Cast the Stone

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The prompt I have chosen to wrote about this week is:

“let he who hath no sin cast the first stone…” Is there anything you have judged prematurely, only to find yourself walking in the same shoes later?
(inspired by Stephanie from This Blessed Life

I used to use the phrase “well, I will NEVER” a lot.  It could be pertaining to anything. From not cheating on a boyfriend (I would NEVER cheat on my boyfriend) , to letting yourself get out of shape (I will NEVER let myself go like SHE did), to kids acting up (MY kids will NEVER act like THAT in public!)…. Whatever the topic of conversation or rumor mill or gossip was at that given moment.  I have since taken up the phrase “Never say never”  because I have learned that whenever I say I will NEVER do something it always comes back to bite me in the butt!

The times that come to mind quickest of course would be concerning the actions of my children. I remember before they were born and Hubby or even  PRE-Hubby, being out in public and seeing OTHER peoples kids acting out and turning to the person beside me and rolling my eyes saying “MY kids will NEVER act like that in public.  Why don’t these people control their kids?”  Like that is an option?

One particular story I’d like to relate I was not privy to although I think I would have liked to be an observer but that would have me a partner in the guilt.  This is relayed as was told to me by Hubby.  I had gone to a convention in Florida for 3 days when #1 & #2 were very young (Oldest was probably less than 3).  I know…whatever possessed me to leave my two younger innocent children at home (UN)attended by a supposed adult (Hubby)?   I mean really, I should NOT have been surprised by anything he told me, especially after the condition of my children when I got home. 

The day I came home, Hubby had to work so he left the kids at a friend’s house.  When I got back in town I went by this friend’s house to pick them up.  #2 was filthy.  Seriously, her overalls could have stood in the corner by themselves.  Her favorite outfit was a pair of almost peachy colored Minnie Mouse overalls.  She loved those things.  So… I pick her up and she’s in her Minnie Mouse overalls that are now almost brown with dirt.  She was also at the age where even those she could walk, she chose to crawl a LOT.  I didn’t say anything to my friend because I was afraid maybe her carpet was really dirty and that was how she had gotten dirty and I didn’t want to insult my friend.  I thanked her for watching them (and she was acting a little weird, but I ignored that too).

I got them home and immediately stripped #2 and threw her in the tub and threw her overalls in the washing machine.  About the time they were done, it dawned on me…. “Wait a minute…this is the SAME outfit she was wearing when I LEFT….. THREE DAYS AGO!”  So, I immediately call Hubby at work and ask him if he had put the same clothes on her for 3 days in a row and his reply was “Well, that’s what she wanted to wear!”  WTF????  She’s a freaking year and a half old… How the HECK does she even KNOW what she wants to wear?  Seriously!  But, out LOUD what I say is:  “Well…. That’s fine to let her WEAR them but you do need to WASH them every day!”  Oops… Guess he didn’t think about that part. At least then I knew why my friend acted so weird but now I was too embarrassed to call and tell her I had married an idiot that didn’t realize he was supposed to actually wash his children’s clothes!  Sorry honey, you KNOW that was kind of stupid!  I’m just saying!

Back to the I NEVER story (sorry got a little side-tracked)…. So, after Hubby gets home he nonchalantly says “Oh, by the way…. We can’t go to Shoney’s for about 6 months.”  HUH??? Can you PLEASE explain that one (the reason I never say my kids will never act that way anymore…)?  So, here is Hubby’s explanation in his paraphrased words:

“Well, we went to Shoney’s to eat dinner the other night and you weren’t there. You know how one of us will sit with the kids while the other goes to the salad bar? Well, you weren’t there to help so I had to leave them both at the table while I got my salad.  I’m getting my salad and out of the corner of my eye I see this kid running around the salad bar like crazy, in circles.  And the parents are nowhere to control this kid!  I’m thinking to myself how irresponsible and annoying this is when I turn around and realize it’s #2!  She has stripped down to her diaper and was running around the salad bar like a maniac!”

AFTER I quit laughing, I asked him what he did and he said “We ate and then we left… but I think we should stay away for about six months just to be on the safe side!”

So….never say never…. It will come back to bite you in the butt, just make sure you at least have yours covered with a diaper!


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28 Responses to Cast the Stone

  1. Wray says:

    At least she kept her diaper on.
    Cute story. Thank you.

  2. suzicate says:

    Poor #2…yeah, you know she was loving it! See, she’s always known exactly what she wanted and has gone for it. Got admire the spunk!

  3. There is no one that knows more about raising kids than those w/o any.
    I feel like the older I get, the less I am sure of, and thus the wiser I am.

  4. Spot says:

    Silly girl, that’s what nannys are for! I traveled alot for work when the kids were small and we had a nanny, because no way would I have trusted hubby! Ha!

    Hilarious story!

  5. I always have to snicker when I hear people say “Oh my kid would NEVER…”. Uh huh, Whatever you follow that up with, you are wrong. And you will live to understand how wrong you were! Fun article Peg!

  6. Ron says:


    This story was hysterical!

    And as I was reading this, I couldn’t agree with you more….

    …this why I never say NEVER.

    It’s come back to bite me in the butt.


    Hope you’re having a great time!


  7. dwight burke says:

    Mom,I knew that one day you would write this story! You told it perfectly. Now that I am older and wiser(?????) I know our grand kids will be safe! Hope you are having fun with Dirtman and Suzie-Dog!!!Love Dwight

  8. Shauna says:

    You are right- never say never- no matter what! But really, overalls for 3 days (I’m not judging- just asking! ;-)I’m following you now- stop by my place when you can.

  9. terrepruitt says:

    Awesome! So funny.

    I know what you mean though. I don’t have kids, but I still find myself in those situations I swore I would never be in. So I tried to stop saying never about 10 years ago.

    I ALMOST believe that when you say NEVER it WILL happen. Ya know what I mean? So I really try not to say that or even THINK it. Its like a curse!

  10. LisaF says:

    We ALL have eaten our fair share of crow. Even with salt and pepper (and Tabasco sauce) it doesn’t taste good. And I’m sure we’ve topped off that crow with some delicious Humble Pie.

  11. Jimmy says:

    We never said “Our Kids will never act like that” because ours were the ones others were saying that about Ha Ha

    Seriously you have to love kids and whatever they put you through is just part of the training process. I believe that about the time we have it all figured out is when the Grandbabies come along and the kids are again not listening to us.

  12. Hadassah says:

    men…gotta love ’em. When I met Addison, he was 5. Adam was allowing him to watch Adam Sandler movies. Seriously?!? That stopped.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I have SO many stories. I told my hubby he seems to be an endless supply of blog fodder with things he has done with the kids or LET them do! LOL

  13. Lourie says:

    Oh how many times I have eaten my words! And now when I see that out of control child, or the screamer(usually at Wal-Mart), I think: yep. been there done that. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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