Poo Kitty Poo Car

We feel like we live out in the country.  We live about 20 minutes outside one of the major US metropolis areas (Atlanta) but we are far enough out that it still seems like the country.  We live on the outskirts of our town and we still have to dodge the deer and other critters occasionally while driving.  Unless you’re like #3 and you have to dodge the curbs, but we’ve already gone over that before.  We especially have to be careful around dusk or dawn.   For some reason, it seems like ALL the critters want to cross the road around those times:  deer, fox, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, cats, dogs, you name it.

When #3 was born my husband was downsized from his job less than a week later.  Talk about bad timing.  He got a job with another restaurant chain that wanted him to train in Virginia in a town that just happened to be near (by country standards) my parents. PERFECT!  I had never been around family when we had any of our children so that was a real treat.  We stayed with my parents (yes, me, hubby and all three of our kids) for about  3 months while hubby trained with his new company.  After his training they assigned him “permanently” to the store where he had trained.  So we ended up moving lock, stock, barrel and three kids from Georgia to Virginia when #3 was almost 3 months old.

At the time we had a mini-van and a 1984 Buick Skylark (it was 1991) that we called the “poo car”.  Bless its heart but that car ended up EARNING its nick name more than once.

84 Skylark

This car looks MUCH better than the poo car.  Shortly before we had moved, hubby had a little “mishap” with the car and we only had liability coverage so it wouldn’t cover our damage.  He had bought “parts” at a junk yard but we hadn’t gotten around to getting it painted yet.  The car was originally white with Burgundy interior.  So, I guess we were being sorta cool since the hood was now Burgundy… but the bumper was navy blue and one of the fenders and I think the driver’s door were more of a primer color.  Yeah, buddy, we were stylln’.

 First off, when we moved, we came back to Georgia and hubby packed what he could (that he was gonna need immediately) in the POO car and drove back to Virginia with our black lab Lucy while I stayed in Georgia painting, cleaning carpet, packing up the house AND taking care of three kids (aged 7½, 6, and 3 mos).  But I think I got the better end of the deal considering that poor Lucy got carsick on the way to Virginia and Hubby had to clean up the mess that was running out of both ends of poor Lucy.  Not a pretty sight I’m sure, not to mention the SMELL.  I TOLD you it earned its name…

Anyway, we moved into an OLD house out in the country.  When I say we lived in a small town… I mean it, literally.  Seriously, the town sign (you know those green highway signs that tell you when you enter and exit a town?) was on BOTH sides of the same post.  We literally WERE the town.   The house we lived in had been built in the early 1900’s and it was attached to an old store that used to house that town’s post office.  It was a neat place to live but we WERE in the boonies.  We lived on the one straight stretch of that highway that I think existed.  It was a main artery for truckers between the town my hubby worked in and a few towns “over the mountain”.  You could hear the 18 wheelers gearing up and down and they would roll by flying.  So we had to dodge the 18 wheelers as well as the critters while we lived there.  Pulling out of that parking lot was always an adventure.

One day hubby got off work early (around dusk… the evil hour!) and was headed home when a “kitty” darted across the road in front of him.  He said he could have sworn he hit it but didn’t see it so he slammed on the brakes and backed up to check to make sure he wasn’t gonna have to take it to the emergency vet or something.  He finally saw it on the edge of the road so he pulled over closer to it and rolled down the window and was calling out “Here, kitty, kitty.  Here kitty, kitty.”  This is what the kitty looked like:

Kitties? Not in this universe! Is this where "Smelly Cat" came from?

You guessed it.  “Kitty” got him but GOOD…. I think I SMELLED the car before I heard it that night.  Seriously, you could smell it from inside the house.  With the windows shut.  We used tomato juice, vinegar, all the home remedies that we could find to get rid of that smell.   And eventually it did subside but it never was the same. 

Yeah, we kept old  POO car a couple more years.  Heck, we had three kids… we couldn’t afford another car!  We ended up moving to TN about 6 or 8 months after the “kitty” incident and poor hubby had to ride from Virginia to MEMPHIS (YEP, CLEAR across the whole state of TN) with Lucy.  And she did have one accident on the way but not nearly as bad as the one on the way TO Virginia.  We were smart enough that time to get something from the vet to relax her for the trip but hubby said every time the poor thing passed gas(the dog, not him)  he was afraid to look over his shoulder!

WE moved back to Georgia in 1993 still with POO car and ended up selling it a couple of years later to a friend’s teenage daughter for like $100 who drove it for several years.   And she still called it Poo Car. She was stinky (the car, not the friend’s daughter), but she was good…


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15 Responses to Poo Kitty Poo Car

  1. suzicate says:

    I am laughing my butt off…I can see him with his head hanging out the window going “here, kitty kitty!” You tell the D Man that his Suzi Dog to me will now be countered with a D Kitty to him!! Why haven’t I heard this before…dang, I could have gotten him back with a nick name years ago!!!!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Oh, I have a MUCH better story on the nickname thing that I will be telling soon. A nickname his dad gave him. You WILL laugh at that! And remember… you’re not a dog anymore…now you’re just a “pain” (mis-spelled on purpose). 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    The whole “here, kitty kitty!” thing just cracked me up. Poo car, indeed!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, and if you knew Hubby (see SuziCate’s comment) you would KNOW that is SO him. This 6’8″ man leaning out of his car window because he’s worried that he hit this poor little defenseless “kitty”. Yeah, defenseless indeed! 🙂

  3. I can always count on your to brighten my morning Peg! I love this so much! Alex and I have a car (okay, it’s a BMW wagon) that we call the K-9 Cruiser. We have to have a wagon because of Honey (80 lbs) and Harry (90 lbs of love). We should have called it the Poo car for many of the same reasons. Those pups go on vacation with us and nobody goes on vacation with accidents in the car, including us! Love it!

  4. Angelia Sims says:

    My dad loved nature and animals. He rescued a baby “kitty” when I was two. Inky Stinky lived with us a whole year and never sprayed until a kid scared her in the alley on his bike. Poor Inky went to live in the country after that. I should find our pics and post :-). I loved this story! What a great poo car!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I love that name, Inky Stinky! What a riot. We used to have 3 flying squirrels when we were little and named them Winkin’ Bllinkin’ and Nod. We also had a pet fawn for a while… long story though…

      • Angelia says:

        By the way I love the new design! Woot!

        I still find it so funny all our childhood similarities!

        We had bunnies too. I think I had Inky and the bunnies in a baby buggy pushing them around.
        Or it could have been Jingle’s puppies and Inky. Who knows?

        Why do city suburbs have laws against that stuff? That was so much fun back then!
        No seat belts, wild animals for pets. Weren’t we all healthier? I don’t even remember going to the doctor.

      • pegbur7 says:

        I know! Things seemed so much simpler. The only time we went to the doctor I think is if they thought we would die if we didn’t! But we survivied!

  5. Oh, great story!! And you got $100 for it; very impressive!
    How did you live with the skunk smell? Did it just wear away over time?
    A patron came into our library with the hint of skunk on her jacket yesterday and I thought I’d die…

    • pegbur7 says:

      It eventually wore away… over time. I couldn’t stand to ride in the car after that hardly. It would give me a headache. Thank Goodness Hubby drove that car! Bless his heart! We gave a bath in every home remedy we heard about too.

  6. Jane says:

    Hilarious story! I love it – and love the name “Poo Car!” (When we were kids, our parents named our cars, too. Why haven’t I carried on the tradition?)

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