Hay Seed Farmer

Spin Cycle - Appearances

Appearances can be deceiving.  Several  years ago Hubby managed a cafeteria style restaurant in an upscale area of Atlanta.  He had many repeat customers but one couple in particular made an impression on him.  The couple was older and they always dressed rather plainly. In fact, the man usually wore bib blue jean overalls.  Hubby said he usually looked like he’d just rolled up to the sidewalk on his tractor.  Kind of a “hay-seed plowboy” if you will. 

They were always very nice and kind, but also plain and simple country folk.  Hubby always assumed he “didn’t have a row to hoe”.  In fact, Hubby always felt guilty taking his money because he felt they could probably hardly afford to eat out.  One day the gentleman asked Hubby how much he’d charge to cater his son’s wedding.  Being the kind gentleman my hubby is, he decided to help this gentleman out since he could tell by looking at him that he could not afford a “real caterer”.  

This man wanted carved ham and turkey at the wedding so Hubby bought the ham and turkey with his company discount and passed the savings on to this man and hubby even told the gentleman he would come himself and carve the ham and turkey .  He didn’t want him (farmer man) to have to waste the money to pay someone else to do the carving since he surely needed every penny he had.  I guess Hubby assumed that the bride’s parents were even worse off than this couple since they were stuck with paying for it.  He cut corners wherever he could to make sure this man’s son could have the wedding  reception  they could be  proud of.  But, one that even the average Joe could afford.  

The day of the wedding arrived and Hubby got off work early so he could go help this gentleman out.  They lived even farther out in the boonies than we did which just solidified in hubby’s mind how poor they were.  Hubby told me when he rounded the curve leading up to their house he almost wrecked our van!  The driveway leading up to their house was bookended by two HUGE identical lions made of Italian marble and the house was a mansion!  He could not believe his eyes.  They had like a 6 car garage with cars like Bentleys and Rolls Royces housed in them.   You could have knocked hubby over with a feather.  They had a full housekeeping staff.  Their kitchen had two industrial icemakers and large commercial side by side refrigerators. 

Hubby called me later and said “They have a game room….you HAVE to come see it!”  I am thinking to myself… I am NOT gonna get these two babies up and dressed to come and see some pool table!  Hubby insisted I drive the half hour out to this house and if I hadn’t I would never have believed him.  This “game room” had like 20 foot ceilings and when he said game room… he meant game as in lions, tigers and bears… OH MY!  Seriously?  YES… seriously, there was a life sized stuff giraffe that he had killed on safari in Africa… along with an actual TREE with a leopard and tiger posed on opposing limbs in all their taxidermy splendor!  He did not have a whole elephant but he did have a front leg up to the knee of an elephant that had been stuffed (taxidermed?? Is that the correct verbage?) and fashioned into an end table!  I kid you not!  There was a loft area you could climb a spiral staircase to get to so you could better view the animals in the trees. 

To say we were both flabbergasted would be the understatement of the century.  And  the bedrooms all literally looked like hotel rooms in that they all had two double or queen beds in them… or at least the three or four I saw did.  

It also had a pool that would put most large apartment complex pools to shame.  And a pool house that was bigger than our house.    

Hubby later found out this man had written some computer program that most building supply and lumber stores used to estimate how much material it would take to build any certain house.  This man was ROLLING in the dough to say the least.  And Hubby had given this man the biggest discount I think he had ever given anybody just because he LOOKED like he couldn’t afford anything more, so, yes… looks can be VERY deceiving!  And judging people by their looks can be very devastating, to your ego AND your wallet!


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31 Responses to Hay Seed Farmer

  1. terrepruitt says:

    No matter how many times we say it, hear it, are faced with it, we all still do it. (I think. At least I do!)

  2. So funny.
    Your hubby is obviously a peach of a guy!

  3. Sounds like one lesson your husband was more than happy to learn the hard way! Your husband is a wonderful man to help out someone like that though. Loved this Spin! You’re linked!

  4. suzicate says:

    Awesome Spin. Great Story, and we know that D-Kitty has a heart of gold.

  5. Becca says:

    What an amazing story. Talk about not judging a book by its cover. Your hubby still did a good deed but I am sure learned his lesson.

  6. Joanie M says:

    haha!! I love this story!!! Never judge a book by it’s cover! And that is a classic example! Great spin!

  7. Jan says:

    I had a feeling something like that was coming – but a stuffed giraffe he’d shot while on safari?

    You know, we’re in the software business. It’s not always that lucrative, I’m sorry to say…

    • pegbur7 says:

      He was obviously on the front end of it all. It turned out that I believe the land the mall where hubby’s restaurant was on, he at one time also owned…. long ago and had sold it and moved out past where we lived. I’m sure a lot of the money came from that too!

  8. Ron says:

    First, I gotta say, “You hubby is a such great guy!”

    Second, this post is SOOOO right on!

    Never judge a book by it’s cover.

    You have no idea how much I constantly need to remind myself that at work when someone comes in to buy something and I assume they can’t afford the price of a LARGE bottle of fragrance and they end up buying TWO.

    Dumby me.

    I’ve learned…never to assume.

    GREAT post, Peg!

    Have a flawless weekend.


  9. This is absolutely marvelous! What a dollbaby your husband is! It’s so funny because a lot of the people I’ve known who have a lot of money live very modestly. It’s people like us middle class folks who really don’t have a pot to hoe in, who want to show what they’ve got! LOL! Love this story, Peg!

  10. Maybe in like 20 years you’ll be blogging a story like “Remember that nice old rich couple my husband catered for, yeah, he died and left us a boat load of cash.”
    One could dream!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, that would be quite a dream! LOL I think they had enough kids to take care of any cash left when they pass! But I definately would NOT turn it down if I were ever lucky enough for that to happen! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hadassah says:

    So how was the rich man to your husband after the fact? Was he appreciative??

  12. Gretchen says:

    I LOVE this! Hysterical, and such a lesson!

  13. Patty says:

    Oh, this is funny! Yep, we do need to be careful in our judgments, but this also reveals how generous and kind your husband is!

  14. NikNik says:

    I had some regulars I thought Only came into Logans on payday because they looked poor and only came in every other Friday or Sunday… Only to find out that the man owned his own construction company. They had a HUGE house out in the country on acres upon acres. He once tipped me $20 on $40 and i tried to give it back saying that it was too much. He replied “Honey, I got more money than you’ll have for a long-a** time. Take the $20 and enjoy it!” I felt like a complete idiot!

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