I Done Been Tagged Too

Anniversty cake for Mom & Dad's 50th


 So, Gregory J, over at Living My Life, Whatever, tagged me for this little “exercise”.  Should be fun so I will play along.  Here are the rules: 

Here are the rules.
1. Go to your first photo file and pick the 10th photo in it.
2. Tell the story behind the photo.
3. Tag 5 other people to do likewise.

 Now… I have to admit… I cheated “a little”… but only because my first photo file was downloaded from our digital camera that my #3 uses all the time and it was all pictures of her friends and the #10 was not appropriate, plus I have no clue what it was about and could not explain it if I tried!  SO… I went to the open general folder and went to the 10th pic and it was something someone sent me, again, no clue how to explain it so I picked the NEXT pic… which is the one above.  Now that I’ve gotten that LONG drawn out explanation of why I cheated out of the way!!! Now, I can ‘splain the picture. 

This is a photo the the “wedding” cake my Hubby (wonderful and generous man that he is) made for my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary 10 years ago.  For their 50th anniversary, my mom and dad decided to renew their vows.  Ok… collective AWWWWWW.  Yea, it was very sweet.  We all (meaning all 6 kids and my sisters-in-law) all got to stand up with them as their “attendants” while they recited their renewal vows.  Aren’t we just a sappy bunch?  It was VERY emotional for me… not sure about my siblings. 

Anywho… my mom and dad got married (originally) when my mom was only like 15 and she didn’t have a “formal” wedding gown nor did she have a “wedding cake”.  I think she always felt “cheated” because she didn’t.  Hubby knew this and thought she ought to have a proper one..  So, he labored for DAYS making the above cake for their renewal ceremony/anniversary party.  

This picture was taken when she first saw the cake.  In case you can’t tell by the picture, she is boo hooing her eyeballs out right there.  My older sister is standing beside her admiring the cake.  Hubby had made the cake and the two grooms cakes (sheet cakes to each side) for them.  He wanted it to be a big splashy show of a cake.  He wanted to make sure that wherever you sat in the room, you could see that cake!  You could see it as soon as you walked in the door and wherever you sat. 

In the background is my father, me (you can barely see my head beside my dad), hubby (he still had some dark hair!) and my little sister, SuziCate (in the pink).  

We are now planning their 60th anniversary party for this summer (actual anniversary is September).  Hubby asked me if he needed to make another wedding cake and I told him that I thought him doing the food was going to be quite enough!  He is such a sweetheart. I am SO lucky to have married such a wonderful sweet man.  He loves my mom and dad dearly and would do anything in the world to make them happy.  That makes ME happy! 

So, I am supposed to tag 5 people to participate…..let’s see who I can pick on!  My pics are: 

1.  Angelia 

2.  Ron 

3.  Jane 

4.  Kat 

5.  John 

Ok guys!  You’re tagged!  Let’s see what you come up with!


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19 Responses to I Done Been Tagged Too

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    That is so precious! Makes me sniffles as well. Awwh!

    I hope I don’t have to “cheat” but believe me I think my first photo file is titled 4 year old shots. Molly at four got my camera and snapped away all day. It’s mostly like FEET, her face too close to the lens, floorboard, view from the car window, and FEET. Guess at four you see a lot of feet! HA.

    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s hilarious. At my daughter’s wedding, we put cameras on all the tables for guests to take candid shots and one of them was my son in law’s little cousin. Some of thos pictures were real keepers… LOL

  2. terrepruitt says:

    That is so fabulous. I love it.

    How awesome after 50 years to “get” your wedding cake. Yay!

    Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wray says:

    What a beautiful cake and story. What a wonderful husband.
    My parents were married in ’42 when my Father was in the Army. My Mother went to Ft.Eustis, VA for the ceremony at the Army chapel. I doubt they had a cake. They celebrated 50, but my Father died a year before 60 yrs.

    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s so sad that he passed before their 60th but I think a lot of people got married a lot later than my parents. I think the fact that they were so young counted for a lot. It will offically be 60 in September.

  4. dwight burke says:

    What a great thing it is to be a part of your family. It is easy to love when you are loved, To the world greatest wife,thank you!!!!

  5. dwight burke says:

    Wow,I did have a little black hair back then. Still remember that cake. When I did #1’s wedding cake,I said to myself,”Thank you God for a gift that my family will always remember me by!” On my tomdstone will read,”Laid to rest ,The World’s Dumdest Man,but he sure could cook!” Love you.

  6. Spot says:

    OMG. That cake is amazing!! As is the story. And your husband’s responses…too good. You really did luck out with that one! Yay Mom & Dad! Yay Dwight & Peg!!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks and yes, I did LUCK OUT…. funny thing… as I was walking down the aisle to marry him on my dad’s arm, my dad turned to me and said “You sure you want to do this? It’s not too late! We can turn around NOW” They ahd just met him the day before! Now they LOVE LOVE LOVE him! Who wouldn’t???

  7. Ron says:

    OMG…what a touching story, Peg!

    I could feel your mom’s emotion just from the photo.

    And that cake looks sooooo faaabulous! Holy cow…your hubby should go into the cake-making business. Honestly, it’s so professional looking!

    And BTW, wedding cake is my favorite kind of cake to eat. OMG…LOVE it!! I like to crash weddings and just steal the cake – HA!

    Listen, thank you sooooo much for including me in this tag, that is very thoughtful of you. However, I don’t participate in them.

    Will you still be my friend?

    Have a SUPER weekend, dear lady!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I will still be your friend. I’ll just accept your KICK ASS hello kitty pics today as your 10th pic. You are such a hoot!!! You always make me laugh. Nay, guffaw!!! I know to always make sure I have NOTHING in my mouth I don’t mind projectile spitting out and that I have thoroughly emptied my bladder BEFORE I read your posts because anything in either place? It gonna SHOOT out! I hope you will always be my friend!

      BTW… Hubbies cakes are also always EDIBLE…. not just pretty but delicious!! I’ll have to post the ones he did for my best friends daughter’s wedding and our #1’s wedding. He is very talented indeed. And his chocolate eclairs? to die for. And I mean that in the sense that if you come between my mom and hubby’s chocolate eclairs? SHE WILL KILL YOU!!!!

  8. Beautiful cake, beautiful husband, beautiful parents, and beautiful Peg. Enough said!

  9. Jane says:

    What a great story behind the picture! I just hope my 10th pic will be story worthy! Stay tuned!

  10. Hadassah says:

    You always have such great stories. I think I should do a post such as this…

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