The Thrill of it All

I love amusement parks. I especially love roller coasters. The faster and more loops and turns and excitement it has the better. I love Six Flags Over Georgia because it is the “graveyard” for old roller coasters. I think they have in excess of 10. I don’t go very often but I DO love it. I love the Rockin Roller Coaster at Disney. 

Plays Aerosmith songs during the ride - Love it!


I HATE rides that go round and round. I get vertigo, I get nauseous, I get SICK…. I hate hate hate rides that go round and round especially if they are in the dark, which Hubby did trick me into riding once when Opryland Amusement Park still existed. It was one of those rides that went round and round but had “arms” with cars attached. Each arm had like four “sets” of cars attached. The car would spin one way but the “set” would spin another way and then the whole ride would spin the way the cars were (I think- I’m getting sick just trying to remember!). As if that wasn’t enough… the whole thing would tilt and it was in the dark and then they would turn on these strobe lights like a disco. OMG….I was sick for hours and literally could not walk for about 10 or 15 minutes after I got off of it. I could barely stumble outside literally lurching like a drunk. After I finally got outside the ride I had to sit on the bench with my head down for 10 or 15 minutes before we could go on. 

Hubby loves those kinds of rides and hates roller coasters, which I tricked him into riding last summer. I guess opposites really do attract, huh? I think he’s afraid of them because of his height though? Maybe he thinks he’s gonna whack his head when they go through tunnels and stuff? Our kids seem to love almost every ride in every amusement park. I remember the first time #2 rode the Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia ( you can click here to see a video of it here She was probably 6… maybe a little older. She BEGGED me to let her ride it. If you don’t know what the Mind Bender is, it’s a VERY fast roller coaster that makes several loops twists and turns and it has a very appropriate name. This is Six Flags “official” description: Bend your brains out of shape on the first triple-loop coaster on the continent. Catapult through three loops—two vertical—at speeds up to 50 mph. Hurtle over 400,000 lbs. of unforgiving steel for a thrill bonanza like nothing you’ve ever experienced 



The line was VERY long. She begged and pleaded and I really didn’t want to stand in line for an hour PLUS especially since she had never ridden it, I didn’t want her to get really scared, but she kept begging so I finally agreed. Little rug rat!!  

ok - she's a little older than rugrat age here


 We were in line about an hour and a half and I kept asking her if she was SURE she wanted to ride it and she said yes, and I told her that she COULD NOT back down. That if we were going to stand in that line that she was GOING to ride it, no ifs ands or buts. True to form and just as I had feared, she waited until the car stopped RIGHT in front of us and decided she didn’t want to do it. I told her no, sorry, she was GOING to ride it… like it or NOT. We got in the car (roller coaster car) and she buried her head under my arm and the car snaked its way up the first B I G incline. Just before it got to the top she took her head out from under my arm, looked up at me with those big brown soulful puppy dog eyes of hers and in a quivering voice said “Mommy….??? PLEASE don’t let me DIE!” At that moment I felt like the BIGGEST mommy failure in the WORLD. Worst. Mommy. E V E R!!! 

Of course at that moment it was too late and we were over the hill and speeding down the hills and loops and twists and turns and she was screaming her little head off and crying…. Yes, CRYING!! And I again felt like the worst mommy in the world. She was crying and like hyperventilating and screaming. We get to the end and she is gasping for breath and turns to me and says “Mommy???? Can we do it AGAIN?” WTF??? What happened to all that screaming and crying? So, from that moment on she has been a roller coaster addict. As have the other two. They all love roller coasters and the bigger, badder and faster – the better! 

When #3 was not quite 3 years old we went to Disney for the first time with HER. We had gone on a disastrous “family” vacation a few years before (before she was even thought of) with my mom and dad and older sister and her husband and took the kids to Disney… yeah not a great idea (that will be another blog)…. Anyway, since we didn’t get to stay the whole time we had 1 day left on our multi theme tickets that had to be used before #3 turned 3 so that we didn’t have to buy her a ticket (yeah, we’re frugal… ok…ok…we’re cheap!!). We decided to take a quick family trip to Disney and go to ALL THREE theme parks in one day. Yeah, call us crazy! 

So, we go and during our Magic Kingdom part of our day, we (or Hubby/Dad) decide we need to ride the “teacups”. Yeah, the ones that go round and round and round…inside the set that goes round and round and round… Yeah, THOSE!! Not gonna happen for ME! I was NOT gonna do that! My last round and round experience was disastrous! And nauseating!!! I told Hubby/Daddy he could ride it with them and I’d be the one to take pictures. 

in the teacups- #3 is so little you can't even see her head - only #1 & #2


Daddy rides the teacups with all three of his girls and he loves to make it spin even faster. Yeah, he’s a sick man like that. I was getting nauseated just watching them! When they got off the ride #3 could hardly walk. Bless her little heart. I KNEW the feeling. She also still had a hard time pronouncing some words…BUT…she was so excited and worked up that she stammered out “M.M.M.Mommy…. M.M.M.Mommy…. I…..I….I….I frode up in da coffee!!” I think that was her way of saying she was nauseous! So, I guess at least ONE of my girls inherited my UNLOVE of round and round rides…. Ya think? 

getting in or out?


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15 Responses to The Thrill of it All

  1. Hadassah says:

    I just mentioned to hubby last night that it’s about time to make the 35 minute treck to Disney World. I love The Rocking Roller Coaster.

    Generally, I like anything. I have one tough tummy. Mission Space at Epcot was probably the most intense rides I’d been on. That was before they slowed it down.

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    Oh yaaaahh!! Love me some roller coasters!! Visited Universal day after Hurricane Charlie and rode then all – twice!! Rode The Titan at Six Flags this last summer. That monster is a blast! I even rode The Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas. Ahhh good times. Not much of a spinner anymore either but I used to be. After I had Sydney I couldn’t do round and round anymore.

    I once made sydney age 10 ride Jurassic Park at Universal. Well she was terrified and still was at the end whoops!!

    Definitely want to ride The Mindbender!!! Three loops??? Woot!!

  3. Ron says:

    OMG, you would die laughing if you saw me in an amusement park because I’m the one who holds everyones purses and coats while they go on all the rides.

    I’m so chicken!

    Funny you mentioned Disney, because I lived in Orlando for 15 years and I remember the time someone convinced me to go on Space Mountain. She kept saying, “Oh it’s nothing…”

    And just as the ride started to move, she turned around and laughed like SATAN and said, “Ron, you’re going FREAK OUT!”

    And I DID!


  4. Love the photo of Daddy in the teacup! Too funny! I hate rides. All rides. I hate them with a passion. Alex loves rides. All rides. My kids wanted to go on the submarine ride and you had to be this tall to go on without a parent. My son was about 7 and not that tall. We waited in line for an hour and a half, got to the boat and my 4 year old daughter began shrieking “I’m not going in that black hole”. She could not be convinced. Brother cried all the way to the next ride.

  5. Jimmy says:

    OK at Six Flags Over Georgia is the old Georgia Cyclone still there, quite a few years back I talked Cindy into getting on that one, that was back when we first married and she listened to me without actually thinking about it Ha Ha

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, it’s still there. There are 11 or 12 roller coaster type rides there now including the GA cyclone, Scream Machine, That Dahlonega Mine Train (which jerks you from here to kingdom come), The Ninja, The Viper…. I can’t even remember all of them! LOL We used to get season passes since we only lived like 15 minutes away and we’d pack a picnic lunch and get a season parking pass and park at the back gate and leave the food in the cooler and ride all morning, run out when the kids got hungry and eat and then go back in for the rest of the day. Those were the days!

  6. Oh gosh, I’m EXACTLY like you about this. LOVE roller-coasters, HATE the round-and-round things. The pictures of the teacups? Just looking at those pictures made me remember being on them when I was little and how I thought I’d have fun but NO, I just got sick.

    #2 is a girl after my own heart. You have to scream and almost cry on roller-coasters, you know? It’s part of the fun! Unleashing stress and fears and the animal instinct to just scream your lungs out – all that PLUS loops. So fun!

  7. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    That’s so funny how you can love roller coasters and hate rides that go round and round! You can’t enjoy the Tea Cup rides, but are fine with the HUGE TWISTY TURNY ROLLER COASTERS!
    Lindsey Petersen

  8. Jane says:

    I am not a huge roller coaster fan but I AM a huge Disney fan. So, I’m right there with you on Rock N Roller Coaster. When it first came out I avoided it but my daughter begged and pleaded. Once I went on it, they couldn’t get me off. I wanted to go again and again!

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