Not My Brightest Move Ever…

This I am reposting from my 3  Day Walk Blog I kept last year while I was training for the event: 

OK.  I confess. I’m a procrastinator! Oh, no… I said it out loud.  Those of you who know me well I’m SURE aren’t surprised. What you may be surprised at is that I actually ADMITTED it!  You might want to mark that on your calendar. 

I bought a new pair of “running” shoes a few weeks ago.  Little buggers have been hiding out in my closet since I got them home, living the life of luxury.  I think they were afraid I was going to actually try to RUN in them. LOL  Those of you who know me well also know THAT about me. I don’t DO running.  I think the last time I RAN… either someone was hurt or something was probably on fire!  SO… they had no reason to fear(other than me actually having my full weight in them at all). 

So, today, my little sister, Suzi, inspired me. She said she went out and bought “running” shoes which made me think, “Hey, I just got new “running” shoes too. I need to break them in”.  Famous last words. 

Yesterday I was determined I was going to amp up my walking distance for the 3Day training so I walked about 7 miles. Needless to say by last night I could barely move as the soreness set in. This morning wasn’t much better. My wonderful, sweet. loving husband asked me (as I groaned LOUDLY when I TRIED to get out of bed) “What’s wrong with YOU?”  I think I would have picked up something and hit him with it if it hadn’t warranted so much effort.  Instead, I smiled sweetly (ok, maybe a little sarcasm there) and said “Nothing. Just a little sore this morning”.  Again… an understatement.  I was a LOT sore but determined.  And I was hell-bent on my determination winning out over my soreness.  

I probably should have gone ahead and walked right then when I got up but decided to spend a little time with the hubby before he had to go to work. By then I had to switch out phone batteries with my #3 daughter (don’t ask) and charge the almost dead battery which meant I had to wait until it charged to walk. By that time it was after noon and it was getting a little cloudy but I’m thinking “OK… overcast, not as HOT as yesterday.”  

I went into my closet to find my lounging new “running” shoes. Had to chase them around to finally subdue them.  Then I had to scare away the dust bunnies that had taken up residence in and around them.  Finally got them on and my walking clothes and hit the golf course.  

Of course as soon as I get about 1/2 mile from my house it starts raining. My FIRST thought is “Turn around and go home.”  Then I remembered Becky telling me how year before last when she walked the 3 Day  it rained on them so I figured I better get used to it in case it decides to rain during the walk this year so I just kept walking, getting increasingly wet.  I think I’d gone about 3 1/2 miles when my left heel started feeling a little “weird”.  I’m thinking “Hmmnnnn… I guess these new shoes are a little snugger than my old shoes.”  Of course at this point there’s not a LOT I can do about it anyway because I’m still about a mile and a 1/2 from the house. It’s either keep going or sit down in the rain and wait…. for what I didn’t know so I kept going.   

Every few yards my left heel would kind of yelp out… “Hey… pay attention to me!” So I’d stop and “rearrange” my sock thinking it was bunched up in the heel of my shoe.  Then the RIGHT one started feeling lonely and IT wanted attention too!  The last 1/2 mile really wasn’t a lot of fun!  I was literally limping the last 1/4 mile and trying NOT to put ANY pressure at all on either heel which is kind of hard, especially when you’re going uphill which I was.  I actually contemplated taking off my shoes and walking the rest of the way home barefoot, except I was scared of what the critters may have deposited in the area and who knows what else. 

So, now I’m figuring I should have waited to “break in” my new shoes for a shorter walk.  I think the worst part was taking OFF my shoes and socks… yes, I have blisters on BOTH heels.  When I took the left one off  it peeled OFF the actual blister so there’s just a open oozing hurting mess there with the skin from the blister just kind of hanging there.  The right one is intact but still blistered nonetheless. 

Yes, you can laugh AT me or with me… as long as you laugh. It’s good for the soul.  You keep reading and I’ll keep walking! 

P.S.  If I were a cat…. this is what I’d look like: 

pissed off cat


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11 Responses to Not My Brightest Move Ever…

  1. Hadassah says:

    Thank you for walking. You are walking in memory of my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and in honor of my two aunts and myself. I think you know I inherited the gene and had prophylactic surgeries. I just met a woman tonight that was just diagnosed with BC for the second time in two years. I had the honor to pray for her.

    We all appreciate you and everyone who walks.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thank you for the support. I wasn’t aware of your losses. I have felt compelled to do this walk for years now. I just finally got off my butt last year and did it. I was afraid I would not be able to raise the money to participate. I ended up raising a couple of hundred more than I needed to and it was SO rewarding personally to be able to participate in such a BIG thing. Something so much bigger than me. I have signed up again for this year. I haven’t been able to train like I did last year yet… I lost my big toenail from the walk last year and it’s still growing in and hurts when I walk any distance but it’s getting there and I will do it. My cousin had the surgery too because she tested positive too. THANK YOU…

  2. suzicate says:

    I thought this was hilarious when I read it last year! Glad you posted it for others to enjoy. So proud of you for doing the walk.

  3. Oh Peg! I’m so proud of you for doing the long walks, and I’m so sorry about the blisters! There is nothing on God’s green earth that hurts worse than killer shoes! I would guess breaking them in slowly is a much better idea with any pair of new shoes. I wore a pair of new shoes to London and when we got to Heathrow, my feet had swollen so badly that I couldn’t get them on. Got off the plane shoeless. (Yeah, I’m sophisticated.) Hello London!

    • pegbur7 says:

      yes, after the walk in October during the part where you take your shoe off and raise it in honor of the survivors.. afterwards I just said “F it” and went barefoot the rest of the day! yup walked across the parking lot at Turner Field in my socks! I guess I’s sophisticated too! LOL

  4. And that cat is the funniest and I have looked just like him too! LOL!

  5. Angelia Sims says:

    It’s a worthy cause for blisters. So proud of what you did then and what you are doing now!

    I love that cat!!

    I got blisters on my big toes from running barefoot on the beach. I had no idea it was hsppening. Way nappy!! Lol.

    I must admit the pulling off the sock part of the story made me lurch in the tummy a bit. :-/ ha.

  6. Ron says:


    And I’m laughing WITH you not AT you.

    What a great sport you are!

    I too can be a procrastinator when it comes to certain things, especially things like RUNNING. Yeah, I don’t do running either, because whenever I’ve tried it as a form of exercise, my whole body feels out of whack.

    LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! the cat photo!

    What a great face!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! I think that cat face is classic. I think I must make that face a LOT. Now I need to get back on my training schedule for THIS year’s walk. I think we’re naming our group the “Touchaboobie” Tribe. Our fearless leader came up with that name.

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