notice it until AFTER it was gone! Have an appt for Thursday. Hoping it’s NOT one of the newer ones or insureance won’t pay their part….

  7. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    Oh! That is so awful! I’ve heard of people doing that, but I thought it was an “urban myth”. I would think a person would choke! Too bad they don’t sell insurance on those things!
    Lindsey Petersen

    • pegbur7 says:

      Too small. It’s just like a shell of enamel and metal. I do have dental insurance which covers up to half of it, but… if it’s something that has been done in the last 3 years (which I think it was about a year ago) they won’t cover any. They only cover the same tooth after three years. That kinda sucks!

  8. Jimmy says:

    Vent, Rant, Rave, and several other terms could be used here Peg, I like the way you presented it to us a bad situation for you given in a humorous way.

    I think I’d “Bite The Bullett” so to say and opt for a new one as I am with you about not reusing the old one.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, she offered again on the phone today and I politely declined! As my friend said today, it would give a whole new (and grosser) meaning to the term “potty mouth”. Not one I would want.

      I try to find the humor even in the bad, but I was still pissed off! 🙂

  9. Hadassah says:

    My teeth are horrible. I feel your pain…all the way in Tampa girl.

  10. Mitzi says:

    Oh Peg…it has been quite a while since I’ve found writing that thoroughly keeps my attention. I found you through the “Getting to Know You” post from Lynette Kraft’s blog “Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground” (I’m posted there too) and I am so very glad that I stopped here!

    Now as for the ordeal with your tooth. You’ll get no laughs from me my friend, I know all too well the pain and suffering our teeth put us through. Hopefully you did not have to fork over yet another $900.00 though…ouch! Seems like they should cut you some slack!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks SO much for stopping by! I went yesterday and had them put on a temporary crown. Unfortunately it turns out that this was an OLD crown and he said it needed replacing anyway and it wasn’t one that he had put on there orginally so yes, I will have to fork out the full price (but he is more reasonable than most). I guess that’s a good thing because if it HAD been within the last three years our insurance wouldn’t cover any of it. At least the insurance will cover about half of it!

      Thanks for the compliment on my writing. I think I am addicted to blogging! LOL

    • pegbur7 says:

      I can’t find your blog!

  11. terrepruitt says:

    So, how did it go at the dentist?

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