Dirty “Boogie” Dancing

Loved me some Patrick Swayze


Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies.  It was released in theaters in 1987 when Hubby and I had been married 6 years and we had 2 kids but it still transported me back to being a teenager.  Oh, how I pulled for Baby… Nobody puts Baby in a corner! I wanted to stand up in the theater and cheer when Patrick Swayze uttered those words.  Imagine how excited I was when the movie was finally released on video and we could watch it at home.  I could not WAIT. 

The day finally arrived and we (okay me) were probably the first ones in line to rent it.  We brought it home and invited our babysitter over to watch it with us.  Her family was kind of strict and wouldn’t let her watch things like that even though she was 17.  So, we concocted this story that we needed her to babysit so her mom would let her come over (little did we know we would end up really needing her to babysit that night).  We made popcorn and sent #1 and #2 (who were about 2 and 4 at the time) to their room to play. 

I swear we were barely through the opening credits when #2 comes in the living room with her index finger ¾ of the way up her nose.   I grab her hand and extricate the finger from her nose (of course I am more preoccupied with getting BACK to Patrick Swayze and trying to get her back to her room – wonderful mommy that I am) and the following conversation ensues: 

Me:   Don’t do that…Get your finger out of your nose! 

#2:   {Imagine her little voice even more distorted by the air being cut off by the finger shoved up her nose, very nasally result) I’m twyin a get dis sing out my nose… 

Me:  (not fully hearing what she said) STOP…it’s not nice to walk around with your finger up your nose.  Quit picking your nose! 

#2: I NOT, mommy! I twyin a get dis sing out my nose! 

Me:  What are you talking about?  What THING in your nose?  All I see is your finger!  STOP! (again pulling her finger out of her nostril) 

#2’s favorite toy at the moment was She-ra, the Princess of Power doll she had.  For those of you that don’t remember Shera, she was the precursor to the whole Lucy Lawless, Xena warriar princess rage.  Here is a picture of a Shera Doll.  Please note the one on the right and the shield in her left hand. 

SHERA - Power Princess!


#2 runs off to her room and comes back with the Shera Doll’s shield and points to the shield and says: 

“DIS sing in my nose, mommy!” 

I glance at the shield which is obviously not in her nose because it’s in her hand! 

Me:  Uh, huh.  Now stop picking your nose… you have your shield in your hand.   Go play in your room (I wanna get back to Patrick BABY!!) 

#2:  (pointing to shield VERY adamantly):  NO, MOMMY!  DIS sing in my nose. 

Upon closer inspection of said shield I realize one SMALL piece of the puzzle is missing.  Nay, one small piece of the SHIELD is missing.  Where there is supposed to be a stone embedded in the shield, there is NO stone.  WTF???  Did you notice in the picture that there was a small stone on the shield? Yeah, THAT was missing. 

I grabbed my sweet little child and throw her down on the floor and grab the flashlight and practically shove IT up her nose.  Yup, there it is… wedged WAY up there…. So high you can BARELY see it.  I grab a tissue and command her to blow her nose. . . nothing.  I tell her to blow HARDER… nothing….I try to stick MY finger up her nose. Nope, too big….Sadly, this whole time she’s been digging for gold she was most likely wedging it even further up her nose.   I tried tweezers…. not a good idea. She was having NO part of that. 

I grab the phone and call the local hospital emergency room.  Since this would be her third trip in a fairly short period of time, we practically have them on speed dial!  The Triage nurse informs me that since she is not there, and she is not the doctor she cannot tell me IF it’s life threatening (really?  Is that called covering their butt?) but she CAN tell me that it needs to come out!  Since we already have the baby sitter there (see?  I KNEW I shouldn’t have lied!  Never works out!) hubby and I hop in the van to drive #2 to the ER at a hospital the next county over (seriously!  I didn’t want DFCS on our doorstep for 3 ER trips!) to see if we can extricate Shera’s shield stone from #2’s nostril. 

I think this was also shortly after my aunt’s sinus surgery where they found a Petrified (or would that be PUTRIFIED) dried bean that had been stuck up her nose for over 50 years.  I didn’t want my baby suffering through 50 years of sinus misery over Shera’s stone, but I guess it wouldn’t have putrified! 

We get there and despite it NOT being life threatening, I guess since she was so young they took us back fairly quickly.  The doctor was a young female doctor.  Before long she was in tears.  It was like something you’d see in a sitcom!  Poor little #2 has been strapped down to a “papoose” board because she keeps grabbing the doctors and interns and anyone else’s hands that get near her face, or just in reach of her hands!  I was TRYING to help but I was crying too because I felt like I was hurting my baby.  Every time they would get it loose she would breathe IN through her nose really quickly and suck it right back up into her nasal passageway. 

I guess she was always sticking something in her nose or mouth!


Poor baby… she was strapped down and PISSED OFF!  All she kept saying over and over (and very clearly I might add) was “GET ME OUTTA HERE!!” And she was pulling and yanking trying to get her arms and hands freed.  If it hadn’t been so sad it would have been funny then but she really did look pitiful.  NOW it’s funny, but… 

The doctor finally took a LARGE paper clip (tweezers and such had not worked and a small paper clip would not fit around the stone) and unbent the end and looped it around the stone to pull it out.  It took seriously about an hour to do it.  She was not much worse for wear when all was said and done other that her nose being sore and her being hoarse from screaming at the top of her lungs and probably kinda wet from both the doctor and myself crying all over her.  And that did end up being her last trip to the ER for a while (until she had an allergic reaction a few years later) and DFCS did not come and haul me off for my bad mommy moment and we finally got to see Dirty Dancing… we just had to stop for a while to take care of the “stone” cold boogie… or should I say boogER?


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24 Responses to Dirty “Boogie” Dancing

  1. Lynn aka RLL says:

    You make me so glad that I have dogs!!!!! That paperclip thing…I’m going to remember. Brilliant idea. And no, I’d never laugh. 😉

  2. Poor little girl! I wonder how she got it UP there in the first place… I mean, kids stick things in their mouths and noses, but I wonder what possessed her to try to put that little stone up her nose!

    I once almost choked on a Polly-Pocket sized plastic dolphin, and I swear my mom is STILL nervous about me and tiny things [and I’m almost 20].

  3. Ron says:

    … “we just had to stop for a while to take care of the “stone” cold boogie… or should I say boogER?”


    OMG, when I was a kid I did the same thing with the tip of a crayola crayon. I love the smell of crayons, so I guess I must have SNIFFED a little too deep and UP it shot!!! Luckily, blowing my nose got it out, but brother…was that scary.

    You and I are truly twins because Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favorite films. When it first came out I went and saw it THREE times! Didn’t you just love that final dance scene??

    Now that you reminded me, I need to rent it again!

    Hope you’re having a great Sunday!


    • pegbur7 says:

      You must have inhaled a little too deep? OMG I rolled at that? Do the different colors smell different Like flavors? LOL No, I like the way they smell too.

      Hey, I can watch Dirty Dancing today… Hubby bought me the 20th anniversary addition! AND the Wizard of Oz special edition too…. what a great hubby!
      Enjoy your Sunday too! (and yes, we are twins….)

  4. Angelia Sims says:

    “(see? I KNEW I shouldn’t have lied! Never works out!) ”

    That’s what happens to me too! That’s why I don’t bother lying. NEVER pays off!

    I am so thankful Sydney never did that. What a story! LOL at the end. 🙂

  5. Jimmy says:

    Memories Peg, this brings back memories for me I remember sitting in the ER waiting our turn holding a bloody washcloth to my sons cut head, listening to the screams of a young child sounding like he was being killed coming from the room, we were about ready to resort to duct tape when the kid and his Mom come out looking like nothing was wrong, he proudly held up a red lego and said “this was stuck up my nose”

  6. It may sound funny, but there really is nothing more terrifying than something where it SHOULD NOT BE with your baby! Dear God, Peg! Still, alls well, and see, she’s fine! Not even traumatized now. (Of course, it has been a while… lol! Poor baby!

  7. joz1234 says:

    oh man! I’m sure she didn’t want to go back to the doctor for a VERY long time. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a bean. it could have sprouted. that would have sucked.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Funny, I think I mentioned that my aunt had sinus surgery and they found a bean that had been up her nose for over 50 years. It was like a stone by then!

  8. suzicate says:

    I remember this! Remember how both of mine stuck something up their noses, too? Must be a family child thing!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I also remember how one of yours ate my dog’s heartworm medicine at my house once and scared the crap out of me! I had to call poison control only to be told he should be find as long as he wasn’t being “wormed” for anything else! LOL

  9. LisaF says:

    My youngest did the same thing with a rock! We were walking along and I asked her where the rock was that was in her hand. She replied, “Up my nose.” An emergency trip to the pediatrician and a pair of long-handled tweezers later…she never did it again!

  10. Spot says:

    This was hilarious! My kids pulled this crap constantly. I have tweezed out legos, small plastic beads and dried beans repeatedly from their orifices. There’s nothing funnier than “mom, I have a wego up my nose!”. No trips to the ER except the time CJ shoved a piece of crescent roll so far into his ear I couldn’t retrieve it. Gotta love them…


  11. Hadassah says:

    Poor baby. I had the end of a pencil eraser stuck up my nose as a kid…..

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